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Questions and StoriesCategory: Questions💋What Should the Regulations Be for Pornography on the Internet?
Ahmad Khasan asked 1 month ago

💋What Should the Regulations Be for Pornography on the Internet?

Do you know that the brain of those who watch pornography material has a fewer connection, less active, and is smaller than the brain of normal people?

A study examining the effect of pornography on the brain shows that excessive consumption of pornography decreases the size of the prefrontal cortex of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is a part of the brain that regulates self-control.

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People with addictive behavior to internet pornography have a smaller prefrontal cortex and it affects their behavior. Furthermore, the decreased prefrontal cortex of the brain decreases the decision-making ability of those who addicted to pornography.

For this reason, the government has blocked/censored pornography content. But, there are still a number of websites that provides pornography content through VPN and other methods.

In your opinion, what should effective internet regulations for pornography be like?

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7 Answers
Jackson Mugarura answered 1 month ago

I think in addition to the already available controls by governments, laws should also be enacted putting in place serious punitive measures like jail terms and heavy fines for the offenders. Then, the enforcement of these should be adhered to very strictly by a authorities.

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Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 1 month ago

There is regulation on the porn movies, once you try to access porn site, it will demand your Gmail account, so as to check your age if they individual is above 18years age, so the regulations on porn is age.

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adharad answered 4 weeks ago

I think it is very difficult to regulate pornography on the internet.
Internet users to access pornography is quite high.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 4 weeks ago

I don’t think the age is a good regulation and will solve the problems. Children can give a fake age and get access to the site. A kid of 10 years old can say he is 26,nothing can verify if the answer correspond to its age.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 3 weeks ago

In my opinion, first the Porno bussiness should decrease the number of porn videos on the internet. Then the access to the site should not be free, in addition to the Age which should not be under 18 .

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Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 3 weeks ago

Porno producers should reduce the number of pornograph they post in the social media

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Jackson Mugarura answered 3 weeks ago

I’d suggest a ban if there any way by which it can be done.

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