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Today is an extremely risky day because “FOMC Meeting Minutes” is scheduled at 2pm EST, while “PPI m/m” was released at 8:30am EST and it made the stock market go down because it showed much more inflation in September, compared to August. We would trade with more peace of mind if “FOMC Meeting Minutes” wasn’t scheduled at 2pm EST today because “PPI m/m” formed a strong short trade setup that could be continued for several hours, and we could make some money with it too. However, when “FOMC Meeting Minutes” is scheduled on a day, the markets hibernate and become too slow, and so no trade setup will work. The reason is that big players sit back and wait for the FOMC before they take any action. Therefore, it is not a good day to trade.

In spite of this, I took the risk and took a short position while The LuckScout Club members were watching me in our private trading room. I had set a 4% take profile order. However, when the position went to profit for over 2% and then reacted to a support level we had already located on the 5min and 15min charts, I decided to close my position manually and be happy with a 1.936% for the day because as I mentioned, it was not a good day to trade.

Then, I preferred to talk with the members of The LuckScout Club and answer their questions.

That was about our day-trading today. However, I always like to talk about The LuckScout Community too, because I don’t want anyone to miss this chance.

Please read this:

Members of this website have a share from the money that the website makes through the ads, based on their activities on the site and the points they earn. It won’t be a lot of money because the website’s source of income is so limited. However, this is a big help for those who cannot afford to open even a $500 trading account. The LuckScout Community gives them this chance to collect this money for free, and then use it to trade with us in our private trading room (The LuckScout Club), to grow it and turn it into a huge capital in the long-term. If they follow our program patiently and consistently, they can turn a $500 account into $1 million after 29 months of trading with us because we make 30% profit every month on average. Even if someone achieves half of this goal, it would be amazing, and it literally means life-time financial freedom. When you have a $1 million trading account, and you make 30% profit per month, it becomes a $300,000 monthly income while the $1 million capital is also yours. Who can make this money? Even doctors and lawyers cannot. Only professional and consistently profitable traders can.

So do it with us. It is free because you pay nothing to make money on our website, AND, your trading becomes risk-free because you can use the money you have made on our website for free to trade and make money. To learn more and start now, please read the pages below:

I love you all💝

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Please see the attached screenshot:

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By Vahid Chaychi

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