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Edward Duffy asked 4 weeks ago

Why I Joined Epic Trading and You Should Do It Too

This is an honest review and story that describes why I signed up to EPIC Trading:

In November 2020, the LuckScout Team introduced its member to a new affiliate marketing system called EPIC Trading and at the time, Vahid Chaychi described the compensation plan of EPIC Trading to be the best. He has been involved in online marketing for years.

I have been searching for a system that would allow me to make money through the internet for some years, especially after I suffered a couple of health setbacks and I was retrenched some nine years ago with what I thought was little prospect of finding another position. Luckily, I did find a new position, but I was angry to find a way that I could earn a residual income from not having to travel into the CBD every day.

I stumbled across a couple of property schemes and because I lacked funds and contacts in the property industry, this did not go well for me. Needless to say I kept looking and not a lot turned up.

About five years ago, I stumbled across a system that LuckScout was promoting and I joined this system with the hope that I could earn some residual income and finally be financially free. Unfortunately, this system did not continue for very long. I kept researching and I had moved away from LuckScout for a little while and I returned in September 2020 with Vahid announcing they were going to trial a new system and pay people to post articles and stories with a view to earning money from this activity. This system went live in October 2020 and the first month I was fairly successful and I had earned my first amount from the internet albeit a modest amount. I thought this was fantastic at the time and it had given me the drive to well going forward.

In November 2020, Vahid announced to the membership of LuckScout Club that he was arranging Zoom presentation with some gentlemen who had created an online Forex Trading University and an affiliate marketing system where the compensation plan was extremely promising. Needless to say I attended the session with the gentlemen from EPIC Trading and I too was impressed with the system that they were presenting and the compensation plan looked to be unbelievable. Not long after this presentation I signed up to the EPIC Trading system through the LuckScout Club.

The major incentive for joining EPIC Trading through the LuckScout Club is that you will be assisted to build your team by LuckScout Club. This was a huge advantage to me as I had no idea as to how to build an affiliate marketing team and I was not in a position to spend hundreds of dollars on marketing through Google or any other platform as I had tried this in the past and was extremely unsuccessful.

It was not long after joining EPIC that LuckScout was able to attract some of their existing members to EPIC and the team quickly grew to ten members and has steadily grown now to over fifty members.

What Is EPIC Trading all About?

EPIC Trading is essentially an online foreign exchange training university that allows those the are already foreign exchange traders to learn more about trading foreign exchange or to allow those that would like to learn the opportunity to learn how to trade the largest financial market in the world.

EPIC Trading also has a system that allows those that are internet marketers to recruit people to a team and build the team and therefore enable themselves to earn commissions.

EPIC works in a way that if you are thinking of commencing an online marketing business then you should click on the link at the end of this article as you need to be referred to enable you to participate. I will talk about the fees and the compensation plan a little later in this article.

The online training walks the member through the basics of foreign exchange trading  and then moves up to a more advanced level and the member needs to complete one module prior to commencing the next module.

EPIC also has online training sessions that are conducted via video and recorded by experienced traders. EPIC has multiple chat channels that they use to communicate with their members and these channels are used extensively by members that are learning how to trade foreign exchange.

The very big advantage of EPIC is that their experienced traders post suggested foreign exchange trades to their membership where they suggest trades based on their analysis of the markets and they suggest how the trades should entered and then they suggest how to exit the trades and take profit.

I am not sure but I think this is very unique to EPIC and is a massive selling point apart from the compensation plan.

EPIC Trading Compensation Plan

The EPIC Trading Compensation plan has been described as the best on the market and has also been described by one seasoned internet marketer as the best he has seen since he has been marketing on the internet. I know that this person is extremely experienced and has been doing this for a number of years.

Under the EPIC compensation plan there are many levels for those that join to achieve and I will describe these below:

  1. Founder: at this level you need to introduce 3 people to your team and these people are required to pay the monthly subscription of $US134.99 per month and these people are called scholars. When you recruit 3 people to your team the monthly subscription is waived and you can then register as an Independent Business Owner which will be $US14.99 per month.
  2. Founder 600: I have just been elevated to this level as I have recruited at least 12 people to my team and they have paid the scholar fee of $US134.99 fee. Under this level I receive $US600 per month for recruiting these 12 people.
  3. Founder 1,000: at this level I need to recruit 30 scholars and with this I will earn $US1,000 per month. This will certainly assist me to start to become financially free.
  4. Founder 2,000: at this level I need to recruit 80 people to my team and with that I will earn $US2,000 per month.
  5. Founder 5,000: at this level I need to recruit 80 people to my team and with that I will earn $US5,000 per month.

The above levels are the starting level for EPIC and it is something that keeps me going to reach my goal of becoming financially free. This is the reason why I joined EPIC back in November 2020 was to reach financial freedom which is the ultimate as I will be able to retire and I will be able to travel and do what I choose to do on a daily basis. The compensation plan that was presented when I joined EPIC was ultimately appealing as this could assist me to reach financial freedom.

The other attraction was the tutorials on how to trade foreign exchange as I have been trying to learn how to do this successfully for a number of years.

Another reason for me joining EPIC so quickly was that my sponsor LuckScout has given all their members an undertaking that they would assist them to build their team and that the goal of LuckScout was to assist their members to become millionaires.

LuckScout is currently providing incentives for people to join EPIC but these incentives cannot last forever even though they are appealing it will help new EPIC members to get ahead and promote the system and grow their team.

What Do You Need To Do?

It will assist LuckScout to recruit recruit new members to the EPIC group if you write a testimonial for the LuckScout website and to also write quality articles that will register on Google in a variety of searches. The greater the number of quality articles will attract potential members to the team and with this everyone that joins EPIC will have the potential to become a millionaire.

Why Did I Join EPIC?

I joined EPIC as have been trying to find a way to earn money online for a number of years as I want to be financially free and be able to live a life where I was not required to spend a lot of time in an office and work for someone else.

The world famous investor Warren Buffet once said that “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” At the time of writing this article the retirement age is normally 65 but my aim is to leave work well before this age as I am not planning on working until I am 65. I would like to be able to travel and spend my life doing what I want to do and certainly not working for a boss.

I think what Warren Buffet meant by his quote was that you should be doing things that you enjoy and that work has different meanings to different people. If you really enjoy what you are doing and there is the potential to earn money while you are sleeping then this is certainly where I want to be.

What about you? If you want financial freedom then Click Here and join the EPIC revolution.

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6 Answers
Edward Duffy answered 4 weeks ago

I logged in this morning and found this article did not earn maximum points? Was this article not strong enough? Have to go back to the drawing board?

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Ahmad Khasan answered 4 weeks ago

Hi, Edward.
It is a detailed post and explains EPIC trading clearly. You have now become a Founder 600 and congratulation for your achievement, you really deserve that Edward.
I need to ask you when someone in your network become inactive, is there any delay in your payment?

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Edward Duffy answered 3 weeks ago

Thanks Ahmad, appreciate it.
Are you thinking of becoming inactive?

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Steinar Kloverod answered 3 weeks ago

I have read your article Edward. You explain in a good way why yourself joined Epic Trading and other people shall do so. As you know I have written a couple of stories about membership in Epic Trading myself. We help both ourselves and Vahid to grow the team when we write posts.

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Edward Duffy answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Steinar, thank you. Yes it is important that we continue to write good and strong articles to enable us to recruit new members. The recruitment appears to have slowed over the past couple of weeks but I am sure it will pick up again soon.

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Ahmad Khasan answered 3 weeks ago

Hi, Edward.
No. It will be a waste of effort, time and money if I stop now. As you know, I am one of your downline. Earlier this month, my account was inactive due too payment issue. EPIC declined my debit card so I have to pay using bitcoin and it caused my account activation to be delayed for 24 hours. Unfortunately, that was my turn to receive three personal referral, so I was skipped for Timothy. My turn was after Timothy. I hope there will be no unexpected issue when my turn has come.
When my account was inactive, does it cause a delay to your weekly payment?

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