What Does Losing Properly Mean in Stock Trading?

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It has been a while since you haven’t seen my day-trading reports. I wasn’t eager to trade on Friday because of the “Non-Farm Employment Change” that makes the markets too volatile. In spite of this, I took two positions, while the directions I chose in both were correct. However, as it was a risky day, I closed the positions manually when they went toward my target and position were in a 1% profit and then it turned around and started moving toward my stop loss. I closed the positions manually and finished the day at breakeven.

We didn’t trade yesterday because of the bank holiday in the USA and Canada. Today ended with 4.282% loss. I made a mistake first and entered 2 candlesticks earlier, although my direction was correct. However, a big candlestick went against me, triggered the stop loss and then went toward the target while it closed with a long upper shadow. The second mistake happened because I immediately took a long position, when the stop loss was triggered. I recovered half of the loss with the 3rd position, but then I entered again after a support level breakout that turned out to be fake.

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4.282% loss is not good, but it is not horrible too because it can easily be recovered later. As long as you lose 2% in each position, and then you stop trading on time and not try to do revenge trading, it is okay. I could finish my day with a 1.656% loss which was the money I lost in my first position. This is usually my style. If I lose in the first position on a day, I stop trading because emotions can take control after a loss.

Losses are not good. They don’t make you happy. I don’t expect you to laugh when you lose. I don’t laugh too when I lose. However, you should note that they are the unchangeable and unreplaceable parts of this game. You should get used to losing sometimes. Those who cannot lose properly in trading, they won’t be able to be long-term winners.

What do I mean by losing properly?

  1. A proper loss should always be 2% or less.
  2. You have lost properly only if you don’t get sad, disappointed, upset and emotional after a loss.

If you become sad, disappointed, upset and emotional even after a 2% loss, you haven’t become a trader yet and you should stop your trading for the day, until you come to balance again and your bad emotions (sadness, disappointment, etc.) vanish, otherwise you will lose more.

A good trader is not someone who doesn’t lose because it is impossible not to lose in this business. A good trader is not someone who makes a lot of profit in each session, while they lose a lot in other sessions, and then they get emotional because of their losses. A good trader is someone who loses properly.

That was about trading during the past several days that I hadn’t published any report. I will do my best to publish my day-trading reports on time from tomorrow.

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By Vahid Chaychi

Vahid Chaychi is an experienced web developer and internet marketer since 2002. He has been able to become the top seller/earner and affiliate with several different companies. He has launched his own affiliate programs as well. He is a blogging and WordPress expert with lots of enthusiasm in blogging and vlogging to share his knowledge and experiences. He is also a serious Kyokushin Karate warrior and a good snowboarder. Follow him if you like to become a financially free online entrepreneur.

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Kevin Goodman
1 month ago

It’s like being a sore loser or a gracious lose who learns from the loss and is happy for the victor. There is always another day to repeat your strategy with the new parameters as long as you have life and determination. Thank you sensei Vahid for the detail. I am becoming familiar with the terminology and strategies. Thank you

Carl Rukavina
1 month ago

Vahid, your transparency and honesty are both revealing and refreshing. A good teacher leads by example and demonstration. It is priceless to see in real time, the art and reality of trading, win and lose. Theory and practical application are illustrated in excellent format. Thank you.

Krista Wagner
1 month ago

I would also add to keep your emotions intact and to take the loss as a lesson. Do not quit if you loose, take a break from the charts and perhaps trade on your demo account. I feel that trading is an excellent way to make an income if you can keep the greedy monster in check as well as your emotions. Be humble and kind and you will turn a profit. Patience is key!!! wait for the set ups to come and don’t chase them!!

Eloise Taylor
1 month ago

Vahid, you taught us to set our margin at 2% this will limit the fear, and sadness, if you lose any money. You also taught us 2%, plus, the stop loss. If you make money their are going to be times you are going lose money, I Love the way you handle the class, you explain how, and why, you made your mistake. Thanks for you humble attitude. If you GoPro make money in trading
You must not let greed set in Love you Vahid.

Jay Bezanson
1 month ago

Thanks Vahid…I completely agree, controlling emotions is paramount in trading. Following an exact strategy and adhering to the rules is the best policy for sure.

Charles Mensah
1 month ago

“Losing Properly”… that is great and an essential concept because one doesn’t and cannot win every trade.

However, if one is schooled properly (like Vahid is teaching us), one can take calculated risk and not dwell so much on the occasional loses as getting stuck emotionally will go on to make some very bad decisions.

Whilst it is never nice to lose, if and when lessons are learnt from the experience we stand a better chance going forward.

Thanks Vahid for not only sharing your wins with us. We appreciate your mentorship.

Joshua Chan
1 month ago

Thank you Vahid for teaching us to control our emotion..especially in trading..
maybe it is not easy for us to do it…but fortunately we can learn from you..because you not just show the way but also encourage us to do the same..like you do..
I know some mentors in the past..they just show some winning trades..and they wont show you if they lose in trades..to proof that they are a professional trader…
So it will attract us to join their Copy trade…
but you show that even a proffesional trader could lose..but not much..2%..
that is a very important lesson for me..
Im so happy to join this group…

Tore Berg
1 month ago

This was an interessting day. After several days with winning there was a day with loosing. I think it is good lesson to know that some days you will loose and it was good to see it actually happen. Have a nice day and journey onwards.

Obaidullah Nabil
1 month ago

Thank you @Vahid, I really enjoy the community, your trading style, appreciate your honesty, I hope and am sure that one day will achieve what we desire and wish these days.

Andy Hurrell
1 month ago

Great post Vahid full of valuable and insightful information to store in our memory for when things do not go our way (although as you know because of my lack of speed i actually made money yesterday in Demo).
The journey is long,  we will have bumps along the way. These can cause us to doubt ourselves. But for those who embark on this journey to self discovery and arrive on the other side we will reach the goal of financial sovereignty.

 It will be exciting and ALSO allow each person to not only become in control of their finances, but also get a work/ life balance, where valuable time can be spent of family friends as well as our own needs.
For this alone Vahid we will forever be in YOUR debt!

Dele Awolu
1 month ago

Thanks to you our mentor for being there for us and for being transparent in all you do. We’re learning everyday from your experience. I have no reason to even take more than 2 trades a day. If I can stick to this, I’ll not loose more than 2% in a day. Thank you for all the help and training. You are very much appreciated.

Omodele Wisdom
1 month ago

Being a professional trader does not mean you are perfect, losses are part of the game. We definitely learnt something from that, to be more patient and if we have adhere to the rules we wouldn’t have in incurred a 4% loss, the most important thing there is that we saw the mistake and we learnt from it.

Thank you Vahid for the opportunity to learn.

Andrew Harman
1 month ago

Hi vahid like you say we’re training so you tried to recover your loss but in the real world we take the loss and control our emotions and move on and make up the loss in a better market condition over time cheers andrew

Jackson Mugarura
1 month ago

Well done, it’s true in every business loses have to be expected, but one needs to be a good loser in order to cope up with anguish of loss. Otherwise, more loses will follow and quitting will be the end result. Thank you Vahid again for this report

Ronnie Ho
1 month ago

Vahid it takes more than a man to admit their mistakes all your reports are very educational your recommendation only risking 2% of your trading account is priceless trading without emotions will certainly make trading more successful your repeatedly advice to join Luckscout Community is God Send thank you for being so forthcoming with all aspects of the program.

David Newton
1 month ago

Again thanks much for your time and talent and pedagogy. I had heard you speak before concerning the ethic of loosing. You cautioned that we ought never trade in anger or remorse or regret less these states of emotions tend to add to our losses. Today I was able to witness personally how you experienced loss and how you dealt with it, that is, in the same manner you have advised to do. I appreciate your pedagogy and it is a beautiful thing to see the teacher modeling for the student the good way. This ethic is rare and of inestimable worth. I appreciate you for this. I wish you every blessing.

Ovie Peter
1 month ago

Loosing properly means a good trader who loss should be 2% or less in a trade. More so, losing properly, could be be a good trader who don’t get sad, disappointed, upset and emotional after a loss in a reade.

Mercie Salima
1 month ago

Much respect to you Vahid for showing us that losing can be inevitable however how we conduct ourselves after a loss is equally important. Lose properly within the 2% limits Stop trading for the day . Refresh your emotions.

Jean-joyce Goedsir
1 month ago

Thanks Vahid for showing us that no one is perfect in trading eventhought you had a good runs of winners but we all human and do make mistake and we learn from it ..we are learning all your skills as we prolong our trading journey with you and gratefull for show us your knowledge . thanks so much

Mary Pendergest
1 month ago

Always good reporting, thank you Vahid. One thing that really jumped out at me today, was you didn’t keep trying, you accepted your loss and closed for the day. You didn’t keep attempting to earn. Thanks again, beyond appreciate this gift you continue to give, Mary

Haneef Shabazz
1 month ago

Both winning and losing is a big part of trading, and it’s important to not lose control of your emotions when you lose. Thank you Vahid for sharing the reality of trading with us and teaching us the correct ways to trade. Looking forward to trading with you tomorrow.

Reinhard Schutte
1 month ago

I was part of the trading this mornig was a good sesion to learn that you don’t just win all day every day , thanks vahid for teaching us these things

Marshall Azigbo
1 month ago


Thank you so much for your Tuesday Trading Report . It reveals to us so many ‘Foods for Thought’.

In this report, you have taught us:

1) To be very careful in observing Trading Rules and Market Sentiments mostly when Price Actions are very likely to be Choppy during News Releases.

2) Proper or Professional Loosing Trades involves Good or Professional Risk Management that should not exceed 2% Losses when Taking Long or Short Positions.

3) Good losses or Calculated Risk Management should not negatively affect our Emotions because that would endanger our Trading Mentality by inadvertently trying to seek Revenge on the Markets thereby loosing more money.

4) In the event of loosing trade it is advisable to close trade for that day and come back another day well prepared and ready for a Winning Trade.

5). We noticed also from beginning that you were prompted to take a 1% Profit before reaching your Target Point and the Price now receded from that point. I think this is what could be considered as a Good Market Psychology.

6) We should be mentally and emotionally balanced before entering the Market in order to avoid making mistakes that would eventually lead to loosing trades and loosing money.

In summary, I think I have enjoyed your report because it signal a good information on how best to Trade

Thank you so much Vahid.

Alex Amakom
1 month ago

Thanks once more for this detailed report. A good trader is not one who never makes a loss but one who notes where he made an error and corrects himself the next time. We have noted this performance and will march on in future.

Sandra Riyano
1 month ago

Thank you Vahid once again for your honesty. Though l didn’t understand what was happening in the trading session l could see something was wrong because we took longer than usual. Thank you for the detailed explanation later of what happened,the errors you made that led to the loss. I learnt that a loss, while painful,is not a train smash and shouldn’t discourage you to try again next time. I also learnt that timing is very important and can be the determinant of profit or loss. It now makes sense to me why you always emphasize that we shouldn’t be greedy and should be happy with a 2% profit or loss. You win some ,you lose some but it is all good. Thank you for the Luckscout community,you are changing lives positively. Stay blessed

Myriam Pierre
1 month ago

This is great advice and very helpful. We keep hearing about the stock market, especially last week when there were very huge losses, when we reached the end of the week that just passed. LuckScout is line an ark, to get us through these turbulent economic waves. It us very true that in the end revenge trading will not make things any easier.

Stashauna Kelly
1 month ago

Thank you for the update, Vahid. I appreciate your honesty in sharing your trading habits and the ease at which you express your emotions with us. You are a good trader and as long as you stick to what you usually do to maintain more wins than losses, I know you will do excellently overall. We are learning so much from you and I can’t express enough how grateful we are. We are blessed to be under your tutelage.

PwePaw Ler (Nancy)
1 month ago

I’m glad that you shared your honest result with us Vahid. I’m keep reading your articles about trading and looking forward to learn more. Can’t wait to join you in trading session soon.

Judy Sovran
1 month ago

I am looking forward to learning how to be a good trader that loses properly. Thanks so much Vahid for all your help and guidance. Priceless!!!

Keith Cadette
1 month ago

Firstly let me say thanks to you Vahid for sharing with honesty and truth. i think it is vital that you let us know and understand the many dimensions of trading on the stock market. there are too many so called experts out there in the marketplace who do not give a true experience as you have done in this article.
I believe that it is important that we understand the positivity in losing properly.I really like the concept as we should appreciate that there will be loses as you have pointed out to us many times before, but losing properly is not a bad thing; we can and will lose from time to time, as long as we lose properly, we will live to trade another day.
You are a masterful teacher.

David Lozinski
1 month ago

The lesson learned is to be patient, when in doubt stay out, and not to “revenge trade”.

Mary Pendergest
Reply to  David Lozinski
1 month ago

Well said Dave, I picked up on that too today.

David Aibamwen
Reply to  David Lozinski
1 month ago

Thanks, for reminding us the emotions of the market. We win some and lose some.

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