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15 Ways to Make Money in 2017 and After

Is it easy to make money? Are there enough good ways to make money?

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The answer of the first question is, no, it not easy to make money most of the time and in general. And, the answer of the second question is that there are no so many good and legitimate ways that you can make money with. Many of the ways are so limited and you can’t make a living through them, let alone making a fortune and getting rich with them.

This is what most people know. However, there are some more things that most people don’t know: New good opportunities always come.

There are so many ways that you can make money now and in 2017 and after that didn’t exist before. I am sure there will be so many new ways in the future as well. The reason is the progressive technology that has something new every day. Computer and the Internet don’t look very new anymore, but they have new things every hour because they give all the tools and equipment that creative minds need to invent something new every moment.

New great money making ways and opportunities are also the fruits of the technology, computer and the Internet: What Is Data Technology and How It Can Make You a Millionaire?

While you can sit at your computer and make millions of dollars from the comfort of your home, there are also some traditional ways that still attract some people. You can read about most of the good ways to make or save money here in this article, but before you do it, keep in mind that many of them (1) are not easy ways, and (2) don’t make a lot or even a reasonable amount of money. So, you need to consider the best possible way that can literally make you a millionaire working through the Internet and from the comfort of your home: Start Your Data Technology Million-Dollar Home Business Now

15 Ways to Make Money in 2017 and After

15 Ways to Make Money in 2017 and After

In pure economics terms, 2017 has been a unique year. The global economy is seen as finally coming out of the throes of a horrible recession that gripped the world in 2008, and ways to make money is seeing some radical changes now.

Today if you want to make money, it is not worth stocking only to traditional concepts. Rather the need is to bring about the happy balance of traditional ways and modern approach to money. The idea is to balance the profit motive without unnecessary risk exposure. Perhaps the biggest mantra while exploring ways to make money is being smart and thinking long-term.

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So, here is the list the best ways to make money in 2017 and after:

  1. Invest In Divided Paying Stocks
  2. Invest In Gold
  3. Trade in Stocks
  4. Start A Side Business
  5. Look At Improving Your Credit Score
  6. Don’t Ignore Coupons
  7. Liquidate Your Assets
  8. Cut Down On Utilities Cost
  9. CashBack
  10. Keep A Check On The Deductible Amount
  11. Create YouTube Videos
  12. Rent Your Property on AirBNB
  13. Buy & Sell Domain Names
  14. Fill Up Surveys Online
  15. Dealing In Antiques/Art

1. Invest in Dividend Paying Stocks

Investing in Dividend Paying Stocks Is a Way to Make Money

Perhaps when you are looking to earn money, 2017 is a year when the stock market prospects finally seem to be on the mend. But as I mentioned, you have to constantly look out at smart ways to make money instead of just profitable options. This is exactly why you need to invest in several dividend paying stocks.

A little research in the dividend paying stocks on offer now will lead you to a happy list of many stable counters which have been churning out dividends for its owners for years together now. If you want to make money, simply look at ways to invest in these counters.

There are some stocks which have steadily delivered dividends year after year irrespective of the overall market condition. The strong cash flow and the business model that these counters followed made it possible for them to reward their owners year after year and help them make money without a break. Perhaps the biggest advantage in this aspect is that irrespective of the market conditions, these stocks will continue to yield steady returns from you. Therefore on a yearly basis, the money that you make from these will sometimes exceed the returns that you could have expected from some traditional ways to make money like plain vanilla mutual funds.

2. Invest in Gold

Invest in Gold as a Way of Making Money

Gold has traditionally been one of the most dependable ways to make money. It is one of those assets that have continued to yield a profit to its owners year after year and in a steady and extremely dependable manner. The reason why I would suggest it as an easy means to make money now is because the prices have started cooling off right now.

After the huge rally in gold that we saw in 2016, now is the time to gradually consolidate your position in the yellow metal. Over the long-term, gold is one unique asset class that has delivered steady and stable returns to its investors consistently irrespective of economic challenges. Therefore in 2017, as gold price begins to come of the highs that it touched in 2016, you could invest in it in small tranches and then look to make money in a steady and dependable fashion year after year. Therefore gold does not just become a sure way to book profit over a sustained period; it is also one of those investment destinations that can act as a hedge against money market uncertainties.

What makes the deal even sweeter is that you don’t have to invest in just physical gold. If you are comfortable, you could even look to invest in gold ETFs or any of the other investment alternatives. These help you make money with gold without taking a position in the yellow metal physically.

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3. Trade in Stocks and Currencies

Trade in Stocks and Currencies

Ask Warren Buffet, and he will explain to you the merit of trading in stocks Vs any other savings instrument to generate maximum possible returns. The most striking aspect of stock market is that it helps you make money on your terms. What I mean is unlike a mutual fund, no one is deciding on what asset class or stock you put your money in. You are your own boss and can take independent calls based on your convenience. Of course, this is one of those ways to make money, which will need some amount of initial training and preparation.

However, with the increased internet penetration and a plethora of online tutorials, it is never too difficult to get started with stock market investment and make money in the bargain. You simply need to channelize your energy in a constructive fashion and set an investment target with a proper assessment of risk exposure. That is a key catalyst in limiting losses. When you are very clear about the exact amount of money that you can invest and kind of money you want to earn from it, the chances of your getting distracted gets reduced significantly.

Moreover you now have much easy to use trading software like Scottrade that doesn’t just help you make money a lot faster, but also clock in savings with very low transaction charges. This means that the relative profit erosion as a result of these additional charges is also limited to a significant extent. Moreover, these online trading apps also help beginners get a better hang of the various movers and shakers in the stock market and how to capitalize on the same.

Given the ups and downs in stock market, you can make money on the basis of these news points a lot more easily and faster.

4. Start a Side Business

Start a Side Business to Make Some Extra Money

I already mentioned the trick to make money in 2017 is undeniably being smart and learning to channelize your potential to the hilt. This is exactly why even of you had a full-fledged job; it would make sense for you to look at an alternative source of earning money. Websites like Etsy and Upwork can help you give some ideas about simple but noteworthy ways to make money. The options range from data entry to freelance writing to even pursuing an alternative career. The idea is no longer limited to what you do but more about just ways to make money in a slow but steady fashion over the longer term.

You can also monetize a hobby or skill set that you might use. For example, if you are good with decoupage or baking, you could easily create your own product and put them up for sale on Etsy. Alternatively, if you have a knack for English grammar, you could easily take up any of the proof-reader positions that are on offer in a wide range of remote job postings on the internet.

Not only can you pursue these alternative careers along with your full-time job but often to even enhance your focus and productivity from either job. You can perhaps attribute it to the fact that you become less dependent on your regular job and continue to earn money steadily nevertheless. All you need to do is look within, think deep and optimize ways to make money in a sure and sustained manner.

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5. Look at Improving Your Credit Score

Look at Improving Your Credit Score

Having a low credit score can often impact you in many ways that you would not even think of otherwise. So if you thought it was only about paying the high interest rate for your credit card, think again! In fact, when you are looking at ways to make money, that too is a major expense that you would have to curb. Think of the amount of investment you could make, if you diverted all the money used in paying interest.

But that apart, a poor credit score can also affect your prospects in getting a fresh job and focusing better on your credit score today can help you avoid a lot of future complications. In fact, independent studies have indicated that the impact of a bad credit score could haunt you an entire lifetime and severely impact the way you make money. Maintaining a healthy score is not just about your credit cards, it is a complicated maze of many factors. Perhaps the most important pre-condition in this regard is paying your bills on time. Another factor that can help you make money and maintain a healthy credit score is keeping the credit card balance well below 25% of the available balance. This is also about recalibrating your cost and expenses in a way that you spend within your means and save money on interest payment.

6. Don’t Ignore Coupons

Don't Ignore Coupons to Save Money

A quick search on the internet will yield a steady flow of articles about how you can make money using coupons. Like I already mentioned, 2017 is all about going big on the smart ways to make money rather than the conventional ones. Collecting coupons painstakingly and then putting them to use in the appropriate channels is no doubt a lot of hard work. But the good news is that it is that kind of work which yields steady gains for you. So instead of saving $10-20 a month by buying the cheapest available products, it would make sense to put your resources in buying the best possible options and make money in the bargain. Perhaps when you are calculating on an itemized basis, you don’t truly understand the true import of the savings or the extent of money you earn.

If savings could be a way of earning money, couponing is one of the greatest ways to capitalize on the true import of it. If you can spend a few hours every week in collecting these coupons, then you can easily capitalize on the incremental gains as a result.

7. Liquidate Your Assets

Liquidate Your Assets

Perhaps you never realize the hidden resource base that is lying waste in your attic. Take stock of your assets and all the furniture that you don’t use any longer. One of the easiest ways to make money is undoubtedly selling them. Given the latest advancement in technology, there are many websites that help you make money by selling these products. Independently you would never realize their worth. It is only when you sell them together, the total amount that you earn will help you realize how well you can monetize the so-called junk lying waste in your attic.

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One of the biggest advantages is you are not putting in any additional effort for this either. On the contrary, you are able to make money by getting rid of waste products lying useless in your house.

Therefore if you were to consider innovative ways to make money, this is undoubtedly one of them. This also makes a lot of economic sense. This is because you are offloading liabilities and creating resources to build assets for future.

Another big advantage of selling your old, unused stuff is it gives you a realistic idea of how much money you have spent in the past on specific objects and how useful they turned out to be. Needless to mention, these often play a crucial role in moderating future expenses and cut down unnecessary cost.

8. Cut down on Utilities Cost

Cut down on Utilities Cost

Have you ever wondered what your average monthly electricity bill is or the water consumption or even the cooking fuel cost is? Given our hectic lifestyle, even without us really wanting to, we end up making unnecessary wastage that translates into significant expenses.

In 2017, ways to make money is closely linked to ways to save money. Think about all the ways how you could bring down your utility bills without significantly compromising your lifestyle. Often they become the primary weapon not just to save but also regulate the savings that you can make.

This is closely interlinked. The more you save, the better you can make money. You must understand that though utilities are amongst the necessities in our life, they are also those obvious expenses which have huge potential for savings. The savings are not just in terms of usage. There are many mobile wallets that offer significant cashback or discount if you pay using them.

No one will come and give you a single penny for free, so the point is if you are getting an opportunity then why not make the best use of the opportunity and earn whatever reward points/discount/cash back that you can.

9. CashBack

Go for CashBack to Save Some Money

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That brings us to obviously one of the most new-age and trendy alternatives to make money today. This is called cashback. Whether you pay your fuel bills, groceries or buy yourself some jewelry, most card payments today entail some amount of cashback for the customers. In fact, you have widespread SMS alerts and even announcements about the same across the board.

A smart shopper will never miss these opportunities to make money. The various ways that you earn these cashback could expand your savings significantly and help you maintain a steady growth in the assets that you are growing.

You have to check the annual bank statement or the credit card statement to understand the prospect of gains that you can unlock by maximizing the cashback in your account. Of course, you would have to spend some time in looking out for the best deals and ones that suit your need best.

This is one of the most useful ways to make money given the widespread use of a digital transaction. Today cash is being increasingly replaced by card, and the cashback is perhaps one of the most interesting ways to capitalize on this trend.

10. Keep a Check on the Deductible Amount

It is often noticed that when money gets deducted from your account automatically, you somehow make provision for it every month. But if you had to save the same amount every month, it would be a tall ask. One simple way to make money, therefore, is to increase the auto debit option for the various savings that you undertake.

Another reason that you can make money by raising the deductible is that the moment you raise the premium payment, you end up making significant gains by paying a lower interest rate on your loans.

Whether it is your home loan, car premium or whatever premium payment we might consider, a higher payment will make sire that the interest rate outgo gets moderated significantly. As a result, therefore, you make money in the form of the various savings that these type of transactions entail. In fact, for a more realistic understanding of how much money you can make this way, you must try depositing the savings every month in an account and take stock of the total amount annually. We can guarantee that you would be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

11. Create YouTube Videos

Create YouTube Videos

Creating and uploading YouTube videos could be super fun. Often when you are out on a trip or even on holiday at home, you end up recording hours of video and also upload them to YouTube to share with friends and families. Now think about how well you could monetize this option and the kind of profit that you could earn from them.

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You can make money by uploading several types of instructional videos and charging a subscription for the same. You could also generate revenues by placing clickable ads on your YouTube. These are different ways you could look to monetize your online endeavors and make some extra money.

The biggest advantage is that you can make money from YouTube without investing a lot of time and energy. All you would have to do is to activate the right kind of AdSense ads on the YouTube channel and then monetize your initiatives appropriately.

You need to constantly make an effort to identify more such options and increase the amount of money that you make.

12. Rent Your Property on AirBNB

Rent Your Property on AirBNB

You had once invested your savings in buying a holiday home in the countryside. But the problem is as kids started growing and your work challenges along with your wife’s leave options become more and more difficult, your country house leaves pretty much unused and probably you are still paying a mortgage for the same. So the point is how can you make money from this investment without incurring any additional cost for it. Well, one of the simplest ways to make money would be by putting up the property on rent in Airbnb.

The expenses involved are quite minimal in listing this property on AirBNB. If your property happens to be in a tourist locale, this becomes even easier to monetize your property effectively and sustainably.

Depending on your need and requirement you can rent the property by day, week or month. All you have to do is appoint a simple caretaker for maintenance of the property. In return, you get a guarantee of over $100,000 for safe keep of your property and insurance that no damage would be done to it.

This is an extremely simple way to make money because it makes sure that you are not incurring any additional cost for it. On the other hand, the rent will cover the mortgage costs for you quite easily, and you can save the spare money and help in creating more assets. These can then multiply the amount of money that you make.

Moreover, the number of formalities or expenses involved in listing your property on Airbnb is quite simple, and as a result, you can explore the possibilities of this alternative quite effectively and in a far more constructive fashion.

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13. Buy & Sell Domain Names

Buy & Sell Domain Names

Have you heard about arbitrage n the stock market? Well, you can do the same with domain names. If you look around any of the key domain name suppliers, there is a host of domain names that are available at a significant discount to the buyers.

If you are serious about making money and exploring some simple and convenient ways to make money, this could be a simple alternative that can help you garner some cool profit. The bigger advantage is you can do the same with minimum possible expenses involved in the process.

All you need to do is identify the potential domain names with strong profit option and then go ahead and buy them at a discounted rate. Later when there is demand for the same, you could make money by selling these domain names for reasonable profit.

In many ways, you might consider buying and selling of domain names as an effective business proposition that can surely lock the kind of money that you earn from an investment. Given the high rate of return, it becomes a fairly attractive option to make money. The high demand for domain names makes it an extremely lucrative proposition.

14. Fill up Surveys Online

Fill up Surveys Online

When you are looking to make money, the core concept is it needs to be a simple and easy alternative. One of the latest and trendiest options, in this case, would be participating in online surveys. These online surveys can be quite simple in terms of filling up, and you can do quite a few on any given day. On an annualized basis, you can easily garner $10,000-15,000 quite easily completing these surveys regularly and increasing the total number of surveys that you fill up on a daily basis.

Now think of any savings that will help you realize this kind of return on almost zero investment. I am sure that the relative amount of money that gets generated will convince you that this is a far better option when you are exploring the various ways to make money.

Additionally, this is a rather hassle-free alternative. You can easily log on to any online survey provide, create an account and start earning money rather simply. However, a word of caution in this regard is that you must avoid scams. Approach only genuine firms and make sure that you don’t get engaged with fake sites.

15. Dealing in Antiques/Art

Dealing in Antiques/Art

This is specifically for those who are interested in these pursuits. But of you are it is one of the coolest ways to make money in 2017. As the buying power increases, more and more people are looking to invest in antiques and quality artwork. Now, this is also your opportunity to make money. Overall, you must remember, it will depend a lot on your ability to identify a potentially valuable pick and then selling it for a premium. But if you do have the knack, it can be a great source of money for you on a sustained basis. Moreover, this kind of option also won’t need you to be engaged 24×7. But you would surely require a potential warehouse to store the collectibles in a proper manner. But the premium you can sell these should take care of the expenses.

So… Choose the Best Way to Make Money

So if you are looking at ways to make money in 2017, you must remember the primary mantra is to think out of the box and concentrate on the exact extent of profit rather than the actual method you adopt to achieve it. You must remember the ways that you might opt for to make money should be able to yield a decent profit.

Another aspect to remember in this case is the long-term sustainability of the alternative and how much relative effort that you need to put in this. Because these factors together will contribute towards the actual money or profit that you garner from the proposition. If the cost and effort are more than your profit, it is not a worthwhile alternative.

I strongly recommend you to spend your time and energy on the ways that are easier and better. Here I have some important posts that you must read:

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