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Happy Wednesday🙂

Today is an extremely risky day because “FOMC Meeting Minutes” is scheduled at 2pm EST, while “PPI m/m” was released at 8:30am EST and it made the stock market go down because it showed much more inflation in September, compared to August. We would trade with more peace of mind if “FOMC Meeting Minutes” wasn’t scheduled at 2pm EST today because “PPI m/m” formed a strong short trade setup that could be continued for several hours, and we could make some money with it too. However, when “FOMC Meeting Minutes” is scheduled on a day, the markets hibernate and become too slow, and so no trade setup will work. The reason is that big players sit back and wait for the FOMC before they take any action. Therefore, it is not a good day to trade.

In spite of this, I took the risk and took a short position while The LuckScout Club members were watching me in our private trading room. I had set a 4% take profile order. However, when the position went to profit for over 2% and then reacted to a support level we had already located on the 5min and 15min charts, I decided to close my position manually and be happy with a 1.936% for the day because as I mentioned, it was not a good day to trade.

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Then, I preferred to talk with the members of The LuckScout Club and answer their questions.

That was about our day-trading today. However, I always like to talk about The LuckScout Community too, because I don’t want anyone to miss this chance.

Please read this:

Members of this website have a share from the money that the website makes through the ads, based on their activities on the site and the points they earn. It won’t be a lot of money because the website’s source of income is so limited. However, this is a big help for those who cannot afford to open even a $500 trading account. The LuckScout Community gives them this chance to collect this money for free, and then use it to trade with us in our private trading room (The LuckScout Club), to grow it and turn it into a huge capital in the long-term. If they follow our program patiently and consistently, they can turn a $500 account into $1 million after 29 months of trading with us because we make 30% profit every month on average. Even if someone achieves half of this goal, it would be amazing, and it literally means life-time financial freedom. When you have a $1 million trading account, and you make 30% profit per month, it becomes a $300,000 monthly income while the $1 million capital is also yours. Who can make this money? Even doctors and lawyers cannot. Only professional and consistently profitable traders can.

So do it with us. It is free because you pay nothing to make money on our website, AND, your trading becomes risk-free because you can use the money you have made on our website for free to trade and make money. To learn more and start now, please read the pages below:

I love you all💝

Best regards,

Please see the attached screenshot:

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By Vahid Chaychi

Vahid Chaychi is an experienced web developer and internet marketer since 2002. He has been able to become the top seller/earner and affiliate with several different companies. He has launched his own affiliate programs as well. He is a blogging and WordPress expert with lots of enthusiasm in blogging and vlogging to share his knowledge and experiences. He is also a serious Kyokushin Karate warrior and a good snowboarder. Follow him if you like to become a financially free online entrepreneur.

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Raneel Prakash
1 month ago

Thank you Sir Vahid godbless you

Queen chibueze benson
1 month ago

I am still saying to Vahid a very big thank you for having people in mind, for been a great mentor, for teaching and sharing your great knowledge. the trading skills was well explained. thankyou

Queen chibueze benson
1 month ago

Please how do I watch all your online lecture and post it on my page on @luckscout community because I have learnt so many trading skills from the wrong people but watching your video titled turn $500- $1000,I have learnt so many secret from you vahid that I know no one had taught me and am sooo grateful. thankyou, and I will keep learning.

Queen chibueze benson
1 month ago

Mr. Vahid had always been a great and powerful mentor, teacher having patient to guide you through, despite how he had made a lot, he still appreciate sharing his ideas with beginners, I have been listening for 3years now and am ready to learn now.

Queen chibueze benson
1 month ago

I know that trading can be very tough but with God helping us, we will all get there, Vahid I have followed up your mentorship for years and they are all genuine, am glad to be part of you.

1 month ago

I still have not been approved . Am I doing something wrong?

Chukwudi Louis Utazi
1 month ago

Join us to make free money ☺️ I love that line ☺️.
Thanks so much Vahid Chaychi for taking us by the hand and showing us how to be consistent profitable trader. That’s the goal . #Financial freedom

Eloise Taylor
1 month ago

Vahid, trading is art some days you have to wait,this is where it separate the boys from the,men,patient is powerful.Today, was a type of market made a lots of people lose thier whole account.Thanks,for teaching us how to walk away.

1 month ago

I don’t know much about trading but thanks Vahid for this opportunity to learn

Muchhetra Gurung
1 month ago

Thorough enjoyed reading main aim of the community and it is clear to us everything you mentioned. You are so grate humane Vahid, can not explain more about you.

Also enjoyed the learned trading yesterday, as I am a Novice trader each day I am learning. Those who asked questions is very useful for people like me and learned a lot from their questions.

Adrian Rukundo
1 month ago

Thank you so much Mr. Vahid for this open opportunity to every interested person this chance is very clear to any body who would love to be financially free in the near future. I’m ready to follow you moves till l achieve it

Mary Pendergest
1 month ago

Thank you Vahid for your well presented trading experience today. And of course thanks again for allowing this community to exist, hopefully together we can bring in decent profit from google ads to assist others.

Jean-joyce Goedsir
1 month ago

Thanks Vahid last night was another risky day but you manage to take profit before the market went against you good move buddy ,all members should have taken profit following your guidance. You are one the best I have come across with transparency and intergridity thanks so much for your mentoring ..cheers jean

David Lozinski
1 month ago

The trading session was good; overall market conditions until the US open were “bleah”.

Ronnie Ho
1 month ago

Vahid your trading system is like a holy grail to us novice traders your knowledge of news announcements are important to take a trade or not…to take a small account and grow it to a large account would be almost impossible without your assistance

Charles Mensah
1 month ago

Informative as usual. Thanks.

Myriam Pierre
1 month ago

This is very informative. Also a breath of fresh air. The markets ate in a seesaw state, but based on this report and the results, prosperity is still reachable. This is the wherewithal we need. Thank you, Vahid.

Maryam Fatehyan
1 month ago

The fact that you inform us before we take a position is fantastic because if we do not know what is planned for the day, we will take a wrong position, therefore we lose.

This is absolutely great. Thank you Vahid

Eloise Taylor
1 month ago

Vahid, you are amazing, humility help you to teach us, trading is a art. Thanks you Vahid I enjoyed this morning trading.

Alex Amakom
1 month ago

I didn’t know much about trading before I joined LuckScout Community but now my confidence is growing by the day. This is because we have such a disciplined and highly professional teacher to guide us on this journey to financial freedom. Today’s session required a deep knowledge of the stock market environment and I am previledged to have witnessed it. Thank you Vahid.

Judy Sovran
1 month ago

It is such a pleasure to be on the trading calls. Not only for what you teach us, but also getting a chance to ask you questions personally Vahid. That is so valuable, actually priceless. Thank you so much!!!

Gazza Brown
1 month ago

Wow Vahid Still made almost 2% on todays trading on not a good day for Trading. That excites me very short trade. Thank you very much Vahid for Today and what is to come for all everyone;s Future Long term.

Carl Rukavina
1 month ago

Your transparency and honesty in pointing out the realities of trading is so instructive and so valuable. Common sense guidance, with no frills, pointing out both what we need, and do not need. Where else would we find such a rare treasure?
We can express our respect and gratitude to you, by becoming the best we can be, with what we are learning from you.

Steinar Kløverød
1 month ago

Hi Vahid,

I followed your trading closely today. As I told you in our Zoom call from the trading room I finally understood more of what you are doing when you place your trades.

I also earned 1$ in my Etoro demo account when I followed your start and stop of today’s trade.

I have also finally got a MT4 demo account with CMC Markets, Norwegian department. Looking forward to learn more of your trading philosophy and technics.
Thanks again for what you are doing for us.

Chanaka Perera
1 month ago

Yes today was a bad day for trading. I traded in the morning in my German DAX40 and managed to get out unscathed – good luck to all traders!

Ovie Peter
1 month ago

Vahid, you are amazing, once again, the opportunity of earning $500, is being given to us by you. In which we can perform some activities, such as comments, play games and so on , in luckscout site to earn free $500, and withdraw it at the end of the month. And you can use the $500 to trade and be gaining 2% profit, from Monday to Friday day trading, you will be getting 30% monthly. After about 29 months the $500 will be $1 million.

Omodele Wisdom
1 month ago

Today’s trading was indeed a great one in a very risky market of such, though I didn’t attend the meeting but watched the recording.
Thanks for your hard work Vahid.

Mokete Mabatla
1 month ago

Thank you so much Vahid but how will I know how much did earn I on monthly bases out of that points? And who will train me on trading because I have never been in trading my entire life?

Last edited 1 month ago by Mokete Mabatla
Reinhard Schutte
1 month ago

Thanks vahid for that great meeting i appreciate you awnsering my questions thanks

Dele Awolu
1 month ago

Thank you Vahid. We sincerely appreciate all your efforts to help us achieve financial freedom. Some that sell courses will not sit and explain things the way you do and majority of those courses don’t work. I’ve been there and I know what I’m talking about, once again, thanks to you for your selfless efforts to the community.

Afsaneh Pourjam
1 month ago

Thank you Vahid! Today’s session was full of important points from which I learned alot. Actually I learn things each session along with gaining experience about related issues. The proposed questions and your helpful explanations are really useful. I’m getting familiar with your trading style which is far from unnecessary complications. Thanks again for your time and effort, what you are doing is valuable and definitely a favour.

Ovie Peter
1 month ago

Mr Vahid thanks once again, for this kind of opportunity, you have given to us. You see, there is no company, no individual that can afford this kind of help. $500 is not easy for one to earn, but you freely give it out to we. Sir, thanks and God bless you.

Jean St jean
1 month ago

Thanks for all the information

Mercie Salima
1 month ago

It was educative watching you in action Vahid and your predictions (reading the market) turned out to be true. The good news was making profit in such a volatile environment. It is encouraging to know that you mean what you say and it reassures us that we are indeed in the right place.
Thank you for your patience with us as we are learning and unlearning

Jay Bezanson
1 month ago

Thanks again Vahid for all of the discussion and insight into your trading strategy. It has been very informative thus far and I love that it is all centered around building long term wealth, which if done right takes time. I love that you have also given those that may not have the money necessary to get started a way to earn it, even a little at a time. NEVER forget the importance of small steps!

Importance of Little Steps.jpg
Sandra Riyano
1 month ago

Thank you always Vahid for your selflessness in doing this for the community. I appreciate you sincerely. I keep learning and hopefully soon l will have enough confidence to start trading. You make it look so easy

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