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The LuckScout Team Staff asked 2 months ago

🔎✍️Write About the Topics That People Google For

It is a while that we have focused on the quality of our posts here on the LuckScout Questions/Stories board. However, we see that most members have problems in choosing the topics to write about.

The goal of writing on LuckScout is not just earning some one-time and instant points. The goal is to receive points and make money through each of your posts in long-term. You should make money with your posts continuously, otherwise it will be be wasting of time.

Before you read the rest of this article, submit your email to learn how to make the Forex market make money for you 100% on autopilot:

The good news is that it is possible to choose the topics and related keywords/phrases in a way that each of your posts turns into a permanent source of points and money for you. They make points for you, so that you make money as a members of The LuckScout Club, and at the same time, if you are for example an EPIC Trading member, you grow your team through your posts and make money with your EPIC Trading account as well. This is what “smart work” means. Each of your posts can be a running money making engine for you.


1. Choose the topic that people look for

When you write about something that people don’t care about, then it will only make you some one-time points for you, but it won’t have any other advantages. For example, nobody cares when you write about “how many times do you brush your teeth per day?”

But when you write about such a topic while you are a members of EPIC Trading as well, then you will receive targeted traffic from people who want to decide to join EPIC Trading:

  • Profitable Forex Day Trading with the EPIC Trading Signals

Under such a title, you can explain how you are using the EPIC Trading signals to trade Forex on a daily basis to grow your Forex account. If so, you will have the chance to attract the attention of those who are also Forex traders and want to join EPIC Trading to use their signals, but they are still hesitant and are still doing their due diligence.

In this title, there are some important keywords/phrases that people care about and google for. For example:

  • Forex Day Trading
  • Forex Trading
  • EPIC Trading
  • EPIC Trading signals
  • Profitable Forex Day Trading
  • Profitable Forex Trading

2. Write a strong article or story

Choosing the proper title with strong and valuable keywords/phrases is important, but it is not everything. Your article/story’s body must be good enough too.

First, it has to be at least 400-600 words. It has to be unique and original. Copying from other sites won’t have any advantages, and we won’t approve and publish duplicated posts.

Your writing must have proper grammar and punctuation with enough subtitles. You can see how I have written this post. Your posts have to be like this.

Poorly written posts with too many grammatical, spelling and punctuational errors won’t receive traffic from search engines. We don’t approve and publish them on LuckScout as well. So, before you submit your posts, please make sure that it is 100% well-written and error free.

The other important thing is that the title’s keywords/phrases must be found in different places of your article’s body. In your article’s body, when you focus on talking and explaining about the title you have chosen, you will normally have the title’s keywords/phrases there.

How to Find Topics?

Finding topics with the above features is a little challenging. Most members don’t know what to write about. Therefore, I have decided to list some titles here in this post from time to time, so that each of you can choose some of them to write an article about. You can leave an answer and let other members know what title you have chosen, so that they don’t focus on the same title too. Of course, it is not a problem if several members focus on the same topic. As long as they explain it with their own words, it would be good. They can just alter the titles to make them unique.

So here below are some titles for now… I will add more whenever I get some time. Please pick a title and write a quality post for it and receive 100,000 points as a reward and loads of traffic in long term:

  • Why I Joined EPIC Trading as a Legitimate and Fast Growing MLM
  • Is EPIC Trading the Most Profitable Pyramid Scheme?
  • Joining a Legitimate MLM Is the Best Way of Having Passive Income
  • What Is EPIC Trading All About?
  • Is It Possible to Make Money Online Without Any Special Skills?
  • Why Warren Buffett Says You Should Make Money While You Sleep
  • Best Autopilot Money Making Software
  • Is There Any Free Automated Money Making System?

I will add more. Please pick one and start writing. You can discuss them here before you write if you think you want to know more about the title before you start writing.

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7 Answers
Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 months ago

This is an amazing Help. It also shows how the staff is Willing to help everyone.i can only say thank you for what you are doing for us.

LuckScout Staff replied 2 months ago

Thank you too Leno.
So… please pick one of the titles and start working on it 😀

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The LuckScout Team Staff answered 2 months ago

So, which of the above topics you’d like to choose? 😀

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 months ago

I have chosen “is it possible to make money online without any special skills “.
I will be working on it this week.

LuckScout Staff replied 2 months ago


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Ahmad Khasan answered 2 months ago

Hi, Luckscout.
I choose this,
Why I Joined EPIC Trading as a Legitimate and Fast Growing MLM.
Thank you for the suggestion.

LuckScout Staff replied 2 months ago

If it becomes a 1500 words post, then you can submit it as an article, not as a question/story.

Ahmad Khasan replied 2 months ago

Okay, Let see what I can do with this topic!

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Edward Duffy answered 2 months ago

I think I might do the Warren Buffet quote as it appears to be a good one and I think I can turn this around to suit my goals.

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adharad answered 2 months ago

I once wrote my story how to get money within one month at without skills.
Maybe I will write it again in a later article.

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Steinar Kloverod answered 2 months ago

I would liketo write a post with the title Joining a Legitimate MLM Is the Best Way of Having Passive Income.  This is one of the titles you have suggested.  This is outside my knowledge and comfortzone, but I have to read me up and give it a try.

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