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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsWhy Has the Tik-Tok App Been Banned in India?
Shane Collins asked 3 weeks ago

Why Has the Tik-Tok App Been Banned in India?

Why has the app Tik-Tok been banned?

Tik-Tok is a very popular social media app that has recently started making some rather negative headlines and for sure spiking my interest.

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Tik-Tok is a Chinese-owned app and one of the most popular social media platforms by far and has now more than two billion users.

In the pasts years Tik-Tok has gotten a bad rap for the potential dangers revolving the app however lately some powerful governments have decided they no longer approve of this app and have intended to ban the use of Tik-Tok. All of this is not looking so great for the apps future.

The app has already been banned in India and the BBC claimed that the largest market for Tik-Tok users come from India.

Former president Trump was also looking into banning this app in the United States which should come to no surprise given Trump’s biasness toward the Chinese government.

The reason for banning this app is allegedly due to security concerns that Tik-Tok brings.

Here I quote what was said: “The app is a threat to sovereignty and integrity” later on Mr. Mike Pompeo was asked if he would recommend the app download for potential users and this is what he said and I quote: “Only if you want your private information in the hands of a Chinese communist party.”

This is all good and well but the problem is that no one really knows if there really is a security concern and or if the claims are valid. Furthermore no one has made any evidence public if there even is any evidence supporting these claims making it all just a matter of speculation and debate.

I feel this where geopolitics play a big role and let me tell you why I say this. India and previously the United States because of Trump running the show both countries had incentives to make things as difficult for China in any way they can and this also included Chinese-owned businesses.

For one thing a week before India even put the ban into effect a skirmish broke out in India and according to the BBC this skirmish was very brutal the fact is that twenty Indian soldiers died as a result of the skirmish and India obviously did not appreciate this very much and packed blame on China and retaliated by banning a Chinese owned app.

Then of course Mr. Trump had a big role in this. Everyone is aware of his so called “beef” with China that started mainly revolving trade. Then this horrible pandemic broke out and Trump jumped on the opportunity to pack the blame of this covid-19 situation on China. This lead Trump to wanting to ban the Chinese owned app along with India. However he lost the reelection and was ineffective in this cause.

India banning the Tik-Tok app if you ask me lack in evidence seeing as nothing has been provided to strengthen the case supporting the claims of users potentially signing away their rights and personal information. I personally think these claims may be a little false and the whole case seems to be speculation and clearly lacking in legal merits. If some evidence comes to light I am sure it will be a different story.

However Tik-Tok is not risk free much like other social media platforms that generally share the same risks. However I feel it is the younger generation that is more open to the risks of Tik-tok.
Like I said above Tik tok is not all risk free and I feel the need to talk about the dangers revolving the app in a bit more depth in the following paragraph.

The newest dangers would be that users are potentially signing away their rights and personal information on a made to be ignored contract. There is no evidence as of yet and this danger is still very much debated. This is also the reason for the ban in India on this app.

I have said before that the younger generation is at greater risk and here is why. On a large scale the age interest group of this particular app ranges from fourteen to twenty four therefor parents feel the need to teach their children about online awareness which should in any case be a priority when our children engage on any social media platform.

On the Tik-Tok app there is a variety of people involved however this app does open younger people up to the risk of predators especially targeting the younger children using the app.

It is also more than likely to come across inappropriate content it is really not hard to find ranging from sexual right to violent content that you may wish your children don’t get to see.

On the Tik-Tok app there is a mental health awareness talk going on but not all users are always in their right mind and the conversations about metal health can be very dangerous. Some of the videos are very disturbing and can encourage self-harm and on occasion some videos even publicly encourages others to commit suicide.

It is also so much easier to be cyber bullied on this app because users are free to have numerous accounts that make it easier to get away with this sort of thing.

I have said previously that Tik-Tok and the dangers it may have is much alike to other social media platforms and the dangers I mentioned above are the ones I feel is necessary to emphasize and many more dangers can be found spread across the web.

I do not think the reason for banning this app in India is going to last unless some evidence is provided however I do not think children under the age of sixteen should use this app based on the potential dangers it holds but that is just my opinion. I would love to hear yours.

Do you think the reasons for the ban in India could be supported? Do you think our personal information is at a threat?

I feel that the main risk is how children may be affected and not so much our personal information that may be shared how about you?

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