Who Wants to Impact the World?

First, let’s see who can impact the world. Only those who have a very high IQ, like Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci, or those who have a lot of money like George Soros, or those who have both?

Indeed, you can impact the world when you have a very high IQ, or a lot of money, or both, but you must want to do it, otherwise you won’t leave any impact. I am sure that maybe thousands or even millions of people with an IQ higher than Einstein, come and go, without leaving any impacts. People like Einstein that we are forever in his debt because he ended thousands of years of humans’ ignorance about time, the universe and space, are extremely rare, not because of their very high IQ, but because of their intention in leaving an impact in the world and taking the humanity one step forward and one level higher.

You don’t have to have a very high IQ or even a lot of money to make an impact in the world. You must be passionate to serve humanity and help them have a better life, while you are focused; you are strong and serious enough not to give up; you have a leadership spirit; and you have a solution for an important problem. Your solution, when offered to everyone, will make an impact in the world. As a result, humans will have a better life and the earth will become a better place to live. It may not make all humans prosper and happy. But, at least it takes humanity one step forward and one level higher.

Here on this site, we are trying to do the same. We want to use modern technology to enable everyone in the world to have a better life, a good source of income, and even to achieve lifetime and permanent financial freedom. This is possible to achieve and we are already doing it. We have everything we need to do this. We just need to keep working, harder and harder every day. We MUST do this to stop the enemies of humanity who want to dominate the world and control all resources. By doing this, we prevent them from controlling the wealth and limiting the humans’ access to resources.

When everyone in the world becomes strong, no one can dominate them. A community of people who love each other as the members of the same family, and help each other to become rich and financially free, will be undefeatable. They will spread love, respect, trust and friendship in the world.

We cannot make everyone rich. But, we can have a community of rich people who care about humanity. This is enough, not only to make them live a happy life, but also to stop the enemies of humanity. This will take the humans one step forward and one level higher.

The LuckScout Community

In The LuckScout Community, anyone can make money for free and without having to take any risks or doing any investments. The money that the community makes will be divided among the members, based on the points they earn through their “healthy online activities“. We will make more and more money and our active/loyal members will have a higher income over time. This is something that our active/loyal members have witnessed during the past several months that we have started The LuckScout Community. We are growing and we will keep growing. Those who join, stay and support the community, will be the happiest people in the world, because not only they will have a much better life, but also they will be proud of being a member of a community who serves and cares about humanity and has made a big impact in the world.

This video explains how our system works:

You can see the same video as slides:

More about this revolutionary system:

And please see these pages too:

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By Vahid Chaychi

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