WordPress Is the Best Blogging Platform for Professional Blogging

If you want to become a blogger, you’d better to have a strong and professional start. WordPress is the best blogging platform and there is no better option. Therefore, if you want to start your blog, it is strongly recommended that you use WordPress and forget about the other blogging platforms. There are so many reasons for this.

Wordpress Is The Best Blogging PlatformDon’t waste your time and money trying the other blogging platforms because you will have to switch to WordPress finally. It will be hard to switch your blog platform when you have several posts. So choose the right and the best blogging platform at the beginning.

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What Has Made the WordPress the Best Blogging Platform?

WordPress features and capacities are unlimited. You will never have any problems with it and it will never stop you because of the lack of the features and having any limitation and problems.

1) Easy Installation

WordPress can be installed in matter of a few minutes. If you know how to create a MYSQL database on your website hosting system and add a user to the created MYSQL database, you can easily install WordPress after that.

Creating a MYSQL database isn’t that hard as well. You just need to follow a few very simple steps to do that.

Although there is a too complicated technology behind the WordPress and what it does as a blogging platform, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to install it on a site and create a professional blog with unlimited abilities and features.

2) WordPress Is Free

I’d better to say although WordPress is free, it is the best and most professional blogging platform ever. I don’t know if there is any premium or paid platform or not, but even if there is, I am sure they can’t compete with WordPress.

Being a free platform doesn’t decrease anything from WordPress credit. WordPress is the best and will remain the best because there is a strong and dedicated team behind it.

3) Very User-Friendly and Easy to Use

Nothing is easier than blogging with WordPress. It has everything you need to write and post articles on your blog. It is so safe and you never lose any of your writings and drafts even if you can’t save them for some reason.

You can easily customize your WordPress blog and add everything you need. The feature of adding plug-ins which is something that you can’t find with the other blogging platforms, saves you from spending lots of money on hiring programmers to add some features to your blog. In most cases, you can add any features you want to your WordPress blog through installation of some plug-ins that are usually free to install and use.

Another great feature of WordPress is that different and beautiful themes and templates that can be easily customized even when you know nothing about web developing and coding.

WordPress becomes better and more user-friendly every day. It becomes easier and safer to use it whenever the new version comes.

4) Automatic Updating and Upgrading

WordPress can be upgraded to the last version automatically, so that your blog is always equipped with the last version which has some more features and is safer and more secure against spamming and hacking.

You don’t have to update the WordPress you have installed for your blog. It can be updated automatically. It can even backup the database and files automatically and from time to time, to make sure that nothing will be deleted or missed from your blog.

5) Great Platform for Online Business and E-commerce

WordPress is not just a blogging platform. It can enable your blog to handle anything that a website can do online. From having forums, classified ads, and photo galleries to paid membership, online stores and shops and whatever you can imagine. WordPress has no limit. You can create a big online store with WordPress while it still supports the blogging activities.

6) Strong Marketing Tool

WordPress has everything you need to attract targeted traffic to your blog and sell your products and services. It is the most search engine friendly platform and it follows the most recent technologies that advanced search engines like Google have.

7) Great User Experience

Your blog members and followers will become attracted to your blog more and more every day, because WordPress doesn’t let them have any problems or suffer from the bad website navigation. They can be informed about your blog’s last updates within seconds and can communicate with you and the other members and followers very easily.

They can post comments and be informed when their comments are replied or when someone posts a comment to their favorite article.

You can even enable your blog followers to participate in your blogging activities. They can sign up for an account and become a contributor who is even able to publish articles.

The features and abilities of WordPress is countless and more features and abilities become added to it every day. There is no double that WordPress is the best open source blogging platform and will remain the best, and all the professionals will work with WordPress in future.

WordPress will be one of the most important mover and shaker of the Data Technology or DT era in the next a few decades.

So, start your WordPress blog as soon as possible for free: Become a Blogger and Start Blogging Now

Then start writing and posting articles on your WordPress blog and become one of the very first who welcome the DT era: What to Blog About As a New Blogger

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  1. I have a blog on blogger and can tell you that word press has alot more potential than blogger. Blogger is more user friendly but word press has way more bells and whistles. I agree it is a must if your going to get serious about blogging. I was a bit overwhelmed at first one seems to get pulled in alot of different direction and there is alot to learn for sure, however it is a very powerful software and worth investing the time to get familiar with how it operates. Im getting better at using it every day. Thanks for the great article.

    1. Quick Question. Do you recommend a particular theme from word press or one of their vendors? Thanks for the reply i advance.

    2. Charles,

      You can pay a developer to create a custom theme for your blog, but you don’t have to do that. The themes that come by wordpress by default are the best.

  2. Hi guys,

    thank you for your tips about blogging platform. I had fortune to open a blog with them, and they are really great. Also, the majority of host companies offering WP easy installation when you buy host and domain from them.


  3. Whats going on with this Amp project? Is this something we should try to implement? Im confused about analytics as well seems over whelming trying to set up all the things google offers like tags, containers ect.. Any advice would be great…thanks

  4. Wow that’s a relief lol I was starting to get overwhelmed a bit on the bright side I have plenty to blog about now…It’s amazing that wordpress handles all that stuff for it users because from the journey I’ve been on the last cpl days there is alot that one could do to a simple blog lol I hope I did not actually mess anything up with the site by doing so much to it so far…

    Maybe ill contact the team and have them skim over it if they can find time ofcourse. Thanks for the reply talk to you later brother….

    Oh I do have good news though some of the things I fixed on my blogger site brought alot more traffic over the last cpl day organically. Thanks for spending some time with me its much appreciated.

    1. I know that is the truth brother and Team thank you for always being there for us all. I try to keep as much as possible off you guys so you can focus on the ones who need it more but every now then everyone needs a little help. Its good to know we have you guys! thanks again.

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