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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsWill the Legislation “to Designate the Chinese Communist Party (Ccp) as a Transnational Organized Crime Group” Eventually Become Law?
Ahmad Khasan asked 3 months ago

Will the Legislation “To Designate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a Transnational Organized Crime Group” Eventually Become Law?

The US Congressman, Scott Perry, introduced legislation to designate CCP (Chinese Communist Party) as a transnational organized crime group. If it passed the house and the senate and signed by the President, it will become law, and the US will be able to prosecute any CCP-linked criminals in the US. This law will mark a new episode in the US-China cold war. Do you think that this legislation will become law? If it does, what do you think will happen between the US and the CCP?

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9 Answers
Vahid Chaychi Staff answered 3 months ago

I think it will become law. Chinese virus has killed 221,000 Americans so far. Who has to pay for this??? China!
It will become law, specially if Trump wins the elections.
It won’t be only in USA. The whole world will and must act against China. There is no doubt that Chinese government has spread the virus intentionally. They have attacked the whole world with this potent biological weapon. They must pay for it, and they will.

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Nnaemeka Victor answered 3 months ago

From your question, you are a devout follower of the world’s news. I will feel several due processes must be done to make it a law.

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David Matlala answered 3 months ago

The issue here is whether the CCP fits the description of organizations like ISIS and Al Qaeda. If it does, the legislation is likely to pass and this will anger China, putting it on a collision course with the US.

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Gareth White answered 3 months ago

Im not convinced it will be passed – very controversial. It will be a very slow and drawn out process to make anyone accountable. There will be a lot of posturing and heated exchanges but as usually it wont go anywhere

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Jackson Mugarura answered 3 months ago

I may be passed but, it may not have any big impact apart from increasing the impasse between US and China.

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Jonathan Yodok answered 3 months ago

The Chinese communist party endangers the security of the whole world. They cunningly use their wealth to encroach on and control the rights of other countries. For so long they have persecuted millions of their people without any good reason. Now there should be a law to curb and prevent all the evil acts of this Chinese communist party.

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Eli Davis Keinamura answered 3 months ago

It should be passed into law and criminal actors be held responsible.America should now closely  monitor the activities of the  Chinese Communist  party so as the whole international community is at peace.
Individuals in the party who endanger the community should be punished.

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Edward Duffy answered 3 months ago

It probably depend on who wins the election next week. Is this a Trump bill or is it introduced  by someone in the house (apologies if I am not sure of US politics).

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Ahmad Khasan answered 3 months ago

Thank you everyone for the answers. I think the Trump presidency would ensure the passing of this law. And it is 2 days to go.

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