For most new mothers, the thought of leaving their precious bundle of joy at home with a nanny or at the day care and joining work is perhaps one of the most painful decisions. But given the increasing need for women to be financially independent and their rising aspirations have made, work from home jobs for moms one of the best opportunities to work but stay at home.

In fact, home jobs for moms are fast catching up as the top trend in the employment world. Not only do these home jobs allow moms to better balance their family responsibilities and career goals, but it also becomes a great way to realize financial independence for stay at home moms.

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What Are the Best Work from Home Jobs for Moms?

This is the list of the best home jobs for moms:

  1. Blogger Moms
  2. Post DIY Video
  3. Baking
  4. Day Care Centre
  5. Yoga Instructor
  6. Dog Boarding
  7. Home Tutor
  8. Cooking Classes
  9. Decoupage
  10. Choreography

What Are the Best Work from Home Jobs for Moms?So if you are looking out for working from home jobs to balance your home & work responsibilities more efficiently, we created a handy list of some of the best work from home jobs for moms. This is a well curated list of legitimate stay at home jobs that moms can pursue.

These allow them to work from home and are completely in sync with their goal to stay at home and spend more quality time with their family, especially kids. These kinds of jobs make sure that moms do not miss out the joy of seeing their kids grow up as they also work towards reaching their work related aspirations and targets.

Most of these jobs designed for stay at home moms are created keeping in mind the concerns that most women looking for work from home have including:

  1. Easy and flexible hours to tend to kids better-
  2. Providing them remote access
  3. Pursuing careers in sync with their qualification and experience
  4. Creating opportunity and platform for unleashing their creativity
  5. Allowing them to handle their home and work commitments in a balanced manner.

1. Blogger Moms:

Caring for your kids comes very naturally to most mothers. Almost inevitably, you know exactly how to deal with the sudden sneezing bout or the random crying session in the middle of the night.

But the problem is most of us mothers have learned by experience and after spending many sleepless nights trying to resolve it. What if you blogged about these experiences and shared it with many other hapless moms looking for solutions.

This is exactly why mom blogs are so popular as work from home jobs. You can make it a monetarily successful venture by placing ads on the page, reviewing much in demand baby care products and even making your blogs subscription based.

2. Post DIY Video:

Job opportunities for stay at home moms do not have to be only online data entry opportunities. While that is surely there for those who want it, you could also use your creativity as a platform to launch your work from home career.

As moms, we use our creativity in many ways from helping our kids with their science projects to creating quick fix solutions at home like an Origami bird for a sudden demand for a toy from your little one.

Why not use this opportunity to create a money making career? Simply make a video recording of these and post them on Youtube. You could even enter into a partnership with Youtube and get paid as much as $500 every month depending on viewership.

3. Baking:

As stay at home moms, we enjoy baking treats for our kids, be it muffins, danishes, pies or cupcakes. Now let’s face it; some of us are particularly good at it, so this should be your opportunity to translate it into a profitable work from home option.

You can look at opening a small bakery adjoining your house or even take orders from home. This will make sure that you have a profitable business even when you stay at home. You can choose to deliver in batches or on specific weekdays depending on your convenience and the kind of offers that you get.

Given the ease of communication applications like Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat communicating with potential buyers is not a great problem either. You can easily send messages to your neighbors, friends and families and ask them to forward it more. In this way, you can attract more buyers from the circle of acquaintances that you might have around you.

4. Day Care Centre:

While some women have the option to take a break from work for their kids, some do not enjoy that luxury. The problem is they need to look out for a day care center which is dependable, caring and extends the kids home like comfort.

If you have the required space, have the necessary qualification or get the desired certification and easily start a day care center as a work from home option. In fact, you can even get together with other stay at home moms and can start a join business as well.

The advantage in starting this kind of work from home platforms with other stay at home moms is that your relative risk reduces significantly. A joint effort also means shared responsibilities, and you do not have to handle everything.

Moreover, a day care center also helps you to connect better with other kids, and you can take care of your kids simultaneously along with others of the same age.

5. Yoga Instructor:

Being a yoga instructor can be an ideal in the list of work from home jobs for the stay at home moms. Exercise is something that most women who stay at home seem to be ignoring. Bent under the weight of a load of housework, they tend to ignore their health. If you are a yoga expert or undergoing training in yoga, you can easily start taking training sessions in your living room or your garden as a simple but sustainable work from home alternative.

Moreover, you can always look at expanding and enhancing the course of your yoga instruction to help others achieve better consciousness about their inner self. Apart from the physical benefits of yoga, the mental and spiritual benefits they extend can also help you pursue a more satisfying career.

All you need to do is decide on a class routine and spread awareness about these. You do not just find out a way to deal with the spare time in hand, earn a livelihood but also help other stay at home moms get a better grip on their health and share some great company.

6. Dog Boarding:

Another interesting work from home job for moms would be opening a dog boarding. Of course, you need some free area and accommodation to house all the pets that you plan to care for.

While you might have to invest a bit of money in creating accommodation for the pets, this isn’t a very tiring job. If you like pets, this work from home job helps you easily combine your passion with profession. You like what you do, and at the same time, you also earn a decent livelihood.

If you want to further expand the business further. You could even speak to a veterinary doctor who you could associate with.

People who care for their pets often have to reschedule vet appointments because of lack of time. So what is better than the doctor being available right at the dog boarding center? This augurs good news for the pets too as they get medically qualified care and business could expand further based on the good will you generate.

7. Home Tutor:

There is one job that every stay at home mom does. That is coach their kids. Be it science, languages or history, mothers inevitably are their children’s first coach. So why not turn this into a cool work at home opportunity?

Initially, you can start it on a small scale basis. You can start with teaching your kids and their classmates and keep expanding. Eventually, this is one of those stay at home jobs that enable you to even train international students virtually over the internet.

If you have the talent and the perseverance, it is best to take up this stay at home job and capitalize big time on the opportunity it opens up for you. There are now many legitimate websites that even put out listings for international and national online home tutors in specific subjects as well. So, whether you are an expert in languages or excel in mathematics, this is a comfortable and convenient set up to work from home.

All you need to do is simply get an internet connection, a laptop. Your eye for skimming out details from the innumerable online postings that you see in various web ads and newspaper placements will create a cool professional opportunity for you.

8. Cooking Classes:

Are you a great chef? Does your family always sing praises of the yummy delight you put on the table? Well, have you thought about how you can easily turn this into a great career and earn significant money for it?

If you are a stay at home mom, seize this opportunity to figure out a convenient work from home alternative. You can start giving cooking lessons on a weekly basis or daily. You could also look at writing a cookery book or even associating with existing cookery classes.

During kid’s vacations, you can also look at undertaking special cooking workshops for children. For most kids with plenty of time in hand and a knack for cooking, this can be a great option. You can get creative and organize special workshops like cooking without fire or perhaps cooking without oil, baking and icing cakes or even making no carb meals.

It could be any kind of cooking that attracts the attention of the people and help you in making a decent amount of money every month. You can also have special live cooking sessions or organize demo classes for those interested. You could also blog about your recipes, cooking techniques, and the related history and look at monetizing the blog.

You could also record the videos of various recipes and post them on Youtube like we had explained earlier in this article. All of these options will help turn your passion into a profitable work option.

9. Decoupage:

As stay at home moms, we are continuously dealing with old CDs, shoes that the kids have outgrown and many such so-called throw away objects.

However, with a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can make it a great business proposition. If required, you can take easy to understand online decoupage lessons and then try applying them in real life.

It is one of the best work from home options for stay at home moms as it does not interfere with your schedule as mothers in any way. You can keep creating as many as you want to and then, hold an exhibition and sell these.

In that way, it almost becomes a convenient business that you can operate at your convenience. You can decide to have a permanent stall or an exhibition every quarter depending on what’s best suited for you.

10. Choreography:

If you are a stay at home mom, and have a flair for dancing, organizing Choreography classes and giving dancing lessons to kids too can be a great work at home alternative. You can hire a separate dance studio or even look at using your living room for this purpose and start giving dancing lessons.

Creating awareness about these classes is quite simple these days. You can take advantage of social networking sites and messengers like Whatsapp and Snapchat. Once you start getting a regular flow of interested candidates, you can also look at holding functions or performing as a troupe for a price.


Therefore, we can conclude that if you are a stay at home mom, there is no dearth of work from home opportunities for you. The trick is to identify your preferences appropriately and to capitalize on that opportunity properly.

Remember the idea of work from home jobs for moms would be the ones that allow them to address their home responsibilities properly without compromising on the work front either. Additionally, these home jobs need to be the ones where they have a personal interest or passion for.

These are always the best work from home jobs for moms as they enjoy these the most while ensuring their financial security as well.