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You Are An Entrepreneur If You Have These 10 Qualities

Entrepreneurs Qualities

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You must have often heard that Entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea and how some people are much better cut out for this role as opposed to some who might not have it in them. So what exactly are those unique traits that can go on to deciding that you are born to be an entrepreneur? Well here is quick lowdown on some qualities.

1. A Deep Sense Of Purpose

Entrepreneurs never waste their time trying to figure out their true calling. They are practical, no-nonsense individuals who are always quick to spot an opportunity and make the best use of it. They seldom complain and are generally always very hands on in any given situation. They are extremely cheerful and most times work as per a pre-decided plan with perfect poise, elan and absolute calm. It is hard to ruffle them up and whatever the challenges might be they are sure to walk in a with cool solution.

2. Passionate About Career

Once an entrepreneur decides on their course of future career, they hardly look back. They are meticulous planners and like to proceed as per a certain pace. Their day jobs are not just another job helping them earn money. They career is more of a dream that an entrepreneur always keeps very close to their heart. They are absolutely motivated about the course chalked out for their career and do not compromise with their career goals in any possible way.

3. The Definition Of Success

For a truly motivated entrepreneur, success is an extremely relative word. Your abilities, situation and preparedness with an emergency and the parameters that they set for themselves are at times are extremely odd, to say the least. Success to most of them could be measured as per their own specific expectations from life. They always pay close attention to the extent to which they can stretch to achieve their goals and can often really surprise themselves with the extent of their tenacity.

4. You Dream Big

A true entrepreneur is never scared to dream big. They have fantastic ideas and given a choice they can even convince you that you can bring the moon on a platter to serve at the dinner table. They are never scared about the fear of failure, and their dreams do not have any limit to the extent to which they can grow. They are confident about success and can sometimes get through a situation through absolute will power.

5. They Are Team Players

Entrepreneurs are never bothered about individual glory. They understand the value of a team and always pay close attention to the well-being of every member of the team. They are always particular and ensure that every member of the team gets what they need, and the interest of every team member is always taken into account ahead of every major decision that is taken for the better future of the team and lucrative career prospects.

6. Happy About Other’s Success

While an entrepreneur can be extremely competitive, they are seldom the jealous types. Whether a friend or a foe, they are generally always happy to know about the success of every member of their peer group and in fact will go out of their way to help the person if they are approached for help or even if they sense the need under any circumstance. They will never crimp on heaping praise on another person, and even an adversary can win accolades if they deserve depending on what the person might have achieved.

7. Busy Proving To Themselves about Their Self-Worth

An entrepreneur is hardly bothered about what others have to say about them. More often than not, they are busy proving to their own selves about their ability. They are motivated by the burning desire to stand up to their own expectation without hardly paying heed to what anyone might think about them or for that matter what the public perception might be about their abilities. They themselves are their biggest critique and as long as they are able to prove their self-worth to their own selves, they hardly care about anything else.

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8. Options Are Not For Entrepreneurs

A born entrepreneur is someone who will make a way at times when they cannot find a way. They do not settle for any option which is less than what they mentally decide on and will leave no stone unturned in their tryst to achieve them at any cost. They never consider an option that they do not like or want, and at most times, put their entire concentration in realizing the course of action that they consider is best and would want to pursue going forward at any cost.

9. Earnings Capped By Talent

A true entrepreneur is perhaps more passionate about their abilities more than acquiring money. They have a very strong belief in their abilities and almost always put their abilities way before the money element. They know that they are capable of generating returns and are never in a hurry to prove it to their near or dear ones. More often than not, their talent does the talking and the earnings are often capped by their talent. In fact, this does not even bother them to the extent they don’t want to get bothered on the issue and sometimes use these opportunities to further hone their talent.

10. Want to Be Remembered

More than material aspirations like a big car or big house or loads of maidservants, jewelry and the like, an entrepreneur wants to be remembered for the deed that they might have achieved, the dreams that led to huge success and the milestones they have achieved. It is almost immaterial to them about the balance sheet they have in banks, but the balance sheet of life is of utmost importance.


All in all, an entrepreneur is diligent and motivated who is never scared to dream big or fail but always very enthusiastic to put the best foot forward.

Good luck 🙂

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"Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you are right." - Henry Ford

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  1. Ben Aqiba Ben Aqiba says:

    Hi guys,

    number 10 is great…

    “blessed is the one who will live forever, he had reason to be born…”

    Peter II Petrovich Njegos


  2. born to be one, and I will prove it.

    thank you for the exultant articles dear Chris.

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  4. Great article I am happy to see that I have most of these traits.

    I like the new layout of the site great job guys

  5. James NM James NM says:

    another great article seems i have all this qualities….and will never look back again thanks luckscout

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