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1. Build your profile:

Building your profile is very important. Please do the following if you haven’t done it yet:

  • Click here to upload your profile photo.
  • Click here to upload your cover photo.
  • Click here to see the members list and send friend requests to them.

2. Start writing and sharing:

  • Click here to see our groups and start following them.
  • Click here to create your own group(s). LuckScout groups are the best way to promote yourself, your interests, products and services, ideas, and so on.

3. Review companies, products and services:

You will collect lots of points if you create review groups for companies, products or services. You can take a look at this group as an example. Please note that your groups have to have proper titles and detailed descriptions, otherwise they will be removed. If you create quality groups, they will receive lots of clicks and attention and they will earn you residual points every month. Your reviews don’t have to be too positive or too negative. Just a fair review like this is good enough to make others submit their comments.

We remove the groups that publish duplicated content. So, please do not copy/paste from other sites.

4. Apply to become a LuckScout Club member:

Coming soon!


You collect points when you do the above activities on LuckScout. Your current month balance: 🏆

Having a profile on the site doesn’t equal being a LuckScout Club member. However, having an active profile is the first and most important prerequisite to become approved to join LuckScout Club.

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