Why Epic Trading Is a Rock Solid Company

I have been working online since 2002, working with so many companies during all these years. The things that Epic Trading has and is doing for their members are priceless. However, this is not all. I am impressed with the things that their management does to keep the company follow the rules and remain stable and solid. In this article, I am going to share an experience with you:

I received an email from a third party company explaining that in one of my Facebook posts I had almost broken or I went close to break some rules. I didn’t know the sender’s email address, and although the email talked about Epic Trading, the sender’s email address had nothing to do with Epic Trading. So I got a little suspicious, but as the email was written in a professional way, I read it to the end to find out what it was talking about it exactly.

Yes, in one of my Facebook posts I had got close to break a rule. It had to be fixed. There was a sentence there that looked like an income claim. Although I am so careful about these things, the legal team that emailed me wanted to be obsessive to prevent any possible problems, both for the company and affiliates. So, I removed the sentence immediately and replied to their email as per their request to let them know that the sentence was removed.

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That was the first time in the past 19 years that I saw a company that hires another company to check their members’ activities to make sure that they comply the rules and don’t do anything that impacts the company and their clients and affiliates. Almost all companies that I have been dealing with so far didn’t care about these things because they didn’t want to spend any money to follow the rules. It is not free to hire a company that monitors each and every one of the affiliates. It costs a lot, and so most companies don’t want to do it. I have some bad memories about the companies that didn’t care about these things, and so they created serious problems for their affiliates and themselves:

I worked with a company that had started working in 2011. They were doing really good and there were thousands of affiliates who made lots of money with them. However, as they were always too busy with expanding their business and making more money, they didn’t care about what affiliates were doing and the way they promoted their products. Unfortunately, many affiliates did it the wrong way and promoted the company through false claims which is illegal. You are not allowed to guarantee any income and say that if you join this company and buy these products or packages, you will make money. This is a big lie. Nobody can make money just by joining a company or buying their packages, products or services. Depend on the company, what they offer, and their compensation plan, you must do different things to make money with them as an affiliate.

So… people signed up and bought packages to make money because they were told that if they did so, they would make money. However, when they learned that they have been deceived and they were not supposed to make any money just by buying packages, they filed complaints that was ended to closing the company by FTC.

That was a sad and tragic story of a great company that was doing really good. Affiliates and their activities have to be monitored, otherwise they can create problems. Although I am so careful about the rules, Epic Trading still didn’t allow me to have anything that can even look like promising or claiming any income. This is something that you don’t see with other companies. It can cause serious problems.

Epic Trading Is a Rock Solid Company

When a company is cautious like this, it means they have come to stay for decades, and they have planned to be the best and remain the best. What does this mean to you?

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