You Choose Who You Become…

Success: You Choose Who You Become...

Following the wrong track will take you to the wrong place. There are zillions of scams out there who are after nothing but your money. They contact me on a daily basis too, although many of them know that I am not interested in their scam, and Ponzi schemes. Many of them know that they are promoting a 100% scam program that will stop or will be stopped very soon (like those who are promoting HyperNation now). But they are doing it because they want to make money from the membership fees that you pay, as long as the program is still working.

Success is following the right track until you get where you want to be. If your goal is to achieve financial freedom, or to get rich, and you are 100% sure and confident that you want to achieve this goal, you are halfway there. Then, you must plan and follow the right track consistently. You must take one step forward every day, nonstop. However, the question is, do you know where the right track is and how to follow it???

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When you have no answer for this question, then you can become scammed because you follow everything that scammers offer you.

There is a clear way to achieve financial freedom. Either you must have a perfect and strong product/service (as I have explained here), or you must follow the right people and join the right community (as it is explained here). There’s no other way.

But, having a perfect and strong product or service is something that not even one in a million can achieve. So, the best option for most people is to follow the right people and to join the right community that has a clear goal, which is making everyone financially free, while it is not a scam and is not after taking money from the members. If you found a program or community that looked good, but they asked you to pay some money as a membership or setup fee, or to buy upgrading and investment packages, then you’d better walk away immediately because it is another place to lose some money and waste some time. You won’t achieve financial freedom with crooks. They are there to scam you, not to help you to make money.

Once you found a good, reliable, transparent and honest team or community with a clear goal (achieving financial freedom for their members) and strong strategy and plan to make the members financially free, while they are free to join and there are no fees at all, then you must join and be consistent.

It is like taking a ship to cross the ocean. You must stay on board until you get there. More people will join over time and the community becomes bigger through participation of serious people who have exactly the same goal: Achieving Financial Freedom

Then, it is consistency that is key to reach the destination. Exactly like a ship that moves slowly but surely. It will eventually cross the ocean and will reach the harbor at the other side, while you are on board. You must be a consistent passenger who stays on board to the end.

You must get better and better every day. This will help the community to reach the destination faster. You get a little bit better than yesterday, and you help a few other members to do the same every day. There’s no other way to succeed. You become part of a community of some serious people who relentlessly want to achieve the same goal that you also want to achieve. They will get there while you are with them too. Just become a little bit better than yesterday in the community. That’s all. This is what Karma laws also want you to do:

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By Vahid Chaychi

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