What Is the Best Currency Pair to Trade?

Today, I am going to talk about the best currency pairs for trading. I know that Senior LuckScout followers are surprised, because they know what currency pairs we trade and we are not dependent on any special pair. However, what I am going to talk about in this post is for those visitors who have found this site recently, or probably today.

I am always asked what currency pair is the best to trade. This is the question that forex traders ask a lot on forums and discussion boards, and unfortunately I always see some unprofessional answers to this question that mislead the novice traders.

Choosing a proper currency pair depends on the trading style you want to have. If you want to be a day trader, then you have no option but choosing one single currency pair to stick to.

As a day trader, you will have to focus on the shorter time frames, and so the positions you take will not last more than a few to few hours. Therefore, you will not be able to catch the big movements, and so you have to trade a currency pair that has a low spread and proper liquidity. EUR/USD has the lowest spread among all the currency pairs. It is the most favorite currency pair for day traders. However, you can also trade GBP/USD or USD/JPY too.

GBP/JPY is another currency pair that many day traders love. Although its spread is normally higher than the other major currency pairs, but as it moves in a large scale, its high spread can not be any problem. It is a good currency pair for day trading. EUR/JPY is also a favourite currency pair for day traders.

This is all about choosing the best currency pair if you want to become a day trader. Currency pair is not a problem if a trader wants to become a day trader. It is the day trading itself which is the main problem. We have already talked about this a lot on LuckScout. There are some articles on LuckScout that explain about the hassles that day trading has. You can refer to those articles and think more if you want to become a day trader. Here I just tell you one thing. I have never seen any consistently profitable day trader. One in a thousand day traders can make some profit for a limited time, but none of them can become consistently profitable. Here is a couple of articles about this topic.

If you like to become a swing trader, then you don’t have to be limited to any special currency pair. You have to trade the long time frames, like daily, weekly and monthly, and you will have to hold your positions for several days or even weeks. As you are not going to locate a trade setup on the long time fames every day, then you will have to check several currency pairs every day.

The only thing you have to take into consideration as a swing trader is that you’d better to forget about the exotic currency pairs, because they are not liquid enough and their spread is usually too high and unstable. You don’t have to trade the exotic currency pairs, simply because there are enough number of regular currency pairs that you can trade as a swing trader.

What Is The Best Way?

Here on LuckScout, we follow a trading system which is based on the candlesticks patterns and Bollinger Bands. Sometimes we also use technical analysis to support the validity and strength of the trade setups we locate. This trading system was not invented by us. Indeed, it has been used by professional and experienced traders for decades. We have learned how to use it in the safest and easiest possible way. It has been working for us for years and we are so happy with it.

The most important advantage of this system is that it is strong and reliable, and at the same time simple and very easy to use. We have made it as simple as possible. We have learned that, only trading the long time frames can be profitable in long term. Therefore, we use our trading system to check the long time frames of several currency pairs every day. We trade the daily, weekly and monthly charts. You have to check the daily time frame once every day when the daily candlestick is closed and the new one is opened. The weekly time frame has to be checked every weekend, and the monthly time frame at the end of each month when the new monthly candlestick opens.

It doesn’t take us more than 30 minutes to check the daily time frame of over 20 currency pairs. Here is the best currency pairs you can trade as a swing trader who follows our trading system:


I was not used to trade some of the above currency pairs, but as some of the LuckScout followers asked me to analyze them, they are now added to my platform.

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