What Is the Secret of Success?

What Is the Secret of Success?

Does success really have a secret? I think this is a more important question to answer. Those who say success doesn’t have any secret, and to become successful, you just need to work hard consistently, are right. But, there are a few things we should not forget. Some people, including me, say that there is no such a thing as success at all, if you reach the point that you think you have become successful, then you will start falling down. Bill Gates says:

Success is a lousy teacher. It makes smart people think they can’t lose.

This is 100% true. He said this when he found out that he was too focused on operation systems and the related apps, and so he ignored the Internet and the unlimited capacity that it had. That was the time that Google became the #1 search engine in the world. Then, Bill Gates offered to buy Google, but they answered that Google was not for sale. He considered this as a big loss and defeat that was caused by the success he had in Microsoft. He had lost the opportunity of developing a search engine that could make money even more than Microsoft.

The moment you think you have won something, you should do only one thing: Keep working even harder to remain a winner, otherwise you will lose.

It is the same in everything, from business to sports. It’s easy to become a champion. Something that is a lot harder is to remain a champion.

Therefore, from my point of view, there is no finish line known as success. When you think you have reached the point that you call “success”, that will be your starting point to fail and lose.

Success Is Not a Destination! It Is a Never-Ending Journey!

To start your success journey, first you should choose a goal and learn about it very well. Let’s say it is achieving financial freedom or getting rich. You must completely know the steps and tasks that take you toward your goal. After that, you repeat the tasks over and over, every day better than yesterday.

Learning is the first step as you can see in the above image. You must know your goal and the tasks that help you to achieve it. Then, you start doing the tasks consistently, seriously and continuously. You should do it better and better every day. You must improve in what you do. You have to improve your methods to lower your expenses (money, time, energy) and increase your efficiency and profit. Every day, you should learn to do your tasks within a shorter time and with a higher efficiency, compared to yesterday.

When you see that you are financially free or rich, you should keep working. You expand your businesses and investments. You should never stop, because someone who is financially free and rich now, may become bankrupt and broke the next year. That’s why I told you that success is not a destination. It is a never-ending journey.


You can do it alone. So many try to do it, but those who get where they want are extremely rare, because it is not easy. It is not easy to be consistent and strong, day after day, forever. But, you can do it with a community and team that have the same goal. If so, your work will be a lot easier because the community and team handle most parts of the work. They achieve the goals and keep working to reach the next goals one by one. And, you are with them and part of their achievements.

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