What Is “Virtual Slavery”?😳☠️

Social media platforms like Facebook make billions of dollars because of you and your presence.

Any time that you load their web pages on your device’s screen or you open their apps, they charge the advertisers.

Your presence generates traffic that they sell to the advertisers.

So, if they make money, which is what they do billions of dollars every day, it is because of you and their other users.

Doesn’t this mean that they should pay you a share from the money they make???

Haven’t they built their community because of you and your presence???

So, why don’t they pay their users a dime???

I call this “Virtual Slavery“😳

Yet, “humanity” hasn’t reached the level to know this as a scam.

But, it will, and soon, taking advantage of humans to build a community and make bullions of dollars through it, without paying anything to the members of the community, will be known as a kind of scam and a crime against humanity, exactly like slavery that is now known as a crime, whereas it was a routine in the past.

Taking advantage of humans through the Internet and not paying them anything has to be known as a crime against humanity.

LuckScout is a pioneer of giving a lifetime share to the members of the community it is building.
LuckScout Community members will have a share from the community’s income and profit, and from the community’s online and offline projects, both in the long and short term.

Nobody has done this before.

But we are doing it because we want to take humanity one step forward and one level higher.

This is how it works:

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By Vahid Chaychi

To learn more about me, please visit the about page.

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