Mental health awareness

Many people don’t fully understand what mental health is or how to deal with it affectively. Mental health problems are not the end of your world and I hope that I can help you make sense of it all and help you to better understand the mental health problems we face.

Table of contents:

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  • What is mental heath problems and the possible reasons for it?
  • Myths about mental health and the reality of it.
  • The warning signs of a underlying mental health disorder.
  • How to cope with mental health affectively.

What is mental health disorders and the possible reasons for it ?

Mental health disorders are nothing to be ashamed of and you are not crazy for having a mental health issues. Your mental health includes your emotional, psychological and social well being. A mental health dis order is a chemical imbalance that takes place in your brain and it is not in fact all in your head but an actual illness.

There are many contributing factors to a mental health disorder but are three main causes for this common issue.

  • Genes and brain chemistry- some people are born with a chemical imbalance in their brains and need medication to replace the shortage of chemicals.
  • Trauma or abuse- experiencing a traumatic event or going trough any abusive satiation can trigger a mental health problem witch still remains a chemical imbalance in a persons brain.
  • Family history of mental health issues- Many people have inherited their mental health disorders from their family as it is a health concern. Just like cancer can be inherited so can mental health dis orders

Myths about mental health and the reality of it.

There are so many myths and a huge stigma around mental heath but is it necessarily true? Here is some myths and facts about mental health disorders.

There are many living with metal health that claim to be unaffected by it what a lie fact is suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in so proving that mental health does in fact have a much more devastating impact on peoples lives then wanting to give it credit for.

Some people claim that it is near impossible for children to be affected by a mental health disorders I naturally also thought so but after further research I have found that mental health disorders can be detected before the age of only 14 what a shocker .

Many people also believe that people with mental health issues are more violent and or unpredictable than people without mental heath disorders. Again its a false allegation. only 3%-5% of violent and unpredictable behavior can be directly linked to a mental health disorder.

Another myth that makes me angry is that people with mental health disorders have trouble or great difficulty to tolerate the stress of holding a job down. That is very untrue just because a person suffers from a mental health disorder doesn’t automatically mean that you function differently in a normal work situation. People with mental health disorders can deliver the same amount of work quality that a normal functioning person.

The warning signs of an underlying mental health disorder.

  •  Over or under eating.
  • Difficulty sleeping or any disturbance in sleeping patterns.
  • Low energy levels and no motivation to get going.
  • Feelings of haplessness.
  • Unexplained aches and pains.
  • Panic attacks
  • Constant feelings of fear, constant nervousness, often confused, on edge consistently or forgetful.
  • Severe mood swings
  • Thinking of self harm.
  • Inability to perform daily task.

There are many more signs of mental disorders but the above listed are the most common and if you experiencing any of them it is highly advisable that you go and see a professional and seek medical help.

How to effectively cope and live with a mental dis order.

First thing is fist you have to be able to recognize that you have a problem and then you have to seek professional advise and or help. Being diagnosed with a metal disease is not embarrassing and a very real problem.

Focus on your strong points. If you are unfortunate enough to live with a metal disorder its important to focus on what you are good at it is okay not to be good at everything be good if not excellent in your strong points and success will come.

It is important to spend your time with people that understand you and that help you make feel better about yourself. Cut all negative people from your life that may add to your mental health problems in a negative way.

Do not let others take advantage of you because of your mental health disorders. Don’t let anyone diminish your character in anyway. Keep standing up for yourself like normal and fight for what you believe is  right.

Remember that although you may have a mental health disorder you still function like a normal human being would and try and not discourage yourself.

Mental health is in fact a very real problem that affects so many people but it does not define you as a person with the correct help and assistance mental health can be managed effectively and does not change much of the reality that even though mentally things can be a challenge but we all are the same with or without disorders.