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What Is LuckScout Risk-Free Trading Program?

The idea of offering this program came to our minds after our experiences with this website and communicating with thousands of individuals who were trying to make money through trading. What we saw was that most traders waste a lot of time and money, and many of them give up before they become profitable; whereas it is possible for someone to become a “consistently profitable trader” if they start from the right place and follow the right track.

When people first start trading, they risk loss of two things: (1) their valuable time, and (2) their hard-earned money.

They sacrifice their time because they have to spend many hours trying to learn how to trade—and, in most cases, they don’t get anywhere, and therefore, all the time they invested has been wasted. Many of them spend several years of their lives, but still cannot make any money.

Your time is valuable and it can never be recovered.

Some novice traders spend a lot of money to attend seminars and webinars, or they buy books, DVDs and online courses, and they also sign up for buy/sell signal services. However, in most cases, they don’t experience good results, and so, in addition to their time, their money goes down the drain also.

Many novice traders open live accounts and start trading with real money even before they can trade properly with demo accounts. Sometimes they risk money they cannot afford to lose, and in 99% of those cases, they wipe out their accounts. Many of them reload their accounts several times, but the same scenario repeats, and the sweet dream of becoming a wealthy trader turns into the worst memory of their lives.

To recover the money they’ve lost, they now have to spend more time working. They have already wasted time trying to learn how to trade and now they have to spend even more time trying to replace the money they’ve lost. This is a loss-loss game for novice traders, and a win-win game for brokers and those who sell trading-related products and services.

Is It Possible To Become A Consistently Profitable Trader Without Risking Any Time And Money?

Yes! And we’ve designed and developed the “LuckScout Risk-Free Trading Program” to show you how.

As it is explained above, you risk losing two things in trying to become a consistently profitable trader. First, you have to spend time to learn how to trade. After that, you risk losing your hard-earned money to open a live account and start trading with real money. A “Risk-Free Trading Program” has to be a program that enables you to become a consistently profitable trader who makes real money, without wasting your time and risking your money. How is that possible?

1) Your Time

“LuckScout Risk-Free Trading Program” helps you to become a consistently profitable trader within the shortest possible time and without wasting any time. You have to spend some time, of course, but isn’t it better to trade your time for dollars instead of dreams? If you want to become an independent and profitable trader, then you have to learn to trade on your own and make money every month. Our merely selling buy/sell signals to you or managing your money and account won’t teach you how to do all of this, but our showing you the right track and helping you to pass the learning stages, will equip you to become a professional trader.

You will have wasted your time only if you don’t become a successful trader. If you’ve followed the right track and it ends with you becoming a consistently profitable trader who knows how to trade independently, then you have made the most of your time. You’ve put your time into something that will make thousands or even millions of dollars for you in future and without having to spend several hours per day. This is the best possible way one can use his time, in something that offers the best possible return.

Those who have been following LuckScout are already on the right track to becoming consistently profitable traders within the shortest possible time and without having to spend extra money on learning. What we have taught them so far, is the best and fastest route to becoming professional and full time traders. If you are following us already, then keep on doing it. If not, then start doing it now: Quick Start Guide For New Forex Traders

Members of LuckScout Millionaires Club learn more professional techniques. They learn to become great traders, investors, entrepreneurs, and millionaires.

2) Your Money

According to this article, you will need to open a small live account and continue to practice your trading system after (1) learning the trading basics, (2) learning a trading system, and (3) mastering your trading system through demo trading.

The live account is the second part of your demo trading in our program, which is explained here. You keep on trading the same live account and growing it slowly but surely until it turns into big wealth. Then you repeat the same process from scratch but with a bigger amount of money. Whatever you do, you have to risk using some money to open the initial account.

It is risky to open a live account, no matter how much money you can afford to put in it. You should do it only when you have passed the above three stages successfully, and you should do it with money you can afford to lose.

On the other hand, there are traders who pass the above three stages successfully, but they cannot afford to open even a small account to continue the learning journey. Many dedicated traders have this problem. Are they forever doomed? Will they to miss the chance of making money through trading? They have already spent much time to learn how to trade very well, but they aren’t making any money because they don’t have money to open even a too small live account. How frustrating.

Trading with others’ funds and sharing the profit, might seem to be a good solution for these traders, but it is a terrible solution, and we strongly recommend you do not consider it. Click here to learn why.

The LuckScout Solution

How does the “LuckScout Risk-Free Trading Program” help you to open a live account without risking any money? How does this program help those who cannot afford to open a live account?

“LuckScout Risk-Free Trading Program” helps you open a live account with any broker that you, and without you having to risk any of your hard-earned savings. How?

LuckScout teaches you and helps you to make money from the comfort of your home and through your personal computer.

You can spend that money to open your live account if you want to make money through trading also, when you are ready and after passing the learning stages. However, you can keep on making money through the ways we teach, because it has less risk compared to trading. They make you a millionaire if you want, and if you keep on following the right track consistently. Of course, we also teach you how to hedge the money you make to (1) make more money and (2) secure your wealth (read this).

LuckScout Is Your Money-Making Machine Now

As you know, almost all websites, including the trading-related ones, make a lot of money through selling advertising spaces, promoting different products and services, referring their visitors and members to the other companies they are affiliated with, and…

A popular website that has thousands of visitors every day can make a lot of money, especially when it is related to Forex trading, because there are so many profitable ways for Forex-related websites to make money. One way is selling advertising spaces to Forex brokers. Another way is through referring website visitors to Forex brokers. Forex brokers will pay a lot of money to advertise on websites like LuckScout. They are also willing to compensate us in different ways for each trader we refer to them to open a live account. They email us their offers every day, but we always delete their emails. Here is a sample of one of these emails from one of the most famous brokers:

Good afternoon,

Great articles. I hope your trading is still going well.

Can you please tell me if you would be interested in recommending [broker’s name] as a preferred FX broker. If so, we could pay you a set amount of money for every client who opens and trades through your unique tracking link.


We neither sell any advertising space to any Forex broker or Forex-related website, nor do we refer our website members to any broker. Although doing so could generate thousands of dollars for us (if not millions), we choose not to make money through these methods. Instead of doing that, we help our members to make money while they are learning to make money through trading. Our members save the money they make, while they are passing the learning stages. They will use this money to open a live account when it is the time to, if they want. If not, they can keep making money by following the same routes we show them and support them to follow.

Even if you can afford to open a live account on your own, you can use the money you make with us to open your live account, not to risk your hard-earned money or savings. Also, those who cannot afford to open a live account, can do it with the money they make through the the legitimate ways we introduce and teach. This makes your Forex trading 100% risk free.

You have to spend some time to learn how to trade. While you are doing it by following our weekly market analysis here on LuckScout, you also earn and save money for the live account you are supposed to open. You can keep on earning money as our website member for as long as you want, and you are free to open a live account with any broker that you choose on your own.

This is how LuckScout makes your trading 100% risk free. You neither risk your time, nor your money. All you have to do is keep following the site and being an active member.

If you’d like to learn more about the history of “LuckScout Risk-Free Trading Program”, please read the below posts:

  1. Dealing with Disappointment in Forex Trading
  2. Sign Up for an Account Now
  3. What Is Our Goal?
  4. Get Ready to Trade Forex Risk Free

Why are we doing this? I explain more: What Is Our Goal?

How Much Money Does The Program Make For Members?

Each member makes money based on his own activities. Active members make more money. On the other hand, their activities help the other members to make more money, too. Currently, we have no idea about the amount of the money our members will make. However, as the program keeps on working, members will share the amount of the money they make, and so we will know how the program is working for them.

How To Make More Money?

There is no competition among LuckScout members. In contrast, each member’s online presence is a big support for the other members of the community. Your activities attract more visitors to the site, which means more money for all members, including yourself. The other members’ activities will offer the same advantage for you. Therefore, like the members of a family that support each other, the members of this community should also support each other.

Why Is “LuckScout Risk Free Trading Program” Unique And Outstanding?

It is unique because, so far, no other trading-related website has offered such a service to traders. Most trading-related websites are in the business of making money. They want your online presence in order to gain traffic and then they sell the traffic to the trading-related websites and companies, some of which may be scams.

I am not saying that what the other websites are doing is a crime or is illegal. What I am saying is that contrary to what many of them claim, they may not be working to fully support traders. They make money from the traders’ online presence. They make money when traders have problems with trading-related companies and/or brokers, They stand to benefit from the novice traders’ enthusiasm to make money through Forex trading, and any related problems/questions they have, plus the long way they have to go to become profitable. All of this drives traffic to trading-related websites in different ways. Then they sell this traffic to the same brokers or are compensated for referring traders to them.

Conclusion? Trading-related websites truly may not be your best option. They need you to make money from brokers. They either sell the traffic that your presence generates for their websites or they make money through referring you to the websites and companies they promote.

So why are we doing this?

We do this because we have a different goal for developing and promoting this website: What Is Our Goal?

The other thing I want you to note is the money you make through LuckScout doesn’t have to be spent on trading. Maybe you change your mind about trading and you think that trading is not for you. However, our programs are designed in a way that you make money through them and become a wealthy entrepreneur without having to trade Forex.

Important Pages:

1. If you have not signed up for an account on LuckScout yet, click here to do it now and then login to your account here. Please do not use Hotmail, Live, MSN and Microsoft related emails. They block our emails and you will not receive our messages.
2. Here, you can see your account home page. You have to login to see it. You can click on the gear icon and edit your profile picture and other things.
3. You can change your profile info like name and email here.
4. You can change your account password here.
5. If you have forgotten your account password, you can reset it here.

I will publish more articles about the program. We will reward loyal and active members from time to time. We will have a lot more surprises in future. We want to make this website a money-making machine for our loyal, competent, and qualified members.

Good luck 🙂

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  1. LuckScout LuckScout says:

    Hi All 🙂

    When I started talking about the program, I invited you to guess what it was. Many of you made some good and interesting comments but couldn’t guess what “risk free” meant exactly. Youness was the only one who guessed it correctly:

    Hi Chris,

    After more information was disclosed today, I think it is points gained through being in the site and helping others which in turn help yourself, can be converted to real dollars to trade in the real fx market.

    This way it fulfills the risk free criteria and accelerated learning.

    (not even close…. 🙂 )


    I did not publish his comment, because I didn’t want to disclose what the program was at that time. But I am going to reward him with 1000 points now. Congratulations Youness! 🙂

    Also thanks to all of you who participated and spent lots of time to post your comments to guess what the program was. You are literally awesome.

  2. Matteo Gizzi Matteo Gizzi says:

    Ready to go! And…thanks Chris…thanks thanks thanks!
    Signed on! But they ask for “my website url”… What should I enter?

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    I do not have enough words to explain what I feel right now ! You are amazing… Thank You !

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    I know as LuckScout members growing this quiz will take a lot of time.

  8. That is awesome dear Chris thanks a million.

    Congratulations Youness

  9. Marek Herde Marek Herde says:


    I wasn’t going to say this today, but its actually my birthday today! The day you launched the Forex risk free trading program! I can’t believe my eyes. I received the best birthday present I could think of…and it came from your kind heart 🙂 I will be always grateful to You for that.
    What You offer is an amazing opportunity for all of Us and I will give my 100% commitment to it. No, 110% as I have already give my 100% 🙂

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    Thank you so much Chris and LuckScout staff, this is amazing stuff!! Well done!

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    Very creative indeed. Thank you very much for this program!

    Now lets get down to Business!!

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    Done. Waiting for Ad-sense confirmation.
    You make us win and we make you win. Good idea Sir! 🙂


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    Fantastic to finally find out what the program actually is – lets hope for lots of traffic and successful trading with live accounts ! Big thanks to you and your team for doing all of this. You guys are incredibly selfless and generous and hard working.



  15. Joshua Chan Joshua Chan says:

    Hi CHris,
    Your Idea was so briliant, and i thanksfull so much for this great job..
    I wonder how this program could help all of traders find the right track, and no commercial program, very amazing


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    This is genius! Instead of creating a competitive environment, you are making a true community! Congratulations to you and your team. Thank you.


    Thank you for launching Risk free trading program Phase I.

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    Dear Chris
    You and your team are great people, It was intelligent idea to get used of the huge traffic to this wonderful site to help LuckScout followers to earn some money which make them to keep going on the right track in order to be a consistently profitable trader without any obstacle.
    LuckScout team owe us a lot.
    God bless you all.

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  24. Douglas Bong Douglas Bong says:

    hi chris, sorry to interrupt but i have problem signing in with my old account ‘…@hotmail.my’
    i already click the ‘reset password’ for months but no email sent to my email. Currently i’m using google mail ‘…@gmail.com’ to sign in to this website. If i’m not mistaken my old email have 100+ points in the account. So if you’re free can u help me to check what’s the problem or transfer the 100+ points that i earned to my new google mail acc? Thank You if you will do that for me. If it’s not convenient for you then it’s okey because you’re a busy person ^^

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      You have 371 points with your first account. I can move your points to your current account if you want. I you still like to use that account, I can add your gmail email to it and remove the current account. Hotmail blocks or emails. So you cannot receive the password reset emails. Please let me know about your decision.

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    Good luck to everyone and THANKS once again to the entire LuckScout Team!

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    I had an old number a site created got denied so I tried to create a new email and sign in then it said the site was under review for about a week. I also have a google analytic site, but i don’t think they tie together.

    Is this normal?

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    it’s a nice way to make some money and use it for trading ,
    yes my friend before we start this kind of biz,i’m personally have learned a lot from this site ,i’m improving in trading the market ,win’s are more then loss.happy because the whole material i have learned in forex from this site was free,so any addition to that will be great ,thanks a gain.

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    member of LuckScout and included in the Risk free trading program.
    This is a huge step forward.

  32. Amanda L Amanda L says:

    Brilliant, ingenious, generous, supportive – just like you and LuckScout, Chris! We are so, so lucky to have a teacher who is so far ahead of the curve, it isn’t even visible in your rear-view mirror. 🙂 Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let the good times begin!

  33. Anders . Anders . says:

    Remarkable! It’s a beautiful initiative. This will help many people. Congratulations, Chris and all LuckScout staff!

  34. Hi Chris,

    First of all I would like to congrats you & the team for a brilliant idea of generating income for LuckScout members.

    Secondly, I will encourage myself to visit LuckScout site everyday to accelerate my learning so that I will become a consistently profitable forex trader soon.

    Finally, if I can be any help please to LuckScout, please let me know, I am volunteering my self here.

    Thank you.

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    Great work and novel idea of supporting each other. LuckScout for forever!!!!

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    Okay Chris, I am awaiting account activation. This sounds like an interesting system and I am eager to see how it turns out. It looks good in theory, thank you for the introduction.

  39. I am so glad its on ! Although you havent changed a thing about our activity, we just need to keep doing what we are doing, being part of this community! I am currently not that active in forums, due to my lack of spare time.. However I spend every minute I can (when I get some) to read all of your posts.. I have read tons of them and still have got a lot more ahead.. Thank you Chris!

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    You are a great master in forex world. Thank you very much.

  41. This is the most creative thing seen so far. Thank you Chris and the team.

  42. Nadi Brh Nadi Brh says:

    HI Chris Thank you for everything you have done for us.

    I have a questions

    1) After some period of activity, I’ll have some money but as I live in Iran, due to sanctions, no reliable broker does accept me as a client. Can I open a account with the LuckScout website as a meditator or my money through you program would have no use for LuckScout members from Iran?

    2) because of my job I may not have access to internet in some days of the month, is it necessary to have a daily activity without any interruption?

    Thanks for your support we will not let you down.

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      1) I will answer this when replying your next comments.

      2) No, it is not necessary to have a daily activity.

    • Hi Nadi, I know a broker that will accept accounts from Iran, if you want I can email it to you, you directly talk to them.
      My email is [removed], I have been dealing with them, but you find it for yourself.

      • LuckScout LuckScout says:


        Thank you for supporting Nadi. I have to remove your email from your comment, because I don’t want you to receive too many spam emails. But I have a better idea for you. Please refer to the below forum and open a new topic with a proper subject like “Forex Brokers For Iranian Traders” and then talk about the broker. Nadi and others will see the topic and can communicate with you directly without having to share your email in public:

        Please note that the fact that they accept Iranian traders doesn’t mean they are good. It is too hard to trust these brokers. They know that you cannot do anything if they steal your money. So be careful.

  43. Ashik Ahmed Ashik Ahmed says:

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you Chris…. Thank you very much. You are simply awesome.

  44. Paul P Paul P says:

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    Came in at the right time, Chris am exhausted with the Psychological part of the learning. I lost interest on my learning curve, I need Help.

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      Just stop trading for a while and take some rest. Then resume trading, stick to one trading system and long time frames. Don’t think about the number of trade setups or the money you make. Check the charts once every day and take a position if there is any strong setup. That is the remedy.

  46. Len Ekenstam Len Ekenstam says:

    hello chris, just now found the risk free announcement and am amazed how simple and awesome it is and creative for you to develop such a program. will there be a limit to how many new members can join? il will get started asoon as i can. thanks again for your help and generosity. len

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  49. Abbas Babs Abbas Babs says:

    Oh well Chris.
    If there’s a way to copyright this initiative please do, cos it is indeed unique. In truth, I havent heard of it so far. This could turn out to be the NEXT BIG THING. As we all know, Unique ideologies rule the world.
    It seems We are practically shareholders in LuckScout now.More work more shares. Impressively, this is tactically better than a PLC, cos we can only share gains, NEVER No loss to incur.

  50. Ernest Adisi Ernest Adisi says:

    Thank you Chris and your team at LuckScout for these life changing information. It takes the grace of God for you to do what you are doing once again thank you and God bless you all at LuckScout!!

  51. Nadi Brh Nadi Brh says:

    Chris please address my issue if possible.

    I seem to be kept out of your program


    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      I have answered your comment. Please check once again.

      • Nadi Brh Nadi Brh says:

        Thank you Chris but I can not find your comment.

        Thanks for finding another resources for us.

        I’d be thankful if you would answer my question regarding the broker for me as a Iranian client.


        • LuckScout LuckScout says:


          That is an important problem. Good and strong brokers cannot work with you, because they are afraid of getting prosecuted by US government. The others that work with you, are not good brokers and are mainly market makers who cannot be trusted. If they cheat and take your money, you cannot do anything because neither those brokers are under the supervision of a strong regulatory organization, nor anybody in your country is in charge to support you officially. This is the problem that so many countries have, not only yours.

          In spite of this, please kindly give us some time to see if we can find a solution or alternative. I will let you know.

        • ~ Youness ~ ~ Youness ~ says:

          Hi Nadi,

          I feel your pain man!

          I have a workaround that might be a solution, but not guaranteed.

          Think about using a Virtual Personal Network (VPN) that’s residing in any advanced country, especially European ones. That way when you connect to any broker’s site, your IP address will be the chosen European country. As for ID stuff, I’ll leave it to you.

          Also open an E-wallet account like Neteller or Skrill in the same manner as above to be able to fund and withdraw money to and from your trading account.

          To fund your E-wallet you’ll need help from a friend or relative living abroad, because they only need your email address to send you money to your E-wallet, which in turn you can transfer it to your trading account.

          Now, you’ve been trading successfully for many months, and you want to use the money that’s sitting in your E-wallet (which you withdraw from your trading account), you can get a virtual Master debit card from Neteller for example to shop online.

          As I said at the beginning, it might not work, but you can try.

          Hope this helps.


  52. Chris,

    I have a question. Who is going to click the advertisements? Is it our members or non members? What if our members try to make fake adv.clicks to earn more money? Hope our members are aware of this. Better to inform our members.


    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      Like the other websites, guest visitors will click on the ads. Members will not see their own ads. So they cannot click on them.

  53. A U A U says:

    Hi Mentor Chris!
    At last, the suspense is lifted! Just like fireworks that illuminates the sky with shades of colour, LuckScout is aglow with different excitements from members.

    I say thank you and the crew of LuckScout!

  54. Chris sir, i have guessed near about but it is different and unique way for help to me that i and others like me can not affoard money to invest in forex,,,,,,,

    Thanks Chris Sir.
    GOD Bless you and Your Family,and LuckScout Team also

    LONG LIVE CHRIS SIR,LuckScout and LuckScout’s Team and all members

  55. Daryl Gymer Daryl Gymer says:

    Thank you Chris and the whole LuckScout family!
    Today is the start of a journey which we will all look back on in years to come and realise just how incredible this was for all of us!
    Good luck to every one on your future success.

  56. Thank you, Chris. Your generosity is outstanding. You’re really the best person I ever meet in my life. I don’t know you personally, but I admire you like you were my close friend. Just thanks.

  57. Peter Wagner Peter Wagner says:

    Hi Chris
    Thank you for this creative gift – as part of the trading solution. It is very generous of you and your team.

    I have been travelling and relocating internationally – and just getting sorted hence no action on site.

    To my knowledge…

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      Welcome back. I hope you like the new place 🙂

      Sorry that I removed the last part of your comment. I did this to prevent the members minds to get biased.

      Members will not see their own ads. So they cannot click on their own ads to make more money for themselves.

  58. Kim Moeller Kim Moeller says:

    Thanks Chris
    This program is a very good idea of helping each other.
    I am ready to go.

  59. Marek Herde Marek Herde says:

    I need some advice please.
    I submitted the ID on the our website as I was told.
    Then I access the website to verify this.
    They ask me to create an Ad which I did.
    Then I got this messages:
    you’ve successfully created an ad unit,
    *place the adcode on LuckScout.com
    * or resubmit the application using a different website.
    then there is a note below :
    place an ad code
    When I clicked on this, there is a stream of codes which I suppose to place on fxkesy website.
    Have I done something I shouldn’t have? Thanks and sorry for trouble if any.

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      You are done. You can create a small square (200 x 200) text ad, but you don’t have to place the ad code anywhere. Just your publisher ID is enough for us to publish your ads on the site.

  60. Hi Chris, I do know what words I can use to thank you.

    Thanks so much.

    I am now trying to copy the publisher ID but the system does not accept it saying it must be 20 characters long yet I copied.

    Could you help me?


  61. Wow, I’m speechless…this is crazy! I’m Still speechless.. Lol! Thanks a bunch to all of LuckScout Team and it’s members.

    Cheers 🙂




    This is just what I need let the business begin

  63. Bryce Wall Bryce Wall says:

    Signed up and ready to go! Thanks Chris!

  64. Pre Dawn Pre Dawn says:

    This is a magnificent idea and an immensely generous one from Chris and his team of collaborators.
    Chris… you are probably making internet history, and you are taking all of us with you!
    What a ride……..!

    I am personally very grateful to you Chris for your help and guidance since the very beginning.

  65. Frank Grof Frank Grof says:

    well…It does sound good… And now: to employe a lot of patience, discipline and money management… Or.. Did I missed anything ?? 🙂

  66. Marek Herde Marek Herde says:

    I haven’t added any ad code yet fortunately but I have created some silly new add. I clicked option “hide” so I hope it will cause no more harm.

  67. Oliver Huey Oliver Huey says:

    Bravo! This is a brilliant idea! You and your team are making a real revolution here. You just brought us the extra peace of mind we would need when trading fx.
    As some other brilliant musicians sang, (your site) “it’s getting better all the time”!
    Thank you!

  68. Carl V Carl V says:

    …Actually Chris I am trying different things and it may work with my Yahoo email.

    Thanks. I will let you know if not.

    This is going to be wonderful!

  69. says:

    woooooow have been waiting for this moment. the fx keys website have broke the odds..thank u chris…will always reiterate these words whether u think u can or u cannot u are right.such an honor to be in this website am happy..to ask chris am using a demo bt whats confusing me sometimes i just find some open orders especially sell limit but i wouldn’t have done that what do u think is the problem”

  70. Alvaro L Alvaro L says:

    Not only is this hands down the best website ever, but chris and the LuckScout team have got to be the most generous/humble/ Extraordinary group of people I have ever had a pleasure of learning from.

    You guys are the best mentors, I thank you guys very much for all the wisdom and knowledge I have learned from you guys.

    This program is Fantastic, now that’s it out it makes so much sence.. all those hours of thinking how could a program possibly be risk free lol.

    God bless all of you

  71. Simon Njue Simon Njue says:


    This is genius! I am utterly awed by your selflessness! How can i ever repay you? Thank you

  72. Eric Sarayar Eric Sarayar says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’m speechless for all the good things that you did for us, LuckScout members. God bless you and once again a big thank you.

  73. Wade Cater Wade Cater says:

    Chris, thank you. I am very excited to be a part of this. Thank you for your generosity in sharing this program.

  74. Sean T Sean T says:

    I don’t post many comments as I’m more of a read and learn type of person. Thanks to this site my demo account is moving in the ascending direction for the first time.

    Even without the risk free program I am happy, this just adds more credibility to the site.

    A big thank you to Chris and everyone involved behind the site.

  75. says:

    Chris u are awesome with your team wonder how we will repay you may GOD BLESS U

  76. Dan Pavel Dan Pavel says:

    No longer had I read “When the student is ready the teacher appear”. No comment!
    Maybe for me this is the moment when I am ready to start forex. I have a teacher, I learn the basics, I have a system, now I must take action.
    I am impress about all what you do here with this fantastic site and I hope a day to learn and accumulate enough experience , to become a good trader and after that to share all my experience with the novice traders , to teach them to avoid my mistakes and to start in forex world in a proper way.

  77. Dan Pavel Dan Pavel says:

    Thanks very much Chris!

  78. Allen Seal Allen Seal says:

    What a selfless way to help our community! I’m intrigued on just how this ad network will work and you have pointed out it works from our community effort. Therefore could you please explain in one of your newsletters all the things we can do to help the community earn these ad network dollars.

  79. Carl V Carl V says:

    It worked Chris. Thanks for your help! Many thanks to all who contribute to this awesome site!

  80. Hi Chris..
    Big sorry, my mistake. There is space when I paste inside text box. Now my ID successfully updated. 🙂


  81. Y K Y K says:

    Hi Chris,

    So this is what the surprise was! I applaud you for your focus in uplifting others.

    It will be very interesting to see how this works out in practice, and what you have planned for phase 2 and beyond.

    I was brought to this website as a skeptic of its claims, but I can see that you have the community’s interest at heart.

    Good luck to all of us!

  82. Jeng Jeng says:

    Awesomely Brilliant Chris and Team. This exceeds my imagined expectations by far. Thank you very much!

  83. Jauhar Ali Jauhar Ali says:

    Thanks Chris and your team for this amazing program. After demo/live trading for almost two years, I am still not profitable. But after discovering LuckScout few months back, my trading has improved a lot and am now very hopeful that following this program, I will become consistently successful trader.

  84. Peter Mackay Peter Mackay says:

    Hi Chris
    I am 68 and have never come across anything like this in my life. I know it is real, only because I pinched myself and it hurt. I know that without your help, I would not have success, now I have a chance. I would love to meet you in person some day and shake your hand, I look forward to it.

    Kind Regards

  85. Dragan M Dragan M says:

    Hi Chris 🙂

    This is great, thank you very very much 🙂

    I love this site,


  86. Vindy R Vindy R says:

    This sounds awesome and would be very interesting. Great thinking!!!

  87. Ashok Pandey Ashok Pandey says:

    Brilliant idea! LuckScout is making history..and I am proud to be a part of it. Thanks a million times..

  88. What is the most appropriate expression for you crish, at the moment I can only say thank you and thank you

  89. Rajiv Jadhav Rajiv Jadhav says:


    Congratulations & Thanks for finally getting this wonderful program working for us! I think all the LuckScout members will enjoy it and make it a huge success.

  90. Do the points have a monetary value? (e.g. pip=$1)

    Does some one have to register for us to earn points?

    Do we receive points for driving traffic to our affiliate page?


    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      1) It could be like that if we allowed the members to buy/sell points. But we don’t want to do it to have a safe and clean environment for our members.

      2) Yes. You have to register to have your points recorded in your account.

      3) Absolutely. That is one of the most important ways to earn points. It depends on the quality of your referrals. You can earn from 20 to unlimited number of points through this.

  91. Piotr W Piotr W says:

    Hi Chris
    You are brilliant.

  92. it is realy unique idea sir,

    i had the same problem. i have studied almost all of the articals on LuckScout and i am combining them in a book form by date wish, but i was concerned that how i will be able to arrange for the live account even in coming years.

    i am thankful to you and your entire team from my deepest heart and i congratulate all of the persons for being member of such unique community.
    i can just say thanks sir which i know is not enough.
    thanks a lot everyone.

  93. BandotFX . BandotFX . says:

    This is a brilliant idea, if it is already running will be of great help especially members who is in need of capital to start trading forex.

  94. Ritesh Khera Ritesh Khera says:

    Chris, I don’t add comments but read everything that is being discussed here. I hope its okay to stay a silent learner in the team?

    The said, fantastic move. I must say I learn more than just trading from you guys! 🙂

  95. Steve K Steve K says:

    A million thanks to you Chris and the entire LuckScout teams…words fail me… thank you

  96. Aquila Heman Aquila Heman says:

    This is GREAT Mr. Chris

  97. Tim Clarke Tim Clarke says:

    The generosity you have is really inspiring I would love to be as successful as you are one day so I can give back as much as you do..

    For I feel that you know you have lived a great life If you know you have given much to others.

    Thanks Chris.

    • Your words are truly kind. However I must correct one thing.. You dont have to wait to be ‘succesfull’ to start giving away valuable thibgs and helping others.. I recommend you to start right away from the things you have, I am pretty sure there is always someone who needs our help.


  98. Jeffrey Sim Jeffrey Sim says:

    Hi Chris,

    A big Thank You for your hard work. I believe that other members as well as myself have received tons of email and app marketing content from other trading service providers.

    Since hitting upon your site, I have unsubscribe from almost all of these advertisements that make a lot of realistic claims about success in trading. Your materials have caused a big mindset shift that I really don’t have to purchase some super system or ‘ magic’ indicator in order to succeed in this business. Simple is often the best, especially when it comes to trading the markets.

    Once again thanks for pointing us in the right direction – doing the right thing, consistently, day after day.

    best regards

  99. Score Mmo Score Mmo says:

    Thank you Chris and LuckScout team!!!

  100. Hi Chris,
    So far this is the longest comment answers I have seen from LuckScout blogs in one day and everybody is rightfully so exited and delighted and the reasons are obvious, only Chris and his team in LuckScout can do this kind of thing and I thank them very much for it.
    Congratulations to all LuckScout members
    I always wondered what this risk free system would be.
    My special congratulations to Youness for guessing it.

  101. Wao! what a meracle,what a gift and opportunity.my dearest Christ you are Devid of our time.i dont know how to thank you but out of bottom of my heart i said THANK YOU VERY MUCH.pls assist us novice and illetrate computer to reach to final destination.

  102. big thanks my ever living mentor

  103. thanx Chris what you offered for LuckScout guys. and specially who trading with demo, still couldn’t find enough money to trade live( like me )really very happy. thanx once again Chris. and really i want to say you, that i’m still reading and studing your artical. and i’ll hope to read oll of these artical A-Z. actually i feel more cnfidance and knowledge about forex than before met this site. i maen, i have read many artical about forex on many relaent site, but i hadn’t got this much confidance and knowledge. tanx Chris once again this all from you, what i got about forex world.

  104. Carl V Carl V says:

    Happy Birthday Marek! What a wonderful birthday present!

  105. Hi Chris & group and the community

    This is my first post although I have been following the LuckScout since autumn 2014. Since English is not my native language, I’ve had more than enough just to read and especially understand the articles I read. It takes time but I’m getting better at it.

    In fact, I landed on LuckScout website earlier in 2014, but thought that it was too nerdy for me ha ha.

    Not flaschy enough, a little dull to look at maby. Funny as newbies are often attracted by flashing Web pages that always end up having you to buy something from them.

    And indicators we love too, the more the better it is we think, and I dont know why.

    And yes, I have been fooling around online as Chris teaches us not to do, in fact at lot, but now i am realising that KxKeys is the only place to learn the forex trading. And it’s free, unbelievable but true. I am proud to be a member of this community. Also want to thank Chris and the group for alle the work they put into the projekt.

    I think the new program is at fantastic idea, wow is what I can say at the moment.

    Regards Mick DK

  106. VISWAM B VISWAM B says:

    Thank you so much and so generous to announce this kind of program. Amazed. I learned a lot through this site. This site had made change for me the way I look at forex markets and charts. I could able to view all the charts in different prospective. Thanks a lot for the helping the community.

  107. Hi Chris
    A very BIG Tanx from my HEART. This is a Too STRONG FREE offer again from you despite all you have been doing for us! I am so happy and i know that God is protecting you and everyone related to you.

  108. We live in a world of competition, we grow up in the idea that only the strongest, hardest, prettiest of us etc…will succeed, that competition goes along with the natural selection, and so it’s only natural, and presumably it s the only way.

    Hopefully some people show us another way, the way of collaboration and compassion. This way is taught in many spiritual books, but too seldom comes down to real life. I’m a strong defender of the collaborative way, but I hardly ever see it in action in my job (I work as a business consultant), or in my life.

    I’ve never tought it would came across on a forex website. But I’ve been carefully reading articles on LuckScout for some months now, scanning and sometimes writing in the forum section, and Im’ very glad to see that a real community, with a real commitment to work together is emerging here.

    Chris is the leader of this community, and gave it its impulse, this new programm is a such a collaborative and compassionate action, I would never have dreamt of seing somethone doing something like that in the business world.

    So again, thanks to Chris, and to every members who participate to the website.


  109. Hello Chris

    Thanks for your innovative & unique program. Unity is always the strongest power and you found the way of best utilization of this power.

    Thank you so much.

  110. Luigi B Luigi B says:

    It materializes a project of great relevance and valence. Fantastic.
    One billion thanks to the whole team of LuckScout. Long life to you and to us.

  111. Hi Chris,

    in near future do you plan to offer trade copy service ?
    in order to help us make profit while learning.

    thank you

  112. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for effort. You noble effort really benefits us. Thanks and congratulation to your first rusk free program launch. It is definitely something worth to celebrate. 🙂

  113. Lee D Lee D says:

    Hi Chris, I have subscribed to get emails from LuckScout but for some reason I am not receiving all of your emailed articles. Please help as I didn’t reason this article either…

  114. Chris

    You have fulfilled your promise. Thank you. You are truly one of a kind, extraordinary unselfish person. No need too much words to explain 🙂

    Out of topic,I was out of town to accompany my mother during her scoliosys treatment, and this afternoon I got news from my wife. She is pregnant for 5 weeks :)))) The baby is the size of a lentil. Just when we desperate, there comes God’s miracle. Sorry I can’t help not to share it. I want you to know, your teaching also been a big big blessing for me. May Jesus bless you and your family, Chris.

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      Thank you for your kind words and congratulations for the baby. It is the best event in everybody’s life. Really the best event that you will remember every day for the rest of your life. No joy can be compared to the time when you see your kid for the first time and hear his/her cry. It is not going to happen every day or even every year. So do your best to make the most of each moment.

      Also, I hope your mom gets well as soon as possible.

      We will have a lot of things to do here on this site. We are just at the first step of our journey. We are going to make you nice people millionaires, and we will do it.

  115. Thanks chris. This is a good program.

  116. Si Jie Si Jie says:

    Hi Chris,

    Wanna check with u on something. Will the system be able to trace back the comments we had posted previously before the point system was introduced?

    Many of the loyal LuckScout followers had been active since LuckScout website was born. Not sure if the system can still reward them points for the comments they had posted previously

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      The comments that are left on the site before running the point system, are still on the site, but as there was no membership and point earning system at that time, no point was given to those comments and activities. I agree with you that there are many who spent lots of time on the site before the pointing system was created. I had thought about that also. I will have to ask programmers to find a way to track all those comments and reward the commenters accordingly. I am sure they can do it.

  117. Hi chris, thank you for your efforts towards the good of this group, i cant thank you enough.


  118. Deon Joubert Deon Joubert says:

    Of all the websites I have visited over the last two years, LuckScout has taught me more in my time here than I thought i knew before I stumbled on this site.

    Chris it is refreshing to meet people like you and the LuckScout team.

    I wish us all the success we long for.

  119. Agus Santoso Agus Santoso says:

    Thank you chris..!!!

  120. Iva Hampl Iva Hampl says:

    Hi Chris
    All of us were waiting and we know now what is risk free trading, thanks for more opportunities.
    I can just hope that our LuckScout trading school, your great posting and articles will continue with no changes. I really enjoy to read it
    Thanks iva

  121. Chris sir,
    I understand the issue,
    Thanks for that and sorry too,

  122. Chris Long Chris Long says:

    Thanks to Chris and the FX Keys group,
    Wow ,!!, what an awesome plan and so well thought out buy this fantastic organising group.
    Congratulations to Youness for correct guessing the risk free trading concept.
    Am working on getting this trading system down pat and consistent.
    This would have to be the most generous forex group l have been with.
    Am looking forward to a long association with this community.

  123. Chris, thanks for all your effort in making us lean,benefit and reap from your knowledge.Is only God that will reword you for all this. Thank to you and all the fx menbers at large.

  124. Daniel . Daniel . says:

    Thank you Chris!

  125. That’s So cool!!
    That’s so original!!

    Thank you Chris

  126. Amrish Antal Amrish Antal says:

    Hi chris
    you are not replying my questions any reson there?

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      Please don’t take it personal if a questions is ignored by mistake. You can ask your questions again. I don’t have anything against anybody here.

      Please kindly let me know what was your question(s). I think I replied all your comments.

      Thank you.

    • A U A U says:

      Hi Amrish!

      I think i have responded to your query. Take look at your initial post.


  127. L Seru L Seru says:

    Well thought out idea. Kudos to the team for the countless hours and effort in doing the program for the benefit of all the Novices on FXKEY.

    As you sow so as shall you reap.

    Be blessed.

  128. I just finished to register in LuckScout and now more motivated to learn forex trading with this new proposal.

  129. Hamid M Hamid M says:

    HI Chris.

    Glad to hear launch of long awaited system. May God bless whole team putting efforts for this risk free system

    Thank you

  130. Dearest Chris,
    In a world of struggling, political games, unbalanced wealth and steady steps to the worsening of poverty…
    …but mainly to the lack of honesty, trust, peace and love to the human beings as well as to the nature and planet that carries us…
    …your action emerges like a lighthouse to lighten the darkness.

    Even if your attempt does not find the success that deserves (which I find no reason not to) your action itself should stay as a paradigm of human kind behavior.

    Thank you so much for that lesson
    (which is much bigger than your great strategy…)


  131. A U A U says:

    Hi Mentor Chris!

    Whenever i read your comments such as this “We are going to make you nice people millionaires, and we will do it”, it brings tears to my eyes. The length and breadth of the story is that you and your team of LuckScout have a heart filled with the milk of human kindness. There is no gainsaying that you guys have written your names indelibly with gold on the sand of time.

  132. Hi Chris,

    First of all, thank you for the program. The idea is really a genius.
    Thank you again for this program.
    God bless you and LuckScout team.


  133. TJ ' TJ ' says:

    Dear Chris,

    As promised, no surprise, you have delivered the merchandise. There is not many people on this earth that have the willingness to do what you do for ordinary people like us. Most people that make a lot of money are more concerned about impress the others with their fortune than trying to help their forthcoming, as you do.

    I don’t know what is the final step of your program, but I can feel your generosity and your taste to help ordinary people.

    Having someone like you in this world of predator make me feel better. You are a living proof of that good people still exist on this earth. I don’t know all your real motivation to do all what you do for us, I benefit from it, but I pray that you continue to inspire more people to do the good.

    May god bless you to be the instigator of this wonderful community along with your team.

    I love you all, dear LuckScout family members .

    Peace, Love and good luck.

  134. Miche L Miche L says:

    Very nice idea, thank you Chris…

  135. Mauer C Mauer C says:

    Hello Chris
    Thank you for making the this program.

    I have a question. When we get paid from this program do we have to pay any taxes?

  136. Thanks Chris sir for all this.I don’t have words to express what i feel right now and how much respect i have for you.You are a great teacher,great mentor as well as great person.Once again thanks for this great site and also for this unique program.


  137. Chris sir

    Sorry but what it means “Each of you LuckScout members has to sign up for a separate account with these advertising networks.”
    How and where to sign up with advertising networks.Please help.


  138. Tochukwu U Tochukwu U says:

    I have sought knowledge online for a very long time and I would say I haven’t encountered such a team whose aim is solely geared towards the prosperity of others. You feel accomplished by seeing others progress from your teachings and that is a rare quality to possess.

    I’ve already concluded that you and your team come from Mars because such breed seems extinct in this our world. I’m very appreciative for all the knowledge and insight gained so far, and for the risk free program, I say a big THANK YOU CHRIS AND TEAM. I aspire to become a consistently sufficient trader and be able to pass on what I’ve learnt here to some others. You inspire me.

  139. Chike Eni Chike Eni says:

    Very interesting programme… Thank God i found this site, I’ve been struggling trading and leaning the market. However since i discovered LuckScout i change to all new level… You open my eye to better trading… Keep up the good work.

  140. Hi chris
    You are a blessing,This is great, Are there no limits to your generosity?,How can we ever thank you enough for all you’ve done? we are grateful for you and your generosity.thanks a million time,

  141. Mr. Chris, Thank you so much for your generosity and sincerity
    May God continue to bless you!

  142. LuckScout LuckScout says:


    We will let you know what to do. Thank you for your patience.

  143. Elijah Osin Elijah Osin says:

    Congratulations to Chris and all members of LuckScout for the delivery of phase 1 of the much awaited programme

  144. This is a good idea I have not heard a long time ago and I think that many people will hear about LuckScout commune

  145. says:

    You (and your team) are one of a kind person.
    I’ve never seen such a program in any other website (trading related or not). Most of them just want the money, a few care to give useful information but also expecting a payback.

    If i may suggest one thing, could you write an article about yourself? I believe we all wanna know more about the great person you are.

  146. I am more than happy for this new development. I can say I join the LuckScout.com at the right time and I think LuckScout is doing a great jobs. Thank you for the great opportunity you give to a beginner like me to be successful in FX.

  147. The one that starts with pub-23138219883

  148. Hi Chris,

    I deeply appreciate the work you are doing, through your articles, you have made me who I thought I wasn’t!

    I’m newly logged in, I would like to share my story but not sure where to post it, should I here among comments?

    thanks for you kind reply and direction

  149. Ralf P. Ralf P. says:

    Hi Chris,

    what a great idea and what a noble gesture at the same time.

    That is very truly 100% risk free trading.

    I wish the LuckScout community success and prosperity and every one of us good luck with our trades!


  150. Thank you all LuckScout team for this wonderful initiative. We all look forward to the new solution to be able to fully implement the first phase of the program. We will wait patiently for it

  151. Angus Tank Angus Tank says:


    You are a trailblazer. This website makes such a generous contribution to those who want to learn.

    Thank you!

  152. Jeff Park Jeff Park says:

    Hi Chris – your ingenuity and original thinking are amazing. Thank you.


  153. Hosea Tumewu Hosea Tumewu says:

    Wow chris, I never would’ve thought that the “risk free” part would come as points to money giveaway. I guess LuckScout really is dedicated fully to its members and community

  154. Hi Chris, I am wondering if you have found the alternative for the previous ad account yet.

  155. Hi Mr Chris,am short of words to express how I feel for all you and your members have been doing to mankind.A BIG THANKS to you all,because you are a rare gem.

  156. Once again Chris, LuckScout staffs, LuckScout members thank you so much for having accepted and being a member in these LuckScout community.
    Congrats to Youness and belated Happy Birthday to Marek Herde.

  157. Hi Chris,
    What a genius of an idea.
    Thank you so much for your selfless, sincere, generous and caring approach to all of us following this website.
    May you and your family be blessed beyond all expectations.

  158. Hi Chris,

    I just want to say thank you and to let you know that I have been following your posts since March, And so far I have learnt so much….

    God Bless you:)

  159. thank crish for your instant reply. and can you tell me Crish, that about my referral link.

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      If you refer a visitor to the site, you will earn from 20 to unlimited number of points based on his activities on the site. It is a great way to earn points.

  160. Ok then Chris.
    We are with you.
    Just keeping learning here and supporting.
    You are doing a great job here and I appreciate that so much.

  161. I want to tell all the reader of LuckScout.com. Read all Chris’s articles/ lessons. What I can tell you is, his mission is to make other peoples succesful.

    Chris, I can’t pay you back. One thing that I can do for you, is to help LuckScout.com with backlinking/ SEO process, and hope that LuckScout.com will get higher ranks in important keywords in google and reach more and more people who need help to make money trading forex!!!

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      Thank you.

      There are some programmer and SEO friends around me. I will let them know about you and they will contact you in case they need your help. Thank you for your offer.

  162. Brett Bills Brett Bills says:

    Hi Chris,

    I would like to just express my gratitude for what you and your team have created, it is truly amazing and unbelievably rare for someone to be so selfless. Thank you.

    I do have a personal concern I was hoping you can help clarify a little for me. At the end of your article you comment on trying to cheat the system. I spend a lot of time reading the different articles that have been written to try and become a better trader, there is such a wealth of knowledge to be found here, but I am worried this may also look like I am just browsing the site to get points. Is there a way read and re-read the articles that we find most helpful without looking like a cheat?

    Thanks again for all you do I hope someday we can all re-pay you somehow.

  163. Shalewa A Shalewa A says:

    Hi Chris,

    I am sorry to bother you. I am just double checking and doing ‘catching up’ due to my busy schedule lately. Please did you say in one of your posts that the program is on hold currently due to problems with members registration? I registered that same day but haven’t received any confirmation yet – I have checked my inbox and spam mails.

    Thanks for all you do.

  164. Thanks Chris,

    From the first time I stumbled across LuckScout, I knew I struck gold. Every other site I visited had some sort of referral or other scheme that always makes me question their motives.

    That has never been the case with you guys, and now you have proven it again.

    Keep up the great work.

  165. Brett Bills Brett Bills says:

    Thanks Chris, I feel like just having access to so much useful information reduces the risk of trading. If that were all you did for us I feel (my own opinion) that it would be enough, but you are doing so much more.

    Thank You

  166. Smart Guy Smart Guy says:

    stumbled on the site by chance and fell in love with it immediately because of its simplicity and sincererity. The only site I can say has this rare combination Though there is another forum that has a human face like this but its not forex oriented.
    Just wants to appreciate Chris and his team because you are somehow saving me from my forex dilema.
    Thank you.

  167. Hi Chris
    Brilliant Idea.
    Thank You .
    I cant register for Adsense account too.

  168. Len Ekenstam Len Ekenstam says:

    hi chris, very interested in reading the rest of the program. like all the others i am impressed and hope i can participate and make some profit. so far i need to learn a lot more to be successful but i keep on studying and using your advice. great work on your part and much appreciated. len

  169. Hi Chris,
    I must say that I am very surprised and happy reading your write-ups on this Risk Free Trading. This is because, as you rightly pointed out, there is no other forex forum or website that offers the same opportunity to its members. Again, it seems you actually know the problem I am currently facing on opening a live account before you created this program. Thank you so much and I hope the prgram will achieve its aim at the end.

  170. Hi chris, any update about launch of the phase 2 yet,
    Thank you

  171. Did you guys consider a mlm (Multi level Marketing) Model?

    I think you guys should open an ecn brokerage and offer an affiliate program that compensates for introducing others lol

    However i have complete faith that the risk free program will exceed our wildest dreams! I’m so excited. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  172. Waiman Yau Waiman Yau says:

    Hi Chris,
    I came across your site a few weeks ago and love what you guys are doing. The risk feee tradingmprofram is great but the knowledge and learning on the site is priceless!

    You guys come across as very genuine and this for me sets you apart from the rest. I think I read somewhere on the site that you guys trade a group fund for the purpose of giving to charity, this right? I can’t remember where i read that but it just reinfordes the fact that you guys give so much.

    I’m so glad I found this site and look forwarss to contributing more as I grow.

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      Thank you.

      > I think I read somewhere on the site that you guys trade a group fund for the purpose of giving to charity, this right?

      Yes, we do. You have read this on this site.

  173. Leon Oh Leon Oh says:

    Dear MR Chris

    I am deeply thankful for the heartfelt layout you & the team have for us, newbies…….. No words can express how i actually felt. Good men are few but i just bump into them =)

  174. Thank you Chris for this amazing and brilliant idea i cant wait to see more about this program in the near future
    i have just a question when i got my point and its time to open an account can i use this point and give it to my girlfriend to use it and open an account with is she is learning forex now and i told her about LuckScout im a new user here and she is worry about money so i want to give her points that i will get to give her an account to tread with so can i give my point to open and account for another person?

  175. Peter Wagner Peter Wagner says:

    Hi Chris
    Would you please update me with the status of the RFTP?

    Has the posts/traffic to the site reduced? I only receive sporadic posts since a long time and sometimes not at all in some weeks. I check Junk Mail & social folders in gmail.


  176. I never see any selfless program like this before. I’m being thrilled & thank my Father God for this.

  177. This is unusual program, noble community.
    Thanks to the creator.

  178. Again I’m new and layman here. I’ve just registered and there is a “My Referral Link” in the My Point page. What is the purpose of this and how should I utilize it?

  179. Ben Aqiba Ben Aqiba says:

    Sorry Chris, I must miss something.Please tell me, is it now too late to sign up for this program and how to do it

  180. Dear Chris
    I am pleased that you and your team are back.
    Today is the first email I have received in months.
    I hope I am not too late to joined the team.
    Thank you for your hard work.

  181. SL L SL L says:

    Great job!
    Did it launch?

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:

      It is ready to launch, but the link to join the club will be functional within the next a few days. We waned to inform people first.

  182. wowwwwwwwwwwwww chris keep it up

  183. Hello Chris, I d Like to join the club right Now but it seems the link is not functionnal on smartphones, can you keep an open position for me until I have access to my computer? (Tomorrow)

  184. Bryce Wall Bryce Wall says:

    I have signed up and ready to learn.

    Thanks Chris!

  185. Wilson Au Wilson Au says:

    I have signed up Chris! I have been reading on your How to become a successful forex trader in 5 steps for the past little while and think I have found the way of trading advice and program to follow for coming years. I have always traded candlesticks with some oscillators but without too much success.

    I am ready to learn more and hopefully accelerate my path towards financial freedom! Many thanks again Chris for your time!

  186. Leon Oh Leon Oh says:

    Hi Mr Chris

    i struggled to wake up before my time 2am to sign up for the club….. Glad to b on time….. Learning now……

    Thank u very much

  187. Jan Jula Jan Jula says:

    Thank you so much and I’ll be an active member, sir ^___^

  188. Phuong Le Phuong Le says:

    I am little confused about the new risk free program, but anyway, I really appreciate for all your teaching. I have learned more and more whenever I come back to this site.

  189. Steven Gary Steven Gary says:

    Hi Luckscout millionares team,
    I’m recieving info for millionares club but cannot access the info I need the access information emailed to me so I can veiw the topics.



  190. Seyi Ola Seyi Ola says:

    WOW. Is this for Real?? Thanks Chris. This is so uncommon

  191. Hey Ling Hey Ling says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve just joined the club so I’m not that sure what the program is all about yet but just by reading a few of the 1st articles has given me energy and motivation even in the simple daily things I’m doing now.

    Looking forward to the valuable stuff I’m going to learn here!!

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