Where Is LuckScout Going and What Will It Have for Members?

As a website, LuckScout has been working for years. Many writers published articles on the site. The format and concept of the website changed so many times since it went online, until June last year that the current community and pointing system was launched. The algorithm was designed and developed many years before, but it had never been launched on a website. There are even so many other features that are already built and ready to work along with the current system, but we haven’t launched them for some reason.

I don’t think what I explained above matters to our members. What they are eager to know is, as the members of The LuckScout Community, what they can expect to receive?

Well… I have already talked about this a lot. You can see the overall and long-term plan in the slides and video below. This is a program that is going to suffice your whole life and reach your next generations, although it is so new and hasn’t reached that level yet. This is what I’d like to explain a little more here in this post.

I don’t like to go ahead of time and talk about the things that haven’t been achieved yet. I don’t like to make you excited by saying, this program is going to make you multimillionaires, although I am not sure that it won’t do it. I have learned to set my goals and then work hard toward achieving them, every day harder than yesterday. My goals and dreams are big enough, but I don’t spend my time talking about them all the time. Talking about your goals doesn’t make them achieved. Working hard toward achieving them does. Not working hard! Working too hard… every day harder than yesterday.

The LuckScout Community was designed and developed to make you financially free, permanently. This is possible through generating increasing passive and active incomes (read this and this) for our members.

Their active income currently comes from their activities on the site; the activities that we call “healthy online activities”. Although it is not currently a lot, it is going up slowly but surely, which is one of the signs of a legitimate and healthy program. We don’t have a Ponzi, MLM or Pyramid scheme here to take millions from new members to pay other members, and then shut down the business after a while. Here, we have launched a program that must last forever and reach your next generations. Therefore, although your payments are not currently that high, they are going up gradually, because the program is still so new. Those who don’t go after the shiny objects out there (to get scammed and ripped off), and stay with us, will be proud of themselves, not only because of the reasonable active income they will have, but because they are the members of a community that is helping humanity to go one step forward and one level higher.

I cannot give any numbers or estimation about our members’ active income because it could be known as income guarantee which is illegal. However, I dare to say that the future is brilliant for those who stay and remain loyal and active members of the community.

Your “healthy online activities” generate active income for you. But, they do one more thing too: The points you collect through your activities on the site () will stay in your account to enable you to have shares from the profits of our other projects: Your Passive Income

This is in addition to your active income. We will consistently expand the community’s income overtime. Therefore, while you have your active income, the passive income will also be added to what you receive from the community. Even if you stop your activities on the site, your passive income will be continued based on the points you have already earned. However, those who continue their activities will have bigger shares and higher active and passive income overtime because they earn more points.

Like the active income, I cannot give any numbers or estimation for the passive income either. But, the sky’s the limit. Nothing will stop us from increasing it.

This is how our members will become financially free, slowly but surely and permanently, for free and risk-free, without having to pay any fees, taking any investments, referring, recruiting and generating sales.

This program will change the world and humanity. The world won’t be the same after The LuckScout Community. This has never been done before and we are the first in history who are doing this. And, no one else will do this in future because everyone is after making themselves rich, not making humanity rich. That’s why to any website you refer to, they want you to pay membership fees, buy investment packages and refer others to their website to earn commissions and rewards to feed their MLM, Pyramid and Ponzi schemes.

We haven’t started the passive income phase yet. There are some steps that we must complete first. You know that we love to communicate and share everything we do. Therefore, once we start our passive income phase too, you will be notified and will constantly receive the related news. You can’t believe the excitement that will enter and expand in your life.

This video explains how our system works:

You can see the same video as slides:

More about this revolutionary system:

And please see these pages too:

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See you on board!😃❤️🌺🌹💝🌸🎊🎉✨🌹👑🍺👏

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By Vahid Chaychi

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