In the world of alternative investment, Wunder Capital figures prominently.

It is a financial solution for the renewable energy market.

Not only does it facilitate green energy investment, but it also offers long-term cash flow.

The core concept in this context is diversifying the portfolio and investing in a better tomorrow.

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Climate change is a much-debated topic globally.

Gradually across the world, you are seeing significant activity.

Wunder Capital is all set to bring a sustainable change in this field.

Wunder CapitalThis is because they primarily fund projects in the solar energy sector.

The solar industry now is heavily invested in electricity generation.

Some private research indicates that almost 40% of the new electricity projects are solar ones.

While investing in individual players can be risky, investing in the sector makes sense.

This is surely one of the sunrise sectors.

However, with the small companies, there is hardly any stability that the sector promises.

This is exactly where Wunder Capital provides an opportunity to capitalize on.

It creates an option where investors can look at value-based investments.

It helps them derive longer-term returns in a consistent manner.

This is one of the biggest benefits of this type of investment model.

Wunder Capital: A Deeper Insight

But before we move any further, it is important to get more insight about Wunder Capital.

Essentially this acts like a unique bridge.

It connects interested investors with reliable solar energy projects.

So, the commercial projects that are looking for funds get help.

On the other hand, investors on the lookout for reliable long-term stories get an opportunity.

The company creates solar investment funds.

These funds primarily consist of medium-sized solar companies.

But the interesting part is that these companies are all thoroughly checked.

Wunder Capital does thorough due diligence of all these companies that they include.

So the chances of investing in stories that don’t deserve attention are fairly limited.

On an average, they shortlist only great fundamental stories that can deliver sustained value.

In this way, the long-term profitability is also maintained.

Electricity generation is a time-consuming affair.

It cannot deliver overnight returns.

Wunder Capital, therefore, facilitates opportunities that promise long-term results.

It is a financial technology company that manages all aspects of investment.

With all the relevant processes handled, investors surely are more at ease.

Investing money in brand new stories becomes relatively simple and cost-effective.

The icing on the cake is undeniably the decent returns on your portfolio.

That makes the overall investment story a lot more appealing.

It enhances the belief in the Wunder Capital story as well.

Wunder funds are predominantly servicing commercial solar power projects.

According to their studies, the commercial segment is lagging behind residential areas.

As a result, the return prospects are much higher in this segment.

Till date, they have partnered with over 100 solar developers across 27 states.

These companies contacted Wunder to help put their finances in place and deliver the quality product.

Key Funds Run by Wunder Capital

As of now, Wunder Capital runs three debt funds.

Of these three, two are still accepting new investments.

Both the funds are similar in terms of their loan portfolio.

They primarily extend credit to mid-sized companies in the solar energy sector.

The minimum investment amount is also same for both these funds.

1. Term Fund

This fund was launched in July 2016

It has a projected return estimate of 8.5% annually.

The fund life extends to around 84 months.

It is primarily targeting strong US businesses.

The fund wants to help these funds realize the complete benefit of solar energy.

It aims to truly reflect the transformations that shift to solar energy ensures.

In other words, this fund represents the change maker in US economy.

Global economic markets are evolving.

In many ways, this fund represents this cardinal change in a comprehensive way.

2. Income Fund

The other key fund to take into consideration is the Income Fund.

It was launched in May 2016.

The projected annual return on this fund is around 6%.

However, this fund is spread over 120 months.

This fund is focused more on the operational elements of solar energy.

It is investing in businesses that are supplying power to innumerable US businesses.

3. Wunder Capital 5 Fund

This is undeniably one of the newest offerings from Wunder Capital.

This fund was launched in October 2017.

The lifespan of this fund extends to 60 months.

The projected annual return for this fund is close to 7.5%.

They also have a 20-year amortization period for the principal.

This fund is specially created to address concerns of large-scale projects.

So, all the large-scale solar projects that are looking for funding can get a necessary solution here.

Another factor that gives the much-needed edge to Wunder Capital is the investor line-up.

Just like funds need a line-up of quality businesses for returns, the investor quality is crucial too.

In this context, this fund is currently only open to accredited investors.

So according to the SEC norms, accredited investors need at least $200,000 in past 2 years.

In case you are also adding your spouse’s income, it has to be $300,000 in past 2 years.

That also sets an expectation for the current income expectation.

The idea is if they have earned that much in the past two years, they will earn around the same this year as well.

That also puts a pre-condition on the net worth.

According to US SEC, these investors also need a net worth of $1 million

This, however, cannot include the value of the primary residence of these investors.

Low Minimum Investment & Zero Fees

Low Minimum InvestmentOne of the primary targets of Wunder Capital funds is to provide a comprehensive investment package.

That means whatever be your investment target or risk appetite, they have an opportunity.

One of the best examples is that they have a very low minimum investment level.

You can begin investing in most of the funds for a minimum $1000 investment.

As Wunder team clarifies, this could have been even smaller.

But the reason why it is maintained at $1000 is primarily to cover administrative charges.

Every new investment results in certain administrative expenses.

This initial investment of $1000 covers that for Wunder Capital.

The firm maintains that any amount below it will not justify the costs involved.

In fact, it may become cost prohibitive.

Moreover, this is a standardized amount across the industry.

Most funds that operate on a similar scale charge $1000 or a little more as the minimum investment.

Of course, there are other varying scales of investment as well.

For example, if you are using an IRA account, the minimum investment is $25,000.

The higher amount is yet again to cover the IRA fees

However, this does not impact the tax advantage that goes with this fund.

On the other hand, there is no maximum limit for investment.

Wunder Capital encourages its investors to put in money generously.

With an average 7.5% annual return target, investors are also not complaining about it.

However, if you are interested in really large-scale investment, there are different norms.

For example, if you want to put in $1000,000 or more, you have to contact Wunder Capital.

However, all the investments are free of any transaction charges.

There are no fees levied on this investment.

Other Interesting Features of Wunder Capital

I am sure you now understood that Wunder Capital is all about facilitating an easy financial solution.

Most of the mid-sized companies delivering solar power face difficulty in securing funding.

Often they lack the basic resources that will guarantee loans for Commercial banks.

Wunder Capital steps in at this juncture.

They provide a simple solution to this basic problem.

For both the businesses and investors, it becomes a one-stop solution to address financial requirements.

While businesses find difficulty in getting quality funding, investors too face similar problems.

The authenticity of the company they are backing has to be validated.

With Wunder Capital, this fundamental need is addressed.

So facilitating financial requirements is the number one feature for this solar power developer.

That apart, there are many other unique aspects of this investment fund.

In many ways, these are the primary features that make this fund stand out.

This also goes a long way in helping them maintain the strong return scope.

That is another important feature of this solar financial technology fund.

Since the time the fund has started, they have been consistently generating returns.

On an average, these have been considered one of the best across the industry.

Needless to mention that has gone a long way in further reinstating the story.

Wunder Capital Pros

No review will be complete without a realistic assessment of the risk-reward ratio.

In this context, it is necessary to understand the advantage of associating with Wunder Capital.

1. Low Minimum Investment

The most important positive is undeniably the low minimum investment amount.

With the limit set at just $1000, the chances of attracting interested players are much higher.

The best part is that they do not charge any fees for investing with them.

As a result, this reduces the financial burden on the investor.

The lower the money spent, the higher is the return generated.

So the lure of the fund grows significantly for most international investors.

2. Quality Investment

Moreover, Wunder Capital is currently one of the leading online investment platforms globally.

They use their financial and technological know-how to attract quality funding.

Investors too get the opportunity to channelize their money in reliable investment sources.

The alternative and green focus also adds to the charm

Apart from the immediate goal of realizing profits, it also instills a sense of environmental awareness.

3. Diversification

Wunder Capital also serves as a terrific diversification option.

The fund predominantly has uncorrelated assets.

They have a very limited correlation with convention bonds and stocks.

As a result, they become attractive bet for investors to diversify.

It provides a much-needed variety without compromising quality.

4. Expert Perspective

The Wunder Capital team vets all the solar businesses.

This means that the team of experts has already done their due diligence.

These trained personnel even provide underwriting services.

That means the investigation work is complete before a single penny is invested.

This cuts down the instances of fraud to a large extent.

The automated vetting process also makes it uniform across the board.

The risk too is much lesser in this kind of transaction.

Wunder Capital Cons

However, that does not mean that there is nothing to worry about this financial solution.

Well, there are some distinct points of worry.

1. Low Liquidity

Most of the funds are spread over 5-10 years

As a result, the relative liquidity in these funds is much lesser.

You cannot liquidate them at will or when you need.

They can be used only at specific periods.

They are not available as and when the investor needs.

Moreover, there is no secondary market for these funds.

Investors need to hold these funds till maturity for getting the benefit.

2. Accredited Investors

Another problem is that only accredited investors can invest in these funds.

It is not open to general investors at large.

Only those specific investors who satisfy the SEC norms are allowed.

3. Returns Can Fluctuate

The returns on these funds are dependent on borrowers.

That means if there is any default, it risks your overall returns.

So in case of default, you have to recalibrate your returns to a large extent.

Risks Associated With Wunder Capital

That brings us to a more detailed analysis of the risk involved.

While you cannot deny the good works, you can’t ignore the risks either.

It is very important for the investors to understand this.

That alone can help them make an informed choice.

1. No guarantee of returns

There is no guarantee of the returns projected.

It all depends on the borrower’s credit history.

If there are lots of defaults, there are also chances of the return reducing.

2. Limited track record

This is a relatively new company.

It does not have a long track record to help investors gauge.

They have to look at the immediate past and draw a conclusion.

In comparison, there are several similar options with a long history in conventional sectors.

3. Market considerably complex

The condition that they operate in is fairly complex.

Beyond a certain point, you need an additional push and diligence to continue.

This is also the point when many newcomers may balk.

Does It Makes Sense to Invest in Wunder Capital?

So the question then is, does it still make sense to invest in Wunder Capital?

Well, the sector that they are operating is very attractive.

With environmental awareness growing globally, solar power technology is booming.

There is a huge demand for the product, and the market is unlikely to slow down soon.

So if you can rise on this uptrend, you can clock in relatively strong gains.

The latent potential is yet to be released.

The projected rate of return is only an indicative figure.

However, this does not mean that there is no risk involved.

We have already listed out the concern areas.

So if you want to tap this solid return scope, best is to consult a financial expert.

They will be able to put the entire investment rationale in perspective.

That will help you formulate a distinctive investment ambit.

Only that will help you understand if it is a great investment opportunity.

– Don’t invest blindly

Don’t invest in any fund blindly.

It is very important to read the offer documents carefully.

While the fund has done its due diligence, you should be careful about how you want to invest.

Go through the fundamentals of the business carefully.

Commit any cash only after that.

Check with your financial experts if a specific buy or sell will be attractive.

Conclusion: Wunder Capital Is a Unique Investment Platform

Therefore, we can conclude that Wunder Capital is a unique investment platform.

Its founders have targeted a niche product that has a steady demand stream.

The automated algorithms help maintain operational efficiency as a firm.

The demand for solar energy is unlikely to slacken in the near future.

That said, it is never wise to invest anywhere blindly.

As astute traders, you must weigh your investment carefully.

Also look at the potential tax relief that you may enjoy.

Only when the investment objectives are satisfied, you can consider putting your money.

Remember there is no guarantee on the projected returns in Wunder Capital.

In many ways, it is a well-considered gamble.

Moreover, you are investing in a better tomorrow when you back funds like Wunder Capital.