Many of you have started your blog based on our encouragement and free support: Become a Blogger and Start Blogging Now… No Matter What You Are


Those who are brave enough to take the steps they had never taken in their lives before, are the only ones who will stand out from the crowd.

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The rest will have the same life and the same problems as long as they don’t take any actions. Keep in mind that your life will never change if you keep doing the same things you have been doing so far.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein


“If you want what the top 1% of the wealthiest people have, then you’ve got to be willing to do what the other 99% of people won’t do.”

So, once again congratulations to those who started their blog. We are proud of you.

What to Blog About

The question which is asked by those of you who started their blogs recently, is what to blog about? What to write about on my blog?

I have explained about this at the bottom of my “become a blogger” post. However, here I explain a little more.

The blogging niche I suggested you, was money, making money and wealth, success, enthusiasm, business, self-confidence and things like that…

They all can be covered on the same blog. However, the problem of our new bloggers was to start posting and having the first posts on their blogs.

At the beginning, sometimes you really don’t know what to write about. However, you have to start posting as soon as possible to break the ice. If you don’t, you will leave your blog idle and then you will never get back to it.

Don’t do that. Start writing now. Keep in mind that your posts don’t have to be perfect.

Don’t stay away from writing just because you think your posts won’t be good and people won’t like them. That doesn’t matter at all.

Something that matters is that you start writing now. Once you start and you have few posts, you will like it and you will write better and better every day.

Try to write at least one post every day to make your brain and subconscious focused on writing. They work on your writing ability behind the scene, and as a result, you will see that you are writing better every day.

Write About Yourself First

“You” is the one you know better than anybody else. So to break your blogging and writing ice, start writing about yourself and don’t care whether someone will read and laugh or what you write about yourself may not be interesting to the readers. That doesn’t matter at all at the beginning. There is no doubt that as a new blogger your posts won’t be that good. But that doesn’t matter at all.

Write about your life, experiences, job, family, friends, hobbies, dreams, goals, and anything related to you and your life.

Be as positive as possible and don’t talk about the problems and limits of your life. Talk about your hopes and the happy aspects of your life and your biggest dreams and goals.

Dream as big as possible if you haven’t done it so far. Then write about your dreams and your enthusiasm in making your dreams come true.

You won’t believe it, but I tell you anyway:

If you write down your dreams and your seriousness about making them come true, they will come true definitely. So blogging helps you achieve your goals not because you will probably make money through your blog in future, but because they are the start point of having your dreams come to reality.

When a dreams changes to words and the words are written somewhere, they grow like the seeds that you plant under the soil. But if you let them remain in your mind, it is like storing the seeds in a jar and never giving them the chance of growing.

This is very important.

Classify the Topics

To have an easier startup, you can add some categories to your blog. On WordPress blogs which is the ones you have, categories can be added/deleted and managed here:

Go to that page and create some categories:

  • Life
  • Money and Business
  • Success
  • Positive Thinking
  • Power of Your Mind
  • Opportunities
  • Take Actions

Things like that…

Add more categories if you like. Add the ones you are more interested in.

Then, write at least one post for each category.

You can write a few posts every day. That is even better. But avoid having short posts that are less than 300 words. WordPress shows you the number of words for each post:

The Number Of Words In Each WordPress Post Is Shown at the Bottom Left of the Post Editor Box.

That was a short tip to help our new bloggers to start writing as soon as possible.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, do it now: Become a Blogger and Start Blogging Now… No Matter What You Are

I hope now you know what to blog about as a new blogger. Can’t wait to see your posts 🙂