A Wealth Building Strategy to Create Wealth from Nothing

Everybody loves to become wealthy and rich.

But the big question is “how?”

The answer is in choosing and following the right wealth building strategy that gives you the road-map to step by step wealth building and accumulating, starting from zero or nothing.

The rich get richer.

But another important question here is how to get rich, to become richer after?

This is the question that a proper and strong wealth building strategy has to answer.

Most people are really eager, enthusiastic and ambitious to become rich.

This is really great.

However, the problem is, these people think that they can achieve their dreams just by working hard and making a lot of money and without following a significantly strong and proven wealth building strategy.

You have to be a hard-working person to develop your wealth.

But, only a hard-working person who is also smart, can become a real rich and a financially free person.

Working hard, without a proper plan, is wasting of money, time and energy.

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What Is Our Wealth Building Strategy?

It is a while that we are helping our followers to follow a good and strong wealth building strategy that really works.

The good thing is that although it is not free to start, set up, maintain and promote, it is so affordable and very easy to start and maintain.

Compared to the other businesses that need a lot of money to run, promote and maintain, our wealth building strategy is almost free.

That is why it enables you to develop wealth, almost from nothing.

There are so many who think they can accumulate wealth by trading the currencies and stocks.

The problem of such a mindset is that, currency and stock trading don’t make you rich if you are not rich already.

Currency and stock trading are good and exceptional opportunities to increase your wealth, but not to make you wealthy: Trading Strategies Don’t Work If You Don’t Choose the Right Living Strategy

The reason is clear.

You can’t become a millionaire through growing a $500 or even $10,000 trading account.

This is what the retail brokers don’t let you do.

Above all, the profit you will make with a small account (if you are a consistently profitable trader), is not enough to make you wealthy.

Therefore, if you think you can learn how to trade, and then become wealthy by growing a small trading account, you are wrong.

You can’t even make a living that way, let alone getting wealthy.

Therefore, you have to choose a different wealth building strategy.

Our Wealth Building Strategy Has Two Phases

I assume that you either have no income now, or your income is very low and is just enough to make a living.

Therefore, the first step of our wealth building strategy will be creating a reliable and strong income.


Because they say, “the rich get richer.”

This is so true.

Therefore, to become wealthy, first you have to make a lot of money.

You need money to make more money.

You have to spend a portion of your income to make more money.

It is impossible to get rich just by making and saving a lot of money.

That doesn’t make you wealthy and financially free.

Therefore, our wealth building strategy has two important phases:

  1. Creating a reliable and strong source of income that makes a lot of money, consistently.
  2. Forcing your money to make more money.

Now I explain how each phase works.

1. Creating a Reliable and Strong Source of Income

If you already have a good source of income, then you are one step ahead of those who don’t have any income now, or their income is not enough.

However, the point is, although you have a good source of income and you look rich apparently, you are not rich in reality. I tell you why:

What will happen if you stop working now?

What if you lose your source of income now?

After you stop working or losing your main source of income, if you can easily survive and keep the same life style and standards you’ve had so far, then you are really rich and wealthy.

For example, if you have been wise enough to create some good passive income that covers your expenses, then you won’t be in trouble if you lose your first and main source of income.

But, if you are living with high life standards while your life is completely dependent on one source of income, then you will be in a big trouble if you lose your income for some reason.

Getting dependent on one source of income is a big mistake most people make.

They think they are rich because they make a lot of money every month.

But as they have no savings and no passive income, they will have to sell their houses if their income stops for a few months.

That is why I say you have to follow a good and proven wealth building strategy that shows you how to get wealthy (richer), and not just rich.

Become Rich and Then Richer

You are apparently “rich” when you make and spend a lot of money every month.

But you will become poor as soon as your income stops.

However, if you follow the wealth building strategy I am teaching your here, you will become rich first.

But then, you will become richer.

You are “richer” when you use you first and main source of income to create more sources of income.

Therefore, if you lose your main source of income, you won’t be in trouble because you still make money through your other sources of income.

This is how our wealth building strategy works.

Most gurus tell you how to make a lot of money.

But they don’t tell you that making a lot of money doesn’t make you rich.

Therefore, if you already have a good source of income, but you haven’t created some more sources of income yet, you have to do it as soon as possible.

If you have a good source of income that makes a lot of money every month, but you spend all the money you make, and you don’t save any money, then you have to think about cutting some expenses down and saving some money as soon as you can.

If you can’t cut down any of your current expenses, then you have to increase your income to become able to save some money.

You have to save some money to become able to create some other sources of income with it.

2. Forcing Your Money to Make More Money

Forcing your money to make more money, is the second phase of our wealth building strategy.

It is something that makes your richer.

It is the most important stage of getting wealthy and financially free.

You can become bankrupt and broke overnight, if you skip this phase.

As I explained above, making and then spending a lot of money, doesn’t take you anywhere.

You will become poor and broke right away, if your income stops.

First you have to create a reliable and strong source of income that makes a lot of money, consistently.

Then you have to save some money to become able to invest and make more money.

Using your savings, you can create some more sources of income that we know as passive income.

It is the income that comes by itself without having to work that much.

Why Is the Second Phase So Important?

In our wealth building strategy, the second phase is something that makes you wealthy and financially free.

Besides, it prevents you from getting bankrupt and broke, because it makes money for you, even when your main source of income stops making money.

It is something that prevents you from putting all your eggs in one basket.

That is why it is an important part of our strategy.

You are not rich when you have one source of income and you spend all the money you make.

You may look rich just because you live in a beautiful house and drive fancy cars.

But in reality, you are walking on a thin line when you have only one source of income.

Someone who always uses a portion of the money he makes, to make more money, is smart.

He is the real rich, because he is not dependent on one income. He hasn’t put all his eggs in one basket.

Therefore, if he loses a source of income, he still makes money through the others.

Your money is the best and most trusted employee and worker that can work very hard and make more money for you.

You have to learn how to force your money to make more money.

That is the second phase of our wealth building strategy.

The Second Phase in Brief:

After establishing a reliable and strong source of income, you have to use a portion of your money to make more money.

You can invest in currency, stock and real estate markets to do that.

There are always good investment opportunities in these markets.

You can make the most of these opportunities, not only to develop passive income, but also to accumulate wealth through the market’s price appreciation.

I have explained about these investment strategies in details here: A Short Term Investment Strategy That Makes You a Millionaire

Where to Start?

The above strategy is the best and most straight-forward wealth building strategy.

The good news is we support our followers to complete both phases in the best possible way.

If you already have a good source of income that makes a lot of money, then you have to save a portion of your monthly income to become able to invest in the currency, stock and real estate markets.

I already explained why you should do it and why you will be in trouble if you don’t do it.

If you don’t have a good source of income, or you do but your income is not enough, then you have to establish a reliable and strong source of income as soon as possible, if you are serious about getting wealthy.

There are so many ways to do that.

Some of the ways are harder and need spending lots of time and money.

I have explained about them here: Following a Proven Business Plan Is the Success Key

However, there are some easier ways to create a good source of income.

Running an online business based on a strong and proven business model, is what we help our followers to do, to complete the first phase of our wealth building strategy.

1. The First Phase

Here on this site, we support our followers to create a good source of income first (the first phase).

Then we help them to invest a portion of their income to make more money and increase their wealth (the second phase).

That is why it is a while that we are referring our followers to a good and reliable online business opportunity to help them create the source of income they have to have.

If you also need to have such a source of income, then you can try this online business opportunity.

We did a lot of surveys and tests before we choose this business opportunity for our followers.

We wanted to make sure that it was legitimate, safe and secure, and easy to start, promote and maintain.

Fortunately, we finally found such an online business system: Click Here to learn more.

2. The Second Phase

As I explained above, making a lot of money doesn’t make you rich, although it can make you look rich.

Even saving a lot of money in your bank account every month, can’t make you rich.

The reason is that (1) the value of your money goes down as the time goes by, and (2) the money you save in your bank account, doesn’t make any money for you.

You only make the banks richer by saving your money in your bank accounts.

An important part of a good wealth building strategy is where it forces you to make money with your money.

You think people like Warren Buffet, have become multi-billionaires, just by making some money and then saving it?

Absolutely not.

After a short while of working hard and saving some money, you have to force your money to make more money for you.

This makes you multi-millionaire and financially free and secure.

Our Goal and Long-Term Strategy

I wrote this article to answer the questions of those who wonder why we help our website followers to establish an online business, by referring them to an online business opportunity that we have chosen.

Our long-term goal is creating a community of the successful millionaires who are really rich, successful and financially free.

To reach our goal, we have to follow a proper strategy and help our followers to do the same.

Therefore, we follow the wealth building strategy that I explained above.

It is exactly the strategy that we have been following for such a long time and now we help our followers to do the same.

Those of our followers who sign up for our online business system, and complete some special steps, will have the chance to have free access to our members area and millionaires club, where we share our business and success secrets.

We teach them how to create a great source of income, increase their income and use it to create more wealth.

It is a great opportunity for those who are serious about getting rich and financially free.

Our wealth building strategy works.

Unlike the other systems that need a lot of time and money to start, our strategy works much easier and in a more efficient way.

By following our wealth building strategy, you will build your wealth almost from nothing.

Our strategy is the easiest way to get rich fast, legitimately.

Our Posts and Training

To help our followers to follow our wealth building strategy easier, each of our posts will be focused either on the first, or on the second phase that I explained above.

The posts that are focused on the first phase, will explain how to establish your source of income in the best possible way.

They show you the ways to increase your income as well.

The posts that are focused on the second phase, (1) will show you the investment opportunities, and (2) teach you the investment techniques that enable you to increase your wealth to get a really rich person, not someone who just looks rich 🙂

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  1. This is a great article, and nothing that has been clearly defined cannot be achieved.

    I believe that the first step to achieve worthwhile goal is to picture a clear description of that goal in mind and the articles here are very helpful.

    The second step is to do everything that need to be done to achieve that goal. And now I have some questions, how much money do I need exactly to start, maintain, and promote this business? So far, I have known that I need $50 to start, and $20 (license fee) monthly to maintain the business, please correct me if i am wrong.

  2. Hi,

    The article is awesome. Already I have signed for the steps and am through. I encourage others to do the same and they will live very happily thereafter. This course is a lifetime investment.

    Kudos luckScout team.

  3. One knows the truth when they hear it and this article is truth. I know because I have personally wasted many years chasing get rich quick programs with nothing to show for it but heart ache n pain. On the positive side my journey led me to luckscout and team. This alone makes it worth the trip. I know the business opportunity recommended is top tier and legitimate. It is not often you see heavy hitters like Degan Smith and Tj R. who own and operate huge assets online signing up as an affiliate to a program. That alone should peek ones interest. Once you sign up it becomes clear you are in good company with the program and you can be proud to be a part of it. Then again if you have spent anytime with and team you come to expect first class as they always over deliver on everything they do you us. If you are on the fence I would encourage you to take massive action. You literally have nothing to lose and everything you ever wanted in life to gain. Keep up the great work and team and fellow luckscout members. Much love Charles!

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    1. Greetings Zachary

      Please note that our South Africa debit cards works as Credit Cards online. I registered using Capitec Bank debit card and the transaction went through without difficulty.

  6. thank you luck scout team, maybe you will make me survival now, i lost my time and my money in other program to chase the wealth, accordingly to your experience and how you explain to us, myself i see the light now. i’m on my way to join you soon as possible.
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  7. you are totally wrong, a friend of mine has been through forex trading with $1000 capital. now, is his capital has grow bigger to over $100000 in 2 years.

    is $100000 richer not a rich man.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Could you please prove this through offering proper proofs and statements that shows he has started from $1000 with a retail Forex broker, and now his account is $100,000 and also he has been able to withdraw this money from the trading account he has with the broker and now the money is in his bank account?

      I will be waiting for your reply. In case you don’t represent the proofs that I explained above, it means you are just one of those who run and manage the scam retail Forex brokers, specially because you are from a country which is the origin of many of the scam Forex brokers.

      Today is 2017/08/24.

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