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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsWhy Is Africa Called 3rd World?
kenndy4reality asked 2 weeks ago

Why Is Africa Called 3rd World?

4 Answers
Vicaris answered 1 week ago

Simply put, Africa is underdeveloped

Birembero4 answered 1 week ago

Third world is a term used to describe political,social and economic levels  of Africa which is characterized by repressive regimes ,general poverty, worst records for political rights and civil liberties, independent organizations and political opposition are banned or suppressed, and fear of retribution for independent thought and action is part of daily life.Poverty is also not left out .The list also includes some countries in Asia and Latin America

Edward Duffy answered 1 week ago

It has got a lot to do with the economy of the country and the way of life of the people. There are many factors and I am sure there is a large element of subsistence farming as well and the industries are not as complex as other nations.

Male answered 1 week ago

Is underdeveloped. 

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