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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsWho Is the Real Cause of Our Poverty ? God, Our Parents , or Ourselves?
Leno Jean Pierre asked 1 week ago

Who Is the Real Cause of Our Poverty? God, Our Parents , or Ourselves?

Living in poverty is the most difficult aspect in life. Many people were born with a silver spoon, that means they were born in rich families, who have lot of money and are living peaceful and comfortably in luxurious houses, cars and so on. Their future is secure and guarantee at 90% ,they don’t need to work hard to succeed, everything is already ready, they just have to do a good management. There are also those who were born in poor families, they have to work hard in order to improve their lives, some times they don’t succeed at all. After trying harder and being unsuccessful, they attempt to blame their poor parents or go further to put everything to God thinking that their parents or God are(is ) the cause of what they are passing through in life ?
Should we blame God, our parents ,or ourselves for not being successful in life?

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