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What Is Our Goal?

I admit that it doesn’t make sense to create a website and spend time on it without having a special goal. It was our plan to talk about our goals of running this website and discussing the incoming products and services sooner than this. We haven’t had a chance to think about it, because we have been so busy taking care of the site and thinking about and planning for its future.

And I simply ignored the most important question that comes to visitors’ minds when they visit this website for the first time. They ask themselves, why this site was created? It is the same question I also ask myself when I visit a website. In most cases, it is very easy to find the answer. For example, when you see a website selling advertising spaces, or a product like software, an e-book, or a service, it is obvious the site was created to make money through selling ads or some products and services.

It makes a lot of sense to create a website and develop and promote it, with the hope of making money through site traffic. This is how most website owners and bloggers make money.

But, what if you visit a website that offers lots of free information and services, but it’s clear it doesn’t make money through selling products or services or through any ads? What has such a website been created for?

This is what most of those who visit this website ask themselves but once they get busy reading the articles, they don’t care why this website was created. They are happy to use it as long as it is free.

As I mentioned above, it was our plan to explain why this site was created. In the beginning, we just wanted a platform to share what we knew with the public, without thinking about making any money.

You see, we had been working with each other closely and had been in touch through a private online group for many years. This collaboration had helped all of us to make big positive changes in our lives. When we first created the group, it wasn’t just about making money. The primary goal was mainly in having technical, emotional, and inspirational support for those friends and relatives who wanted to make money through different kinds of investments and businesses. As it turned out, not only did we provide this support, but through sharing our knowledge, experience and news, each one of us made more money.

What if we could do this for the public?

After consideration, that is what we were eager to do. So we bought and modified a website to share our knowledge and experience with the public for free. However, as while “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” you never know what you will be faced with as you continue that journey. New ideas came to our minds and have been shared through the same private group almost every day, because each of us, including those who write articles, and those who read the articles, the comments, and posts, and those who support the site technically, are monitoring the site and visitor’ activities and sentiments. They see how members think, what they need and want, and what has to be done for them.

The information we’ve offered on the site so far, has helped many traders and thus they’ve been spared losing their hard-earned money. After reading the information, many others have become profitable or at least have found the right track to becoming profitable. Site members admit this all the time. This is proof positive the free educational content we have offered so far, has been tremendously useful and probably different from what the other sites are offering.

In spite of this, it became apparent that people needed and wanted something more…

People are here to learn how to make money. Some may have no income and want to change that. Many already have an income, but they need to make more. Others want to become financially free, so they can enjoy their lives more. Many want to become wealthy, maybe even millionaires.

We can help people to achieve these goals. As I’ve mentioned, we have been doing this for ourselves for a very long time, through our private group.

These are all possible to do. We can help people to achieve these goals. We have been doing this for ourselves for such a long time, through our private group.

So, the idea of sharing our knowledge and experience with the public expanded and became a much bigger goal, that of creating a community of traders, investors, entrepreneurs, millionaires and wealthy people, a community of those who are already financially free, and also those who want to become financially free. We want to create a comprehensive resource to help others in business, investment, entrepreneurship, success, and so much more.

The site will belong to all members and participants. Because they will all benefit from it in various ways, they will care about and support it, like the members of a family who help and support one another. The site will help them to achieve their goals and they will maintain the site that belongs to them.

What advantages will it have for us?

Many of the currently successful and popular websites, were not originally created to make money. There were other reasons behind creating them. “Money” is not always the first or main reason to create a website, write a book, develop a software, or invent something new. If you want to create something to offer to the public, and your main goal is “making money,” then you may not make any money. If, however, you focus on creating something that resolves a problem for people, shows them a new approach, and helps them to make a positive change in their lives, then you stand a better chance of making money, all because you are offering something of real value. Even if you don’t want to make money, doing this, it can bring happiness to you. It can make you feel you have done something very good. “Money” can be the by-product, but it should not be the axis of your activities.

Follow the Golden Rule: “Do unto others.” Do something great for others and you will be rewarded with many valuable things.

Unlike what most people think, money is not always the most important thing in many peoples’ lives. Some will judge you from their own point of view. Those who chase after for money and think about nothing but money, may consider you foolish or even a liar, if you tell them that some of the things you do are not for money. Remember, judgements like these are unfair and false.

In addition to you, we will also be part of the community I talked about. The community needs us in order to be maintained and promoted. As we successfully create a site that helps people to achieve the goals I touched on, then we will be rewarded with many valuable things money being only one of them. If we wish, it can benefit us the way it will benefit the other members of the community who are also the owners of the site. The site will belong to each and every one of the community members, including us. However, we want to focus on the main goals for now, not the possible by-products.

Almost all of the popular and multi-billion-dollar sites started like this. Their creators didn’t know that those sites would become so popular and valuable, but they did know what problem they wanted to resolve. They focused on working on and creating something useful for people and resolving a problem for them, and they were unexpectedly and richly rewarded. Before you know the problem you are going to resolve and before you’ve taken any action, you usually cannot anticipate future rewards.

What I explained above, covers our goals for now. Let’s continue on, focused and prepared for the best possible things that will come to us every day. We are a community of the happiest and most prosperous people in the world who are serious about making everybody happy. Let’s keep on taking the steps toward our goals.

Good luck 🙂

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"Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you are right." - Henry Ford

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176 thoughts on “What Is Our Goal?
  1. Di White Di White says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. TJ ' TJ ' says:

    Long life to LuckScout!

  3. Long life LuckScout 😀

  4. Melissa O Melissa O says:

    Cannot thank you enough Chris!

  5. says:

    The information you share with us in truly amazing. Keep up the good work and lead us on our journey.
    Thank you!

  6. Kyungku Han Kyungku Han says:

    Thank you.!!!!!^^
    Happiness forever with Fx keys!!!

  7. i love this website Chris. keep it up and its a good thing that this site is also ours!!

  8. Good writeup. We are always inspired.


    Thank you for your goal of helping others

  10. Frank Totti Frank Totti says:

    Thank you Chris, I am convinced that we will succeed to achieve such a noble goal.

  11. Jae Task Jae Task says:

    Actually I am surprised at this. I thought that if you are financially free, if you only trade one hour a day and make more money than you need then you will have realised that you need to do something with your time.

    Humans are meant to be busy, we are meant to create and be social.

    I get a strong buddhist vibe from the teachings here. I thought that LuckScout was a combination of free time, the will to do something good with the time that we have and the fact that when you have enough money to be free, more money is just more money.

    Again, I want to say that i am very happy to have access to this site, your “give back” is one of truth and freedom. I appreciate this.

    thanks 🙂

  12. Hi Chris,thanks for sharing this inspirational article.

  13. Ted Mahachi Ted Mahachi says:

    As you mentioned, you have helped us a lot already. Thank you. LuckScout will go far!

  14. Kahsay Kahsay says:

    thank you chris for all your effort for us.

  15. Dio Stam Dio Stam says:

    Thank you Chris. I hope we will all be able to contribute to the site’s success and the community’s happiness.

  16. Turija Kempe Turija Kempe says:

    Thank you so much. It is wonderful to have found you 🙂 Have a nice day 🙂

  17. Shalewa A Shalewa A says:

    Hmmm. Thanks Chris. Quite worried while reading as I didn’t know where it was leading. I just hope one day I will not open the message and read ‘It’s time to call it a day’. I know you are still trying to recover from the betrayal of 2 weeks ago (as you write from the heart, a sensitive person is able to feel your pain also). Betrayal hurts more when it is from a ‘family member’, I hope the member has been humbled enough to give an apology as this would help with the healing process.

    I didn’t want to stir up any issue yesterday as it appears it was said in good faith but I am not one of those who wonder why you are offering so valuable information on this site for free. I am just happy in my ‘here and now’ and I believe good things should happen to me and LuckScout is one.

    Thank you Chris and the LuckScout Team 🙂

  18. Many thanks for all the input.

  19. Bill Jobs Bill Jobs says:

    I love LuckScout!!!

  20. Luigi B Luigi B says:

    Who is still looking for the “ HOLY GRAIL ” is because in his way has not met yet LuckScout web siste.

  21. Joe Ryan Joe Ryan says:

    Sincerity, very refresing this day and time.

  22. Ashok Pandey Ashok Pandey says:

    live long LuckScout!

  23. Navish Jain Navish Jain says:

    beautiful thoughts Chris

  24. Your knowledge will last forever!!!

  25. Score Mmo Score Mmo says:

    I believe that you (we) are on the right track. This community already have a lot of positive energy and good vibration so future of this site/community is bright. Thank you Chris!

  26. Chris,
    Respect you .

  27. Pete Krahn Pete Krahn says:

    Inspiring article!

  28. Carl V Carl V says:

    Thank you for all of your efforts, Chris.

  29. I love the goal you have set dear Chris, and its my honer to work towards this goal.

  30. I am very much glad to become a member of such a community that created by Chris who wants happy life for others.
    Thanks to Chris and his team members.

  31. Barbara S Barbara S says:

    Again, a truly beautiful concept. If you haven’t heard of the ’emergent phenomena’, I suggest you enlighten yourselves. This phenomena appears inherent to LuckScout – too much aspiring goodness radiating, and too much goodness being reflected … creating something entirely new and amazing … something that just is.

  32. Dany M Dany M says:

    Thank you Chris for this refreshing article.
    Love this website.

  33. I believe that we are on the right track as well …. we are blessed to have as a mentor and LuckScout as our library of information about Forex and life … Thank you Chris.

  34. Meant to say have you as a mentor…

  35. Thanks Chris
    Simply it is amazing to see people that think or act like that. Since I joined fx keys , asking myself what is the reason behind this. You see , we are living in a strange world , you see to get valuable information you have to give something instead , and it is hard to believe that there is such a thing exist that you get it without paying money for it. Yesterday I introduced fx keys to a friend and the first question she asked was , ho come it is for free. She got quite surprised that she can join and surf through everything by only a free subscription.
    That’s is quite amazing , simply amazing to see still good will exist.
    I wanted to thank you for your hard work and creating this to give us hope and to help us to be better trader.
    Thanks Chris again and I appreciate you and you fx keys teams and all members for your effort

  36. Fasih Ahmad Fasih Ahmad says:

    thank u chriss.. i sincerely hope u’ll continue to write for us. 🙂

  37. Daryl Gymer Daryl Gymer says:

    LuckScout forever !!
    Chris if you are ever in London I’m going to buy you a beer

  38. Amr Nofal Amr Nofal says:

    WoW, beautiful minds & God Bless You.

    All the best

  39. Nadi Brh Nadi Brh says:

    The most important drive for LuckScout is that we all trust the management of the website. We are truly sure that we’ll reach the stage of financial independence sooner if we stay focused on our goals.

    thank Chris for your clear mindset and goals, I hope it stays free forever for those who have big dreams but not enough money to realize them.

  40. Vielen Dank fuer die Schulung inFX, aber nichts im Leben ist FREI. SO wann will der Schleier geluefted werden und Wir erfahren was die Kosten sind. Sorry for my german ,I am not too versed in english or amerikanisch.Inzwischen mache ich schoenes Geld.WUNDERBAR! UND NOCHMALS DANKE !!

  41. Thank you Mr Chris

  42. Thank You Chris and Thanks to all the members. This site has helped my trading tremendously. I truly feel fortunate to be here and be a part of this community.

  43. Ned Mac Ned Mac says:

    Hang in there people bloody magic site

  44. Valdas Ly Valdas Ly says:

    I wish you health and I say a thousand thank you,
    God bless you!

  45. says:

    thank u chris am short of words on how to appreciate you..i believe love is the greatest gift of all and u have shown soe by giving us free financial education and everyone parcipating in fx keys following yr posts are future millionaires already who are going to change their communities bygiving back to the society..many thanks chris may the ALMIGHTY GOD increase yr wisdom

  46. Sean T Sean T says:

    I’m a novice and I feel I’ve saved years of heartache by stumbling across this site with so much info. Not just trading methods, a way of understanding the psychology of trading and the over trading of a novice.

    Thanks to everyone at LuckScout!

  47. Pre Dawn Pre Dawn says:

    Hi Chris, my little corner of the world has had no internet service for the past week or so, I’ve been able to read the emails on my cell phone but haven’t been able to offer any comments (some people would say that’s a good thing).
    Very good article, well balanced, reflecting a fair and decent point of view on what the ultimate goals should be.
    You must know that the majority of us are on your side, we have been since day one.
    As for the detractors….. they will always be there no matter what we do, let’s not get angry…. that’s what they want and expect.
    Let’s gently and calmly side step around them, ignore them and… with your help, let’s get on with our aims and dreams.

  48. Tracey Lane Tracey Lane says:

    Agreed with you totally.. Your goals are congruent with the way I think. More value can be gained from giving than receiving. I have only recently stumbled on your site, but I have already learnt so much and for that I am hugely thankful.

  49. Agus Santoso Agus Santoso says:

    Thank you chris..!!

  50. Amm Ali Amm Ali says:

    Terima kasih Chris and LuckScout teams. You have helped me a lot in my fx trading.

  51. Peter Mackay Peter Mackay says:

    Well Chris, I have not being following this site for long but I have always being waiting for the punch line. You just gave it to me, thank you. I do not really contribute at the moment, because as a novice, I do not know enough. Hopefully!, at some point, I will know enough to be successful and a regular contributor.
    PS I do not get the point system!

  52. These goals are very good goals and the best kind. I am glad to be aboard. When money is plentiful from good trading techniques, then projects such as this excellent website are easily financed.

  53. Thank you and God bless you even more!

  54. Jeng Jeng says:

    Once again, Sir, here you have opened up to us and peeled back yet another “layer of the onion”, so to speak, providing a deeper, more insightful glimpse into the character which IS the man, “Chris”.

    I believe you possess and cherish the essence of the following observations and convictions of a few “Greats”:

    “We make a living by what we get, but we make a LIFE by what we give”. ~ Winston Churchill

    “The deed is everything, the glory, naught”.
    ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    “Successful people are constantly looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?'”
    ~Brian Tracy

    One more…

    “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and IS, immortal”. ~Albert Pike

    Kindest regards

  55. Amar Thalip Amar Thalip says:

    I love LuckScout !, I am always with you.

  56. Steve K Steve K says:

    The sky is not even the limit.
    thank you Chris and happy trading!

  57. Chris,
    What a wonderful article.I just love your website. You have fantastic values and we are blessed that you are so willing to share these with us. May you be given strength and huge blessings for your unselfish and generous ways.

  58. Dogan Sahin Dogan Sahin says:

    Dear Chris

    You are building very strong membership. Thank you

  59. Hello everybody, I am new to this website but so far I am very impressed. Every morning I do look forward to the a new article. Hope to be involved to make this website the best there is out there.

    Thank you

  60. Thanks you chris and all LuckScout community members

  61. Gert Jordaan Gert Jordaan says:

    Amazing web site – Thank you FX Keys!!!

  62. Tochukwu U Tochukwu U says:

    Dear Chris,
    I want to say you and your friends really have such big hearts and we really do appreciate. This is the one site that I’ve seen that offers knowledge absolutely free and it’s been very helpful. The one issue I have is with my mind because I’ve seen that once my mind loses focus, I make mistakes and they cost me money. LuckScout works! Thank you so much.

  63. Sefako Isaac Sefako Isaac says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  64. Farid Fx Farid Fx says:

    Glad that i found LuckScout 🙂

  65. Nguyen Thanh Nguyen Thanh says:

    Dear Chris,
    I just want to say that I am so grateful to what you have done for all of us. I was just about to give up totally until I found you!! You are a Saint!! Thank you so very much.
    Nguyen Thanh from Viet Nam

  66. AJ Brissy AJ Brissy says:

    Hi Chris,

    You have set the goal with exemplary and let’s working together toward the goals. Love all.

    Thanks Chris and LuckScout team

  67. Goran . Goran . says:

    “I do believe we’re all connected. I do believe in positive energy. I do believe in the power of prayer. I do believe in putting good out into the world. And I believe in taking care of each other.” – Harvey Fierstein

    Thank you Fx Keys

  68. Amanda L Amanda L says:

    I really hope this article puts to rest the question “why does Chris do this for nothing?” Such a question implies that anything which is not money is…nothing.

    Creating something new that solves a problem, satisfaction from sharing knowledge, the reward of teaching motivated learners, building a huge community of “trading buddies,” helping people achieve their goals…all are the opposite of “nothing.”

  69. i bless the day that i find this site and this awesome community. since that day so many things changed in my life…and thanks to article lik this i’m finding into myself the strenght to go ahead..now i don’t think only to money like before. i have understood that they are not the solutions of my problems, and see special people like you that spent time and energy to help peolpe that not even know and without asking nothing in exchange is inspiring me. now i understand why you make money, not only becase you are esperencied and pro traders but because first of all you are awesome people and deserve it! So thank you for all :), now maybe i’m understanding what is our main goal like human, and you are my source of inspiration, continue on that track! we need you! thanks for all and god bless you

  70. Thank you very much Chris. I really appreciate the knowledge you offer on your website. Technical analysis and candle stick is something that I feel very difficult to understand, but you made it easier to understand for me. Glad that I had paid a visit at Fx Keys website.

  71. Nir Antman Nir Antman says:

    Thank you very much Chris and everyone, this site and you Chris specific are a true inspiration and role model for me personally, I wish you would write you’re address so I can send you flowers and presents as a gesture of gratitude and good will.
    Lucky and happy to be here, the positivity shines threw each article, and of course the impact on my personal trading is very good, I really can see the success around the near corner thanks to LuckScout…

  72. Calebfx I Calebfx I says:

    I am glad I am a member of this great community. I feel like I belong to something great though I cannot yet see but I know it is going to be. Long live LuckScout, long live it’s community.

  73. Every human will be rewarded for their good deeds… Today or tomorrow…

  74. It is an honor to be a member of this community! Thank you all and you Chris – thanks for putting us together with your wonderful vision

  75. TJ ' TJ ' says:

    It must be a wonderful feeling to have so many people loving you with so much sincerity. I really think that you are a good person Chris and I believe that there will be more and more people who will come here to express their gratefulness and their love for you. Thank you to be here for us, be blessed. 🙂

  76. Sandhi Singh Sandhi Singh says:

    Thanks Chris for your efforts. Thanks to your teaching, I can understand forex and technical analysis

  77. says:

    I for one want to say thank you for what you are doing on this site. It is something that you can not put a price tag on. I like you believe that there is so much more to life than money. We all need it and work for it, but to give to others is over and above. My Bible says that if you feed an man he will eat but if you teach him to fish he will eat for life. I believe that when we sow we reap from that. When I first came to this site I kept looking for the catch. Every other site had one, but not here. I hope you get as much joy from doing this as we get from learning. May you be blessed beyond belief. My peace and joy follow you even in dark hrs. I for one am glad I found your site.

  78. I thank you and count myself bless for being a member of this community and appreciate the free life changing knowledge you offer . may god extend your life and blessings

  79. Chris Long Chris Long says:

    Am thankful to Chris and the FX Keys community for their unselfish sharing of knowledge, to gain and improve our positions what ever we want them to be.
    Thank you.

  80. Thanks for your sincerity..

  81. Thank you Chris.
    I’m glad I found LuckScout and have since learned a lot from it.
    Thanks again Chris.

  82. Hosea Tumewu Hosea Tumewu says:

    Wow, Never have I found any Fx related site that is as amazing as LuckScout, you just seemed to read our mind Chris! You really gave what your followers want. Most article here, especially non fx related such as this one just completely reflects what we are thinking. Thanks for putting this site together from the followers’ perspective 🙂

  83. Grace It Grace It says:

    Good work, Chris.

  84. Al V Al V says:

    This is a wonderful goal – thank you for leading it, and giving us such valuable insights and support.

  85. Jordi George Jordi George says:

    Thank you, thank you so much, Chris!

  86. ~ Youness ~ ~ Youness ~ says:

    Hi Chris,

    I hope one day LuckScout site become so big, that it attracts the attention of the big boys, and offer to buy it for few billion dollars, like what happened with youtube(google), skype(microsoft), whatsapp(facebook) and others.

    I think that would be the ultimate good result for a good website.


    • LuckScout LuckScout says:


      Really? Wish like that if you want to get rid of us 🙂

      We receive offers even now, but not from the big boys. From the brokers that some of them are big of course.

      LuckScout will never be solved to brokers, because they will make the members sign up for a live account with them. It doesn’t help members anyway. It can even hurt them somehow. We could refer our members to brokers and make thousands or even millions without selling the site to any broker. Not that it is a crime. Traders need to have a live account anyway. We just don’t want LuckScout users to open live accounts blindly, just because we refer them to those brokers. We educate them and then they can choose a broker on their own.

      But having a big company as the sponsor or maybe even owner while they let us keep on having the same activities can be a good idea, and it helps the members a lot more. Like YouTube as you also mentioned, after it was bought by google, it remained the same YouTube with the same services, plus a lot more good things for people. That was a nice positive change in the history of a good website.

      Any other wishes or ideas? 🙂

      • Jordi George Jordi George says:

        Dear Chris,

        it’s for this kind of things that we are here and we believe in you. Thank you for your help so far!

      • ~ Youness ~ ~ Youness ~ says:


        You think I want to get rid of you Chris by wishing you to become a billionaire through selling the site.

        In fact, inside me I was sadned of thinking of the day that will come and the site will be sold to a big company. Because the buyer will always try to monetise the services offered by the site.

        As you mentioned YouTube, now Google has incorporated ads in users’ videos, and if we don’t want the ads, we have to become paying members.

        It’s good idea to sell the site but it’ll stay under the same management team, to keep the spirit, vision and the mission of the site the same. That’s if you’re planning to sell in the first place.

        The site is growing by the hour, and you guys deserve all the praise and recognition for your dedication in educating, coaching and mentoring us.

        A lot of newbies who come here the first time, have no idea how many years of frustration, lost money and time they’re saving themselves by just sticking around here and applying your guidance and insight not only in trading, but in life in general.

        I sincerely hope one day I can meet you in person, I’ll be honoured.


        P.S: I think you’re traveling now, as users comments are published during daytime here in Australia, I hope you’re close somewhere in Asia 🙂

        • LuckScout LuckScout says:


          Thank you so much. I don’t think we will ever agree to sell the site. At least not for the next 10 years. The site and the ideas behind it are so new and still there is a long way to go. It is supposed to introduce some new millionaires every month or year. It hasn’t done it yet 🙂

          I am in Japan now 🙂

      • Hi Chris Pottorff
        I am new on the site and I am really impressed to the goal and idea behind this site. I hope this will prove beneficial for all visitors and members of the site.
        No doubt this is very informative and thought provoking website. Here posts give me lots of new ideas about trading and the risk free system is really amazing.
        Have a nice time

  87. Marek Herde Marek Herde says:

    Just wonderful 🙂 That’s the reason I am here. Holistic approach with loving kindness. Thank you.

  88. Thank you. Glad that I have found this website. I realized I have improved on the trade management part which before that I was bad at it.

  89. Thanks so much Chris, LuckScout staffs, members for the good intentions ever since the LuckScout created.

  90. Angus Tank Angus Tank says:

    Thank you, Chris

  91. Ahmed Sebak Ahmed Sebak says:

    A slam Alikom
    i can’t express the enough thanks to u and ur community. really its rarely to find men like u, who thinks about others. this looks like first muslem people behavior.
    i know u one year ago since i started learning Forex and i learned alot from u Sir Chriss.
    many thanks.

  92. dear CHRIS .
    I DO STRONGLY BELIEVE IN (HAPPINESS IS WORTHLESS IF HAVE NO ONE TO SHARE WITH}.so YOU will be the most happiest person seeing our success come true, am i right.

  93. Thank you very much Chris….World needs more people like you….

  94. Shaun C Shaun C says:

    Thank you Chris!
    I am so glad I found LuckScout.

  95. I am so glad I found this site and I thank you for your work. I hope you get to the goal.

  96. Jason T Jason T says:

    Nice one Chris !

    Always enjoy reading your comments and thoughts. Nice to get a different perspective in this greedy, crazy, busy world !

    Also – your recent articles on the Monthly time frames have been super helpful.



  97. we got it Chris
    what a great goal man, being next to people is really some thing more then great.

  98. Len Ekenstam Len Ekenstam says:

    hello chris, i just read the comment by shalewa about your being betrayed. i can understand how it may have affected you since it happened to me many years ago by a family member. a person i helped many times and protected him from being bullied by bigger kids. he turned into a user and taker and never giving back or have any appreciation for what others did for him. too bad there are such people. so you are in the minority by doing what you do but you are greatly appreciated by many of us so thanks again for all you do. len

  99. Dan Pavel Dan Pavel says:

    I don’t have enough words to explain my filings. Sometimes my question is: you are real?
    What you are doing here is fantastic you not only teach us haw we mast fallow the rules of trading, you give us a real lesson of live, this is a lesson that I like especially, to be positive in our action, to help the others, to share the impression, to be motivate, to be moderate, to be gentle, to listen, to answer, to love what we do, to have trust in our self, in a single word to be human. From where you are this force? I am 55 years old I have 30 year experience, I spent almost 10 years out side of my country like civilian engineer but never I don’t meet a person like you. You are special and for that all love you.
    Thanks very much!

  100. I am not a good writer but I will try to make my point.

    If only the world or at least the ones who can, would think like you Chris, it wouldnt be so far from now when we actually see it become a healthier, and much better place to live in. Greed and sellfishness is all around us. There is a huge misconcencption about money too and how much we need it and how we can use it.

    Knowing you have done all this to help us, having in return a lot of things money cant buy, makes you a brilliant man and a man who deserves respect. If only influent people could think like you do, loads of problems would be solved nowadays.

    Thank you so much

  101. Thanks for your continued effort to make us successful forex traders. Be blessed always.

  102. Eugene G Eugene G says:

    Chris… if there would be more people in the world like you, we would live in another type of world today.
    I do hope that this community achieves the critical mass needed to start something big. I want to be part of this critical mass.
    Thank you for the opportunity you have presented me!

  103. Hello everybody here and especially to Chrs. I read the articles of LuckScout for the past 10 months but this is my first comment.Positive energy is multiplied when too exceptional people gather together.I don’t feel lucky been here because I understood by reading one or two articles that this site has something different to give.If I was asked which is the biggest talent of Chris I ‘d say : SIMPLICITY.:)

    • Casey Ram Casey Ram says:

      Simplicity, Humbleness, Politeness, Committed, Considerate, Hardworking, Prompt, Loving, Kind, Caring, Leadership, Innovative, Creative, Intelligent, Talented, Selflessness, ………………………………..

      Only Godliness can have all these qualities in one person!

  104. Ashish Yadav Ashish Yadav says:

    Thanks a lot Chris and really you have a nice goal i respect of it. Because of you i can say myself a trader.

  105. Ashish Yadav Ashish Yadav says:

    Forget to say about your positive attitude. Your positive energy also make me to think always positive.

  106. as you see and read my comments that my English is not good, but i am trying to my best,,,hope my weekness will be ignored and i hope that my struggle is appreciatable

  107. Casey Ram Casey Ram says:

    Reading your goal gives me goose bumps. Not just setting the goals but the way you have been contributing so tirelessly, so much effort, time (sometimes I wonder where do you find the time), money and above all the commitment to your goals – it is simply unbelievable.

    I read somewhere “When you give selfless service to humanity money becomes a by-product”.

    Chris, you are a living example!

  108. Si Jie Si Jie says:

    Hi Chris, this is my first virgin comment after the website has upgraded a great deal since the last time I post comments although i still read articles from LuckScout from time to time 😉

    Thank you for your articles! You have shortened my trading career path and my trading insights are improving each day. I tried to download the free e-book but failed as I’m already a subscriber. How can I download it? Can’t find it in my emails. Thanks!

  109. Hi Chris,
    I really like what you said here..
    “first try to do something good for people. If you can do that, you will also make money with it if you want”

    i think, this is valid for any platform, any business, any kind of work. because I’ve experienced that. myself is a web designer and I have failed with so many website which I was trying to create, because my sole ambition was create money. But it didn’t workout.
    Thank you for enlighten us. (Please pardon my poor english)

  110. I hope can follow your tracks, your positive energy is so great

  111. Rajiv Jadhav Rajiv Jadhav says:


    Your intentions for starting this program are very noble I wish you all the success for it. I never needed any justifications for you helping all of us on LuckScout. I just felt it was being done by you because of your goodness.

  112. Thank you Chris, you have such a big heart….. are you by any chance an angel disguised as a human? 🙂

    On a serious note, thanks a million to you and rest of the LuckScout team for everything you are doing for us here.

  113. I salute your good intentions, Chris.

  114. HI,

  115. Dear Chris,

    I for one would like to express my sincere gratitude towards your help, and having found LuckScout site, I could imagine that God has used you to answer my wishes in regards to struggles, suffocation, and hurt I got from Fx learning, Money time lost. I’m convinced that I deserve something good for free and I got it. Otherwise many people have hurt me for money and yet they offer closely nothing. Here I find Holly GRAIL for free!!!…

    Very glad, I’m a new member as in signing up but have been following you since let December 2015, But whenever I would read your articles, I would say, “God bless mightily to this man” bless your Children, bless your loved wife, bless your grand children, bless your grate grand children, and bless everyone entire generation in line with your blood.

    When I say a blessing from almighty God, I mean a blessing, not money, no.no. money are just printed papers, it’s nothing compared to a blessing (hidden treasures that no man has seen and no man has heard of) by God’s favor.

    LuckScout and Chris, have helped me achieving this level of trading where I’m, confidence came, no worries and anxiety while in market!

    Chris you are making and nurturing amazing financial managers, while you may not be a ware of, I’m one of them!!

    Thank you my mentor.

    I feel a sense of belonging.

  116. Pardon me, Since late December 2014 I mean

  117. Mr Chris, the truth is that you and the entire LuckScout crew desire a pleasant trading experience for all traders. This is welcome and most appreciated.

  118. Rabia Mak Rabia Mak says:

    The first thing I would say is >> I love LuckScout!

    I started looking for trading in September 2014 after my frustrations to earn online through other channels. Since I started searching for trading knowledge, almost 100% I landed into sites that required to spend money. Some sites I subscribed to, sending emails almost everyday to introduce software claiming that would make profitable trades, I knew they had commissions from referrals. But I was surprised that they never stick with any software and not even response to my inquiry, how can I believe them?

    Thank you Chris and your team. I never thought I could find the site that provides a thorough knowledge with No Cost and no hidden agenda. I was very surprise And I unsubscribed from others in order to focus fully on LuckScout and I look forward to have the opportunity to share my success to generate income continuously with my trading soon!!!

  119. Best of luck for the whole website for its whole try & the support that we get all time with of all it members. Wish u all the best for today or tomorrow.

  120. Xolani Ngema Xolani Ngema says:

    Not only for the free knowledge but for the dedication and patient the team of LuckScout have for us is amazing thanks for that once again.

  121. Thanks mr chris…..am so happy that i found this great site.

  122. Kuhle Zatu Kuhle Zatu says:

    True entrepreneurship is solving other people’s problems all else follows suit. Glad to be a part.

  123. Terry B Terry B says:

    Thank you and your group so much for giving back to this large community, especially now when this world is in such turmoil and such need! God bless you!

  124. Chin Zen Chin Zen says:

    Thank you Chris for what you had done for us!!

  125. Reza Samimi Reza Samimi says:

    Many thanks Chris,
    we all need to review this article at least once a week which would be a good reminder for all of us.

  126. Marie Ryden Marie Ryden says:

    Hi, I just took a free class on trading Forex and googled forex after- what a pleasant surprise to find your site, articles and this philosophy of giving away. I know I will be successful at trading with your assistance and now I’m going to start a website in my field and give it away also! Double thanks for the trading assistance and inspiration to give away my expertiese in my field!

  127. Nir Antman Nir Antman says:

    Chris? If you’re back I’m gonna open a champagne for this!!!!!

  128. AJ Brissy AJ Brissy says:

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for the goal.

    Towards Financial Freedom and Excellent Health

  129. I just went through the first video of the club, and have been a member of luckscout/fxkeys for a long time now. It’s great to see someone like Chris, and his team, who are not only dedicated to helping people, but also to create a team and collaborative spirit, when our society is so often focus toward competition.

    Fxkeys has been a great help for me toward being profitable in trading, and I have no doubts this program will keep its promises too!

    Thank you Chris!

  130. just go go chris we are here to support each other and that is the ultimate goal, god bless u my friend.

  131. Kapil Bhola Kapil Bhola says:

    HI Chris
    I just Paid via Click Bank 🙂 I am very happy to join Millionaires Club Hope soon i will get my Username and password .

  132. Reza Samimi Reza Samimi says:

    thanks for your continuous support.
    Many many thanks….

  133. Rey Martin Rey Martin says:

    I was a fan since your FxKeys.com days.

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