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Your Haters Are Your Success Indicators

Maybe you are one of those strong, hard-working and serious people who enjoy working, want to make a difference and stand out from the crowd. Many of these people don’t work to get famous. Fame is the last thing they think about when they start working, but they become famous anyway, because they make a great job and create something different.

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Fame is the side-effect of the great job that great people do, but it is not the true indicator of their priceless efforts, and their success. Haters are the ones who determine whether they are really successful or not.

Standing Out of the Crowd

Whatever you do, you will have some fans, no matter if you are doing great or not. But, you will have some serious haters, when you really start standing out of the crowd. Your fans will support and your haters will harass you. Maybe you will never receive any gifts from your fans. They just like you and smile when they see you. But your haters can even take you to the court and accuse you of so many things that you have never done.

Surely you will make some mistakes while you are passing the success stages, but people usually don’t care about these mistakes and ignore them as long as you are not known as a successful person yet. The attacks will be started by your haters once you stand out from the crowd.

What does standing out from the crowd mean?

You create something new and outstanding, for example a software, that does something new and extraordinary. You become too wealthy through your business or product. You create a website that becomes too successful and popular. You become more famous than your other competitors.

These are the things that make you stand out from the crowd. It means people see you more than your competitors. They buy your products more. They visit your websites more. They buy your books more. They…

You have to be prepared for this, if you are serious to be ahead of the others. Is it worth to be ahead of the others, attract so much attention, as well as so much hostilities, hates and accusations?

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Those who reach to this level, do not plan for it. They just plan to be focused on their jobs as much as possible. They don’t work to attract attentions. They are focused and dedicated, and so, what they do, makes a big difference. That is something that attracts the others’ attentions finally. But if you work to attract attentions, you attract everything but attentions.

It is not worth to have too many haters and enemies, but it is worth to work hard and make a big difference. That is one of the reasons we have come to this world. To be focused and dedicated and doing something great is a big goal that anybody has to go for, no matter if it creates too many haters. The number of your haters is a good indicator of your success. The more you stand out from the crowd, the more some people will hate you and create problems for you.

That is the price that we have to be brave enough to pay.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

How Do Successful People Deal with Their Haters?

Different successful people have different strategies for dealing with haters. What is more common among them is that most of them try to ignore the haters and be focused on their jobs. They have been focused on their jobs, and that is why they have become successful and have so many haters. This is what most of them prefer to keep on doing. They ignore their haters.

By “ignoring” I mean they don’t react to the nasty emails, comments, letters and phone calls, but there is something that they care about, which is the number of haters. They know it as the indicator of their success. They believe it is not pleasant to deal with haters and receive nasty emails and comments from them, but what is even worse is having no haters!

A product, service, website and… that has no hater is doomed, because it means it has not been able to compete with the similar products, services and websites, and it has not been able to stand out from the crowd. It means it has not been able to stimulate the competitors jealousy. When your competitors don’t care about you, don’t talk against you, and don’t even know that you exit, it means you are still far behind them.

Haters are a group of people who love to hate. They cannot see the others’ success and prosperity. They always look for a chance to hate something or someone. If you compete with these people in something, then it is even worse. Being their competitor is a good reason for them to hate you. They don’t bother to hate you that much as long as you are behind them. But if you become a winner, you are on their radar screen. The more you succeed, the higher number of haters you will have. You don’t believe me? Then let me give you some examples.

You know Microsoft and Bill Gates. I am one of his fans. I love him and his company a lot. What he has done, has created jobs for millions around the world. You cannot imagine how many families are fed by the jobs that Bill Gates and his company have created. How many went to university and became doctors, engineers, teachers, scientists, nurses and… because of Bill Gates and the income he generated for families through his products and activities. Everything that Bill Gates, his company and products have done for people of the world, look great and positive. He has changed everybody’s life in the world, directly or indirectly.

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Even after doing such a great job through his company (Microsoft) and after he thought that he had done enough with Microsoft, he decided to spend his wealth for the humanity as much as he could, and so, he and his wife, Melinda Gates, established the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help poor people in poor countries to have better and healthier lives.

Therefore, Bill Gates should not have any haters as such a philanthropist and nice person, right?


Bill Gates has a love-to-hate ratio of 3:1 according to SocialMention statistics. It means 25% of those who live in the world, hate Bill Gates, his company and products. The other statistics show a 63% hate rate against Windows, 69% against the company, and 89% against Internet Explorer.

So, it really seems that there is a direct relationship between the success level and number of haters.

In spite of all these haters, Microsoft still makes billions of dollars every year. They made $23.38 billion in revenue only in the last quarter of 2014.

It is almost the same with the other successful companies like Apple. 44% hate Apple and 68% hate the iPhone. In spite of this, Apple has $137 billion in the bank.

So you should be happy when you have haters and their number is going up every day. It is your success indicator. On the other hand, you should look at haters as opportunities, not obstacles. They make you grow even more. They make you stronger and they develop more self-confidence in you. The only person who gets hurt by a hater, is the hater himself. Someone who has hates in his heart, is torturing himself while those who are hated by him, are focused on their jobs and progress more every day and they don’t care about him, because haters focus on people, but people like Bill Gates focus on goals.

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” – Albert Einstein

While haters waste their time to sabotage Bill Gates, he is focused on doing the right things and working on his ideas.

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“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

You have to know how to deal with your haters, if you want to focus on your goals and ideas and stand out from the crowd, otherwise haters can stop you and make you discuss people also. You have to know how to deal with your haters. They are opportunities for you to grow, but they can take you down if you don’t know how to deal with them.

Smart people like John Chow who is a famous blogger, look at haters as opportunities to make more money. In spite of this, he doesn’t allow them to leave nasty comments on his blog. Although some people criticize that this is against freedom of speech, but it is not, because you don’t stop and prevent people from talking freely by removing their nasty comments and posts from your site. They will keep talking against you anyway. By removing their negative words from your site, you just keep your followers and yourself focused on your important jobs and ideas. You have several right things that you have to do for a long time consistently. If you waste your time arguing with haters, you cannot be focused on the right things you have to do.

“Do the right things long enough, consistently.” – Bill Gates

This is what we do on LuckScout too. Haters and small minded people started attacking LuckScout almost from the first days I started writing on LuckScout. When I published my How to Become Multi Millionaire…, a nasty person who did not even read the article entirely, just judged me from the title of the article and started posting nasty comments. I would have welcome him if he had read the article to the end, but when I found out that he had not read the article even once, and he just wanted to sabotage me, because he was also a fellow blogger who wrote about trading, I preferred to kick him out. He was full of hate and anger. I could feel this from his words.

Since that time, we receive nasty comments, emails and posts every now and then. It seems the number of our haters is also going up, which is good. I hope it keeps on going up.

Although it doesn’t make you feel good to be hated by some nasty people, it is the indicator of your success, whether you like it or not. When they attack you, it means you are doing good. They don’t bother to harass you when you are not doing good yourself.

I call them nasty because they usually don’t use a proper language. They insult and sabotage. Even sometimes they threaten you. They are small minded because they could focus on their own jobs too and stand out from the crowd, rather than spending their time on hostility and hate. But, their small minds don’t allow them to go beyond what they are. They are limited to the boundaries their small minds are limited to.

Although the increasing number of your haters should make you happy, you have to be careful not to spend your time following their posts, comments and articles. If you do so, you will be deviated from success which is what your haters want. They want to make you lose your concentration. They enjoy if you answer them with nasty words, but feel defeated when you don’t.

So, this is how you should deal with your haters:

Don’t let them enter and interfere your work atmosphere. Be focused on your job, and don’t allow your haters to attract your attentions. Keep your site and your company free of your haters and their words. Don’t spend any time arguing with them. This makes them happy and encourages them to harass you more.

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Good luck 🙂

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"Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you are right." - Henry Ford

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84 thoughts on “Your Haters Are Your Success Indicators
  1. Thank for the article Chris,… I learn many thing here (again) 😉 please step forward sir! regard.

    • Ranjan Gupta Ranjan Gupta says:

      hi chris
      you are my mentor in my mind,heart and soul I am learning forex with 100% focus. I never post any comments. still I read your articles everyday. it is very hard to get the people like you on this earth. who work selflessly and try to help the people with there knowledge and vision. I was losing lot of trades in my demo account.but my trades are becoming positive with skill and knowledge I am getting on LuckScout.com. I have never seen god , but you are not less than god and angel on this earth.

  2. Fasih Ahmad Fasih Ahmad says:

    excellent article! i didnt looked at success from this angle before..
    u were true chriss, that u are one of the few who could see both sides of the coin.

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    Another great article Chris, thank you 🙂

    You created a great community here at LuckScout, we will not allow haters to be an obstacle here or in our lives in general.


  6. Len Ekenstam Len Ekenstam says:

    hello chris, just read your message about haters and the evil that they do. i have experienced this many times in my life by people who knew little or nothing about me. some people resent others success and will attack them for no reason maybe because it makes them feel superior/inferior.some times it comes from your workplace or even within one’s associates or within one’s own family. some people get satisfaction from sabotaging others for no known reason. my solution was to ignore them and avoid contact and go on with my life.a worthy article.keep on doing good. len

  7. Chris,

    Great article. The same words, my Dad used to tell me.

    “Our success and pride, always comes from our haters envy”

    Thank you,

  8. my dear Chris.
    believe me every time i feel so happy to read any article u send out to US,because it makes me feel so secured to what ever u are talking about(heart 2heart speech).i have been through a lot of this kind of hater’s story especially from closest part of the family,i got hurt a lot ,but thanks GOD
    i still heading my goal and will never look back .
    thanks my dear for this nice awareness .

  9. Steve K Steve K says:

    Excellent article Chris.
    Haters will always be there and as we do for weak set ups we should also do to them ie ignore them.
    happy trading.

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    This is the best article I’ve read!!!
    Keep going to our own way!!
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    Hi Chris,

    Been waiting for your post and glad to see that you have posted. Totally agree with what you have written.
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    Chris,i am confident you will always be ahead of them, no matter what. We remain committed by you.

  13. Timo Mahonen Timo Mahonen says:

    Great article!

    You are so right, in order to succeed you have to stand out from the crowd.

    I read somewhere that the 10 most successful men in the world didn’t have an education past grade 10. They obviously stood out from the crowd. They learned to think outside the box, like you have to do trading forex.

    Interesting about Bill Gates, he sure stands out above the crowd, whether in a good way or a bad way is certainly debatable. Interesting picture you chose to put up of him, with a vaccine in his hand ….!

    Keep up the good articles Chris, you certainly stand out above the crowd in a very good way. Thank you.

  14. Ivo R Ivo R says:

    Well Chris you won’t hear me hate on you’re site or any other place, trading is not easy and you have always given us good and solid advice as much as articles full of wisdom and not only about trading. It is sad that people atack you when they know nothing of us that will stay at you’re side and appreciate you’re knowledge.

  15. Peter Wagner Peter Wagner says:

    Thank you for this article Chris. I guess that a ‘hater’ mentality would not make a good trader – the reason being that the root of HATE is probably ENVIE which is mixed up with GREED

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    thank you for your good work , and what a wise advice that you gave in this article.

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    keep doing the good work

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    So true!
    Much wisdom comes out of you Chris. By this I determine you must be at least 45-50 years old…..ha ha

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    will always support u chris! ure doing a great job!

  19. Great article and advise to apply to ones life
    thank you for these great articles Chris

  20. Turija Kempe Turija Kempe says:

    Some food for thoughts:
    “Be thankful for quality competitors who push you to your limit.“ — Michael Josephson

    “Do your work with your whole heart and you will succeed – there’s so little competition.” — Elbert Hubbard

    I’m not in competition with anybody but myself. My goal is to beat my last performance.
    – Celine Dion

    You are to become a creator, not a competitor. You are going to
    get what you want, but in such a way that when you get it every
    other person whom you affect will have more than he has now. – Wallace D. Wattles

  21. Great words – YES!

  22. Hi Chris thank you very much for this article and this is true, we have to ignore the haters and focus on our goals which is successful traders through you and LuckScout.
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    “Bull Gates” Play on words? Haha, just kidding. Great article Chris! Excellent insight.

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    Chris you are an amazing person and I’m very proud and happy to know you!

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    Great articel,glad you have a way to deal with the negativity. It took me years to learn all this knowlegedge. You teach for free it would be a great loss to the trading Community if you shut down this site.

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    Great article.. Thank you chris. How to become multi millionare trading forex is one of my favorite article. It is the article that inspired me a lot.

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  29. Hi Chris Excellent briefing and very true. Quote i read one day, He who angers you are in control. That is what the haters want to accomplish and divert your mind. What you have written here will keep them at bay.
    Appreciation for you and what you teach all use members.
    Regards Jan

  30. Great article Chris. Certainly we should focus on our goals rather than wasting our time to our haters.

    God bless!

  31. M P M P says:

    Good to have you back, Chris.

    Here we are. All of us.


    Quite happy indeed.

  32. Pre Dawn Pre Dawn says:

    Very good article Chris, yes detractors are always there ready to bring people down. When they see successful people they are reminded of their own mediocrity, this makes them sad and causes them to think that somehow they should be defending themselves.
    So they attack the person/company whom they would otherwise admire.
    Once into this course of events they can’t get out, so they keep criticising until they actually start to hate.
    So criticism and hate mail means you are doing a great job, and you are and CONGRATULATIONS!
    What these haters don’t realise is that the worst thing you can do to a person is to ignore him/her and ignore his/her work.
    To paraphrase an old non English proverb….. “where there is criticism there is great worth!”

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    Once again you show us how smart and intelegent people should act. Your reaction to previous ongoings is proof and real example how we have to be and act.

    This amaizing article is nailed it and I hope those who have doubts are now calm and can concentrate on learning.

    Now, it’s time to move on and make people hate us more 🙂

    Thank you our mentor.

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    Hello Chris,
    Love that article. You are a wise man and I am honored to be your student.

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    May be I am wrong but I think Your recent article is at least partially provoked by some haters’ posts or E-mails.One think is for sure – I have learned SO MUCH reading Your articles.I am sure what You and Your team have done so far for us is more than enough to make us profitable traders.
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    Hi Chris, thanks for all you do. The Lord is your strength. I am glad you are not broken by the recent happenings, though it is very painful. I read some of these malicious accusations in the early days and disregarded it as I had been here a while and thought it couldn’t be right. It will all blow away hopefully. I have learnt a lot since joining this community. Please LuckScout should regulate this site as they want. Freedom of speech does not mean everything is permissible. After all this is your project. if anyone is not comfortable with the rules and regulations here, let them ‘take a walk’. May we not bite the fingers that feed us. Please you may not post this if you are not comfortable with my tone. Really trying hard not to be angry. I hope you come out stronger. Thanks as always. You are really appreciated 🙂

  45. Fabian T. Fabian T. says:

    *** PETITION TO ALL LuckScout MEMBERS ***


    to support Chris
    to continue his market analyses and articles
    and not make his valuable time be stolen from us, who are here to become profitable traders!


    Thank you Chris for this article.

    I sincerely hope this is the last and only article dedicated to haters and useless gossip.

    We need to be too focused on learning from you how to follow the markets and trade them to become profitable traders, and not waste time on useless gossip.

    Your valuable time was stolen to all of us who are here waiting for your market analyses and articles!

    Thank you Chris and thank you all LuckScout members! God bless all of you!

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    Point taken. I have to beware of diversions,retracements and false breakouts!
    Thank you for your tireless work for the common good.
    Have a nice day!


  47. Shalewa A Shalewa A says:

    Hi Chris,

    There is a typographical error in the first sentence below Bill Gates picture. His first name is wrongly spelt. Please disregard post if this has been spotted already.

  48. Tim Clarke Tim Clarke says:

    Just keep working on your own stuff its the people that hate that will eventually realize that they have wasted their time hating while you have used your time to be successful.. Keep it up Chris

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    Hi Chris
    I do not know you or why anyone would hate you for what you are doing. As I have not being very successful to date, I hope to be. I actually admire success and with the help of you, maybe one day.
    So yes, jealous people just waste their time and yours so they need to be disconnected.
    Regards Peter Mackay

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    {When looking after those in need, All matey GOD will look after you}.

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    ‘They can’t keep a good ‘man’ down!!’ Great post Chris, thanks

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    Yes, there will be hater and fans in our life. Those people should not really influence our emotion. As long we have make the correct decision and bring benefit to others and self. Then we are good to go.

    Thanks. Your work definitely get appreciate by us. Again, thanks a lot. 🙂

  56. ~ Youness ~ ~ Youness ~ says:

    Hi Chris,

    Throughout humanity, both sides of every human emotion existed, some will love you, others will hate you, some will call you my best friend, others will call you my worst enemy and so on…

    These contradictory emotions is what spices life and make it interesting and enjoyable to live, otherwise it’ll be boring and monotonous if all of us can only exhibit one side of all emotions.

    Thankfully, this life will always be interesting!


  57. I really like your ideas, and I am positively impacted by them, Chris. It’s much better for me when haters make themselves known, as they are then identified and not some snake in the grass. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” I have some friends who have been bloging about our ape cousins, especially these two: uptight, aggressive chimpanzees, and cool, fun-loving bonobos. I guess there just are some who are closer in relation to the chimpanzees.

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    hi Chris

    Thank’s for this beautiful article.
    you are absolutely true about this kind of people,
    they are around us, even in the family offcourse.
    thank’s for strenghten us through this article!

    I do really admired the way you share your thought, especially for changing us to become successful as you are.

    God bless you and your team!

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    Thanks chris for your great article. I read almost every article whenever you publish on your site. i enjoy your article very much and learn new things everytime I read.hope you will continue your work without caring much your haters.

  61. A friend of mine once said to me “Chris, it’s lonely at the top”. Indeed this is what he was talking about.

    • Agus Santoso Agus Santoso says:

      Chris hodgson .. I saw your comments on any of the sites. I really don’t understand why that trader was so jealous.

      Personally, my trading performance improves a lot because of what i have learned so far from LuckScout.Of course, i thank Chris pottorff that already taught me many useful things about trading.

      This may be a fact of life, some people love, some others hate.

  62. Elijah Osin Elijah Osin says:

    Thank you Chris, thanks for another great article after some days of silence. i think it is good for all of us (members of this great site and our mentor;Chris)if we avoid reporting message of hate we see out there about our mentor on this great site. Chris we know is a person of large heart who is sharing his knowledge, wealth of experience, time, money and other resources to help us shape our knowledge in the world of forex. what i did not know for over seven years of experience in forex, i have learnt in less than a year through Chris and other contributors on this great site. i urge all members of this great site to give our mentor maximum support so that he can be more focused to take us to our promise land of becoming consistent profitable forex traders.

  63. Camly Dang Camly Dang says:

    I agree. Jealousy is among the most sensitive nerves in human being, and can easily be triggered by anyone else success. And it will always exists along side with the cherish feeling and admiration for someone else achievement. They both will coexist. Just like the bull and bear that form the market (if I may refer back to trading as the main theme of this site). Just deal with them both neutrally for the sake of success.

  64. Jae Task Jae Task says:

    There is a book called “the war of art” by steven pressfield, its the most incredible book and I have given it to at least 10 people in both english and spanish. It talks about this in terms of resistance.

    I highly recommend this book and commend your actions 🙂

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    Great article.
    Thanks a lot.

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    I really love ur websites and blessed by ur articles
    I keep in studying and practise all of what u taught me..
    and using ur simple trading strategy..
    Even my friends said something
    negative point..
    I better keep in focus on what i already Start..

    Thanks a lot


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    Your website Chris is magic… You teach us many things about life philosophy and forex…!!

  68. Chris,

    In my office I had a bad day, yes because of haters. I again read this article and my mind became peaceful.

    Usually I used to fight back by arguing, this time i ignored them.

    Yes, I have to ignore haters because haters always have a problem for every solution.

    Thanks Chris, I really owe you. Wherever, Whoever, whatever you may be, God bless you Chris.

    If possible, please make this article to be available in the home page itself, at all time.


  69. Chris you are a wonderful person. You remind me a story from Buddah regarding hate and anger. Once someone came to Budda and asked him what is hatred ? Then Buddah replied : Hatred is when you pour poison insert your heard and expect another to die out of venom.

  70. Fx Learner Fx Learner says:

    I think most of us are blessed to receive such a guidance for not only learn Fx scientifically, but possess a proper advices with your huge knowledge and kind introduction. Thanks Chris !

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    • Vindy R Vindy R says:

      This is an awesome article. Can relate to everyday incidents that we got hurt due to haters being nasty. It’s surprising how big of an impact that haters can create on our lives. They are simply ‘energy vampires’.

      And I couldn’t agree more when you said “Don’t spend any time arguing with them. This makes them happy and encourages them to harass you more.”

  72. Tochukwu U Tochukwu U says:

    Good learning points you have outlined here. So afterall, increasing number of haters is a good sign… hahaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Thanks Chris for your many lessons and time. I love what you are doing here for humanity.

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    This Article change my mind n I got all the answers of my life problem..I thought on my work place why all are hating me…against me..and i wasting my time to arguing with them and always think..i work honestly n proper..no mistake..how can all are talking about me again n again..n finally i left job. n search another..same things happened with me there too..i changed 4 jobs after that i search online jobs n i got information about forex n join forex n become own boss. but Now I knew whats happening with me on job place.well, no problem..finally entered in forex world.

    This article is such a greatest help from you Chris..I think god send you to understand all this which was happening in my life.

    Thanks a lot..now I feel peace in my mind..no anger..wow..feel great.

    your fan..

  75. Noel J Noel J says:

    Dear Chris,

    This is so inspiring and so true. Between my feelings from yesterday and today is a night and day. Thank you very much for every minute you spent to write this article. I actually can’t thank you enough.

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